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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

5 Bad Habits That Make Varicose Sprung


Varicose veins are a condition where the veins are smooth especially in the legs that experience widening or twisting and at times can cause pain. This is because blood vessels appear on the surface of the skin so that they can be clearly seen in the legs (usually in the upper calf). Varicose veins are not too dangerous, but their unsightly appearance makes everyone alert and reluctant to experience the problem. Especially for women who are very concerned about appearance.

Habit Causes of Varicose Sprung

1. Sit for a long time
When sitting, blood vessels do not run smoothly, especially if sitting too long. The muscles will become stiff and tense even pressing the blood vessels. In sitting conditions for hours usually the sitting position does not change much so that it can trigger the appearance of varicose veins. So make it a habit to actively move, avoid sitting too long especially when watching TV or playing gadgets.

2. Stand for hours
Similarly, sitting, standing too long will also make the muscles become stiff and tense, which will eventually suppress the blood vessels. If this habit is done every day, varicose veins will most likely occur. In addition, when standing the foot is centered on the same place and the blood vessels become weak so that varicose veins can appear on the back of the leg. This habit is usually done because of the demands of work so it is very difficult to avoid.

3. Sit Crossed Legs
A normal sitting position if it lasts long until hams can trigger varicose veins. Especially if you sit with your legs crossed, with one foot resting on the other foot. This sitting position is not very good, besides putting pressure on the blood vessels in the legs can also cause problems in the back or spine. We recommend that you sit with your body upright and your legs straightened.

4. Using High Heels
This has become a habit for women. By using shoes that have high rights, then his confidence will increase and feel his appearance is more perfect. It's true that when wearing high heels women will look more graceful when walking. In addition, certain types of work do indeed require female workers to use high heels. Therefore they are willing to feel tired using it even though they know that after removing their shoes their feet will feel very sore. And of course, it's likely that varicose veins will appear.

6 Benefits of Face Washing with Salt Water

6 Benefits of Face Washing with Salt Water

Salt is an ionic compound consisting of positive ions and negative ions to form compounds without charge. Kitchen spices with the scientific name NaCl are very useful for cooking dishes. But behind the benefits of adding to the taste of food, salt also has unexpected benefits for the face. Of course this will greatly benefit us because salt is easily available, the price is very cheap and easy to use.
Many benefits can be obtained by washing your face using salt water. Besides being useful for health, salt also has a role in supporting facial beauty. By using it regularly, the problems that exist on the skin, especially facial skin, will soon disappear, so the face will be smooth like a treatment in a beauty salon.

The benefits of washing your face with salt water

1). Get rid of acne

Acne is one of the skin problems on the face that is very disturbing appearance, therefore many people who want to immediately eliminate it when it appears on the face. Salt water can help eliminate even stubborn zits. Salt can remove dirt on the face and erode dead skin cells so that the cause of acne can be removed.

2). Control the oil content of the face
Dry skin does make us uncomfortable, but too oily is not good. Excess oil will make dirt and dust easier to stick to and make the face become dull. By washing your face using salt water every day, the excess oil content will be resolved immediately, without damaging your facial skin.

3). Overcoming Dry Skin on the Face
In addition to controlling oil on the face, salt water can also make facial skin moist so as to avoid dry and scaly conditions. Even salt water can also be used to treat dry skin throughout the body by bathing using salt water. So don't forget to wash your face using salt water every other day before going to bed so that the skin is always in good health.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Chinesse Women's Beauty Care

Especially Chinese Asian women are known to have smooth skin and black hair. Rarely do we see Asian women wearing thick makeup, just with their slim and minimalist makeup already looking natural beautiful. You may want to know, how they do beauty treatments.

The following beauty tips Chinese women.

1. Tea

China is one of the world's highest tea consumption rates. Green tea and white tea are drinks they often consume. In addition to the potent immune system keeping, tea is also potent to ward off free radicals that can reduce the beauty of the skin.

2. Seaweed

Seaweed is a food rich in fiber, many contain Vit A and C, chlorophyll and antioxidants. Natural fibers help the digestive process and absorb excess salts in the body. Natural fibers also make us full longer, so good for dieting. Vitamins and chlorophyll can rejuvenate the skin, maintain the calogen level and make the skin toned and supple. Seaweed is also rich in proteins that prevent premature aging of the body.

3. Natural masks

Since the first Chinese people prefer to use natural materials for healing and beauty treatments. For masks they prefer to use natural ingredients such as papaya, yogurt and natural sea salt. Natural ingredients make the skin smooth and soft.

7 powerful ways to whiten the underarm naturally

7 powerful ways to whiten the underarm naturally

In addition to armpit aromas, black underarms often make us confident. Especially among women, this problem prevents women from wearing clothes freely and lowering their confidence level. But don't worry! Because there is an effective way to whiten the underarm easily. Curious? Let's try!!!

Since armpit skin areas are classified as sensitive and prone to irritation, it is advisable to use natural ingredients to whiten the underarm easily and safely.

How to whiten the black underarm naturally

1. Lemon

The first way to whiten the black underarm is to use lemon. No doubt! High levels of vitamin C in lemon have lightening function. In addition, lemon can also help remove dead skin cells. This ability allows lemon to whiten the underarm quickly and safely.

• Cut fresh lemon into thin sheets
• Rub the piece of lemon in the armpit for several minutes
• Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse the armpit with water until clean
• Perform regularly every day 1 time to get the desired result.

Need to remember! This Lemon is not suitable for dry skin owners. However, if you want to continue using it, be sure to use a moisturizer after using lemon. So that the skin does not become dry and irritated.

2. Potato

Potatoes contain low acid levels that naturally whiten the armpit skin. The difference is lemon, potatoes rarely cause irritation. So it is safe to use for all skin types.

• Peel the washed and grated potatoes as needed
• Apply the grated potato to the black underarm
• Let stand for 15 minutes, then rub gently for a few minutes
• If this is the case, rinse the armpit with water until clean.

3. Cucumber
Timub is usually used to treat dark circles under the eyes. Not only for the eyes, cucumber is also useful to whiten the armpits in a natural and safe way. It's easy, cut the cucumber fairly finely. Then rub the slices on the black underarm area. After 10 minutes, rinse the armpits with cold water. Repeat this method 1 to 2 times a day on a regular basis to get the desired result.

4. Baking Soda

The ingredients for making this cake can be used to whiten the armpits naturally. Its rubbing properties are able to peel off dead skin cells under the armpits.

• Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with enough warm water
• Apply the mixture to the armpit skin problem areas
• Let stand for 10 minutes, then wash with cold water until clean.

5. Orange Peel

When you eat oranges, don't lose skin! Orange peel is always known to have benefits for beauty. Not only can it whiten, but it can also scrape dead skin cells that discolor the underarms. In addition, the fresh and fragrant aroma makes the orange peel effective as a natural deodorant.

• Dry the orange peel in the sun for a few days
• If it has dried, destroy the orange peel in fine powder
• Mix a little rosewater and milk on the orange peel powder and stir until the distribution
• Apply the mixture in the armpit while massaging gently
• Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water until clean.
• Perform this method regularly 3-4 times a week to get satisfactory results.

6. Olive oil

The antioxidant content and other nutrients from olive oil can not only provide beautiful skin, but also heal and brighten the black underarm. Olive oil contains a high vitamin E content, which can naturally illuminate the underarm skin. Simple way, simply apply olive oil in the armpit problem area. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with water until clean. Do this method every day after bathing.

7. Milk

In terms of whiten, of course, milk should not be missed! The content of various vitamins and fatty acids allows the milk to naturally relieve the black underarm and soften the skin texture.
• Apply 1 tablespoon of milk in the armpit, massage slowly for a few minutes
• Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse the armpit with water until clean
• Repeat this method every day until the black on the underarm disappears.

That's 7 natural ways to whiten the black underarm, good luck...


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

52 Benefits of Honey for Health (# tested lab)

The benefits of honey are very numerous, in addition to health honey is also beneficial for various diseases and other complaints related to the human body. Honey liquid is one liquid that is very magical and very powerful and beneficial for the health of the body. In contrast to the benefits of fruit, in this liquid honey can be used and used to treat various diseases and diseases such as curing canker sores, increasing immunity, removing acne and so on.

The benefits of honey for health are many and very diverse. One of the benefits of honey is that it can increase our stamina. So it's not surprising that lots of healthy food and beverage advertisements on stamina enhancers on tv always contain and place honey even at a small level.

Benefits of Honey

The benefits of honey for health are at least more than 10 benefits that are very good for health. Other benefits of honey that may be known to many people is as a natural sweetener for drinks or other food ingredients. Unlike the benefits of soursop leaves, besides being beneficial to the health of the body, it turns out honey can also be beneficial for the beauty of the skin of the face and body.
Besides being easy to get, the method used is also quite easy and saves considerable time and energy. Benefits of White Water and honey are very good for health.

The benefits of honey for health are as follows:

1. Eliminating coughing
 A 2007 study from Penn State College of Medicine involving 139 children found that honey was very effective in removing cough. Dextromethorphan (DM) in honey can soothe coughing at night for children and improve their sleep quality.
Another study also published in Pediatrics conducted in 270 children aged 1-5 who experienced coughing at night due to a cold. In this study, children who drank two teaspoons of honey 30 minutes before going to sleep experienced a decrease in the intensity of cough compared to those who did not drink honey.
2. Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease
3. Increase memory power
4. Complete nutrition source
5. Effective in removing wounds
6. Alcohol Metabolism
7. Eliminating allergies
8. Fighting Bacteria
9. Potentially prevents the low number of white cells
10. Increases the body's metabolism
11. Increasing Fertility of Husband and Wife
12. Increase Stamina
13. Prevent diabetes (Sugar substitute) 

In addition to overcoming and helping the above health problems, honey is also effective for:

1. Overcome allergies and acids
2. Overcome abdominal pain
3. Prevent stress
4. Reducing the risk of a heart attack
5. Preventing the risk of Alzheimer's disease
6. Prevent jaundice
7. Prevent tumors in various parts of the body

In addition to the 20 benefits above, there are many more benefits of honey that we can use for various fields

Honey for Pregnant Women

1. Increase energy and provide endurance during pregnancy
2. Madu can increase the appetite of pregnant women
3.Easy to defecate for pregnant women
4. Helps the fetus in the womb to grow normally and healthy
5. Strengthens the Fetus
6. Vitamin C contained in honey, effective for increasing the brightness and endurance of pregnant women
7. Madu helps reduce nausea
8. Prevent the occurrence of hepatitis B in the fetus later
9. Madu can prevent pregnant women to avoid various diseases during pregnancy that might interfere with the fetus.
10. Madu has very rich nutrition for the needs of mothers during pregnancy

Benefits of Honey for the Face

In addition to health and pregnant women, honey has been used for the treatment of facial skin beauty since time immemorial. It is not surprising that since ancient times there have been many beauty products that use honey as an ingredient for making it. Here are the benefits of honey for the face:
1. Madu is trusted and has been used with a blend of other herbs to get rid of zits
2. Madu is used with other herbs to remove blackheads
3. Remove black spots
4. Remove acne scars
5. Brighten facial skin
6. Minimize facial pores
7. Make facial skin glow and glow
8. Can be used as a face mask material
9. Can be used as an ingredient to clean facial skin from free radicals
10. Provide a smoother facial skin.

Honey for Beauty

Apart from all the benefits that have been stated before, honey has been known in various circles very helpful in the field of beauty, here are some of the roles of honey for the beauty sector
1. Prevent premature aging
2. Prevent wrinkled skin
3. Prevent blackish skin when old
4. Prevent acne
5. Madu can prevent skin irritation and allergies.
For hair:
1. Madu to blacken hair
2. Mix to make hair stronger
3. Combine eliminate


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Watch out, Saliva Animals Containing Antibiotics Bacteria Immune

Expressing affection on pets can be done in many ways, such as stroking, tickling, kissing up. But especially for the kiss, you should think twice before doing so.

A new study from New Zealand found that the saliva of animals may be as a means of transmission of infections that are resistant to antibiotics in humans. The study, led by Professor Nigel French from Massey University analyzes the irrational use of antibiotics in animals is the cause.

Massey said, exposure to saliva of animals as a means of transmission of bacterial infections have been identified by the WHO as a major health problem and is growing. He emphasized the need for attention to the increase in the incidence of two types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that commonly cause urinary tract infections.

These antibiotic-resistant infections found in almost all pets are spread through fluids and dirt. Animals such as dogs or cats to clean themselves by licking, that's why their saliva might be met also by the antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

3 Types of Fish It's Dangerous to Health

 Famous fish with healthy fats such as omega-3. However, some of these fish more precisely the content is not healthy.

Because a delicacy, some types of fish are overfished, endangered thereby disrupting the marine ecosystem that will be bad for life.

Although famous for its delicious taste, but the sea conditions are increasingly polluted, making this fish can actually be bad for your health.
  • Meat and shark fin
Besides threatened with extinction due to overfishing of the fishermen, the marine ecosystem also be disrupted due to the lack of top predators such as sharks, shark meat is not considered more healthy to eat.

According to CNN reports since 20 years ago, the level of mercury in shark can cause loss of coordination, blindness, and even death. Moreover, the level of mercury in shark meat rated increasing lately.

Scientists think it happens because sharks can accumulate mercury in their bodies through the small fish are eaten.

"What we found is that one-third of the 124 shark studied had very high mercury levels exceed the normal limits recommended the Food and Drug Administration," said Robert Hueter, director of Mote Marine Laboratory's Center for Shark Research.

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