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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Watch out, Saliva Animals Containing Antibiotics Bacteria Immune

Expressing affection on pets can be done in many ways, such as stroking, tickling, kissing up. But especially for the kiss, you should think twice before doing so.

A new study from New Zealand found that the saliva of animals may be as a means of transmission of infections that are resistant to antibiotics in humans. The study, led by Professor Nigel French from Massey University analyzes the irrational use of antibiotics in animals is the cause.

Massey said, exposure to saliva of animals as a means of transmission of bacterial infections have been identified by the WHO as a major health problem and is growing. He emphasized the need for attention to the increase in the incidence of two types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that commonly cause urinary tract infections.

These antibiotic-resistant infections found in almost all pets are spread through fluids and dirt. Animals such as dogs or cats to clean themselves by licking, that's why their saliva might be met also by the antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

"When the saliva of the human mouth, most likely to occur transmission of bacteria in there," said Massey.

So he insisted on the importance of avoiding the kiss with pets, including a lick on the face. If licks are at hand, then the person should also wash your hands immediately.

Previous studies have found, the animal licking at the mouth of the risk of gum disease in humans. This is because the transmission of bacteria from the saliva of animals to humans.



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