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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

11 How to Sharpen Memory

Here's 11 Ways to make your Brain More Intelligent :

1. Practice your ability to observe. Note the surrounding environment. Record in mind what you see, ranging from the simplest and forwarded to the observation that more complicated.

2. Sharpening the senses. Can be trained to distinguish the taste of food and are not preferred. Recognizing odors and scents around or the sounds that are in the way or perhaps a sense of heat or cold air around you.

3. Memorize the names of friends and the pair number. How many can remember ? Train to be able to remember more.

4. Learn something new. Many read and get acquainted with other things that might not be your field, can a foreign language, knowledge of computers, and others.

5. Use your hands to follow the instructions that brain. For example, playing guitar, typing without looking at the keys, doing crafts of wood, or practicing penmanship.

6. Elaborated hobby. Use the opportunity to develop your hobby.

7. Learn and memorize important dates, involving family members, friends, or a particular celebration.

8. Memorize something you like. It could be a poem, a song, a sentence from a book or a person's words. As far as possible also keep the phrase used is a foreign language.

9. Exercise memorize long sequence of numbers in a row, for example, 32145687390282930498. It is a form of exercise fix short-term memory. Do the numbers by grouping or splitting it into several parts, such as 7390282 and 3214568 and then the last 930 498.

10. Remember personal journey. What are you doing an hour ago, last week on Wednesday at 10.00, for example. With whom, where, and so on.

11. Remember and carefully re daily expenses. What did you buy yesterday ? How much money is in your wallet right now ? When did you last take cash, and so on.

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