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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Intelligent Use of Medicinal Herbs

Herbal medicines have hundreds or even thousands of years used for generations to maintain health and fitness. Even so, herbal medicine can not be taken carelessly.

According to the 2010 Basic Health Research Ministry of Health, the Indonesian 59.12 had been taking herbs or herbal. Types of plants that have the potential as drugs such as ginger, turmeric, ginger, ireng, kencur, ginger, bitter, Dutch identity, Java chili, and ginger.

Even so, according to Prof.Maksum Radji, the use of herbal medicine can not replace modern medicine. "Generally herbal drug reactions are slow, so that in cases of medical emergencies modern medicine is better used as the reaction more quickly to address or eliminate symptoms of certain pain," he said.

Modern medicine, according to Professors of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia, although isolated from natural materials, but have gone through a comprehensive testing rules and complete so that the benefits and risks are distandarasisasi well.

In order Protected from Fake Drugs

Still many counterfeit drugs on the market makes consumers should be more keen to tell which drug is suitable for consumption or not.

Head of the Drug Information Center and Food Agency of Drug and Food (FDA) Reri Indriani say, in plain counterfeit medicines is difficult dibeadakan of the original drug. The best method is through laboratory testing. Because it is the simplest way to prevent the consumption of counterfeit drugs bought in pharmacies are reliable.

"To stop the circulation of counterfeit drugs are also needed reduction in demand of counterfeit drugs themselves. Society should be more discerning and critical," he said.

Counterfeit drugs derived from waste medication that is outdated. Addition will not cure the disease, these drugs actually poison the body, even causing death.

In the event that FDA Friend Mom titled "STOP: So Spared (from) Counterfeit Medicines" in Jakarta, Tuesday (03/28/2013), Reri gives tips to avoid fake drugs.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

7 Ways Inserting Eat Vegetables on the Menu

Regularly eat vegetables is one way to avoid various chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to meet the recommendation to eat three to five servings of vegetables per day. But not to worry, there are a few simple ways that can help us to eat more vegetables.

1. Start in the morning
Started inserting vegetables in breakfast menu allows us to meet the recommended servings. Try to include a piece of spinach, onions, peppers, and mushrooms into the omelets at breakfast. If you want to reduce cholesterol, then do not include egg yolks into a meal.

2. Drinking vegetable
Try to make a drink that is made from vegetables, such as vegetable juices or smoothies. Combine with fruit so it is not too bitter.

3. Replace snacks
If used to snacking crackers or chips, try to replace it with vegetables such as carrot sticks, celery, cucumber and even peanuts. Mix with low-fat yogurt or lemon juice to make it more palatable.

Effects of Fish Oil Reduce "Junk Food"

Aka junk food "junk"-because it contains no nutritional value other than calories-a type of food that should be avoided if we want to avoid diseases related to heart and blood vessels. However, if it is difficult to avoid the temptation of junk food, maybe you should start routinely taking fish oil supplements.
Analysis conducted at 185 study suggests that fish oil supplements can minimize the effects of junk food on the brain. A team of researchers from the University of Liverpool analyzed studies conducted around the world to determine evidence of benefit supplement omega-3 fatty acids. The research team also examined if these supplements are beneficial for weight loss.

A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition indicates that fatty junk food diet can hinder the process called neurogenesis or the formation of new nerve cells. While a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids may prevent the negative effects by stimulating areas of the brain that controls eating, learning, and memory.

Cream Facial Treatment Is Necessary For All Skin Types?

Facial creams though I've never used it because my skin including excellent and I felt fine without using it. Just what they need? Thankfully if so. And you really believe that washing your skin with clean water and a little soap is sufficient to maintain healthy skin face?
Well now is the time for you to reconsider your face skin condition that you think it is very ideal. Instead kagak keteranganmu ya believe it's for your own good loh. All skin types are normal, dry and oily certainly will interact directly with nature are the main factors temperature and humidity in your daily activities.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Fruit is one of the types of food that contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are generally very good to eat every day. Compared with chemical drugs supplements sold in the shops, the fruit is much safer without the dangerous side effects as well as of the prices are generally much cheaper than the supplements that have the same function.

Below we can see the nutritional content and healthy benefits of some types of fruit are many around us:

* Tomatoes contain vitamins A, B1 and C.
* Tomatoes can help cleanse the liver and blood.
and can prevent various diseases and other health problems such as:
- Bleeding gums.
- Night blindness / kotok chicken.
- Blood clots.
- Appendicitis.
- Prostate cancer and breast cancer.

* Papaya contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
* Papaya can help break down dietary fiber in the digestive system, digestive tract launched.
and can cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
- Heals wounds.
- Eliminate the infection.
- Eliminate allergies

* Bananas contain vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.
* Bananas can help reduce stomach acid.
* Bananas can help maintain water balance in the body.
bananas can cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
- Disorders of the stomach.
- Heart disease and stroke
- Stress
- cholesterol levels in the blood.

Fruit Antidotes Cholesterol

Various studies have shown that a balanced diet coupled with an active lifestyle and intake of fruit and vegetables will be able to lower high cholesterol; decrease obesity, and blood pressure. Among so many food-related health, let's get acquainted with a rich three benefits.

Besides containing antioxidants vitamin C (an antioxidant and some flavonoids) are quite high, including strawberry fruit that is rich in soluble fiber that lowers LDL cholesterol levels. Eating strawberries regularly can further lower blood pressure because they contain potassium and magnesium.

Dark purple fruit bluish is known to have the highest antioxidant content among all the fresh fruits. Antioxidants such as blueberries, anthocyanins, vitamin C, vitamin E (tocoferol), and vitamin A. The content that helps fight bad cholesterol. Blueberries are also rich in vitamin K, which is good for bone health and manganese (Mn), which together with vitamin C to help ward off free radicals.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vigilant Computer Vision Syndrome

As a career woman and active, your eyes almost certainly never out of a computer screen for hours. At lunch, on the road or at home is sometimes still busy with a smart phone, tab, or your notebook. However, there is also a limit your eyes 'it works'. The following symptoms indicate your eyes need special attention:

- Easy red eyes, stinging, watery
- Dry eyes
- Eyes feel tired
- The eyelids or forehead feels heavy
- Easy headache or migraine
- Pain in shoulder

If you have any of these symptoms by dr. Rini Mahendrastari SPM likely you mengindap Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). CVS is due to complaints of eye and vision work using computers for too long. This is due to you working with poor lighting, incorrect posture at the computer, and less flicker.

10 Beauty Myths

Good advice that has come down through the generations as well as differences in the info about beauty being delivered repeatedly turned uncertain truth. Because of this, see the following article so that you know for sure which fact and fiction.

Myth # 1. Red wine good for skin beauty.
True. This fermented beverage rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that protect against free radicals in the body and help prevent the onset of symptoms of aging. Another way? Mix a glass of red wine in a basin of warm water, and use it to soak your hands and feet before a manicure pedicure. Skin will be softer.

Myth # 2. Consumption of chocolate makes skin breakouts.
Wrong. Based on research, there is no scientific results prove that there is a link between chocolate consumption with acne. Indeed, it became the trigger is hormonal conditions of each individual as well as the pattern cleansing.

Myth # 3. Dark circles around the eyes from lack of sleep.
True. By the time you lack sleep, blood vessels in the area under the eyes to swell, so the red color changed to blue. This is what makes dark circles look darker than usual. Therefore, make it a habit to keep the portion of sleep, at least six hours. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes. 

Always make Faces Fresh Appear

Drink plenty of water, sleep 10 hours a day and exercise is the best thing to do. But not everyone is capable of doing that, although it is recognized that life is not always perfect. Some of you are a career woman who may be working hard, who are forced to socialize late into the night and did not have much time to rest. In the morning was often wake up and wonder to myself, why is your face dull and not fresh. There is no cosmetic that can juggle your face sagging into tight like a teenager. However, there are special tip tip that can make the face appear prima remained throughout the day.

One particular tip that is massaged or facial massage, which was able to stimulate the blood circulation around the skin, and a jug increase nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. you can feel the results instantly. Massage your face with your fingers and for around the eyes, use the ring finger, because this area is very sensitive. As a support to the massage, you used to use aromatherapy oils esensiatau that usually have separate and specially formulated for dry skin, normal and oily. You can also do facial massage using pressure on specific points on the face are also called pressure-point. This massage is very effective in improving the energy in your body and be able to give a feeling of instant fit. How:
1. Using your fingers, gently press the edges of the nose, the right or left between your eyes, then slowly rises to the eyebrows.
2. Take a point on the inside of your eyebrows. Then the perlhan press Teru along the line up to the outside.
3. Add the pressure on the outer edge of your eye, then to the temples.
4. Now down to the bottom of the eye at the center of the cheek. While executing the search radius to the center of your cheeks, add pressure.
5. Proceed to your mouth around. Take a point on the upper lip, added tekananya, then gently run your fingers up to the outer edge of your chin. Press slowly at this point.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

9 Intelligence Children Parents Need to Know

Intelligence of children is not only measured by the size of the IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Every child has the intelligence compound, the intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence (Emotional Quotient / EQ). According to Howard Gardner, one of the professors educators and researchers from Harvard University USA, there are 9 aspects of a child's intelligence. The term that we often hear is multiple intelligences.

What are the intelligence that consists of 9 criteria of the multiple intelligences?

1. Musical intelligence
The intelligence indicated the child easy to follow and remember the song. How to train is by listening to music and singing. Teaching children to sing simple songs as they age. Doing the job with singing, such as bathing and getting up early.

2. Intrapersonal Intelligence
Associated with endurance ability, not easy to down, persistent effort, not inferior. for example, when following the race, appeared publicly. Is to teach children how to train him to get used to being in a group and interact with friends - their peers.

3.Kecerdasan interpersonal (social)
Intelligence is related to the child's ability to adapt, work, relationships with peers and the environment around it. How to train it is to give your child a chance to hang out together often accompanied by friends - peers, play and communicate with children his age.

What are the Determinants of Children's Intelligence?

Every parent would want to have an intelligent and healthy children. Provide optimal nutrition is one way. But exactly what are the factors that affect children's intelligence?

Nutritionists from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia Saptawati Bardosono said, there are many factors that affect a child's intelligence including nutrition. "It's no secret, good nutrition is the key to the child's intelligence. Yet it is not the only one," he said on the sidelines of the Dancow Parenting Centre on Thursday (01/31/2013) in Jakarta.

In general, he added, there are two factors that affect children's intelligence in general, namely internal and external factors. Internal factors are genetic factors, while external factors are environmental, including nutrition, stimulation, physical activity, and health maintenance efforts.

"That's why there are children who may be less well nourished but still smart," said the doctor with Tati's familiar greeting.

Powerful Ways to Overcome Whitish

Overcoming Whitish is actually a natural thing when it occurs in a particular saat2. Because adult female vagina contains normal flora called Basil Döderlein. Basil Döderlein are good bacteria, meaning the bacteria that makes the vaginal environment becomes acidic and serves as a protection against possible infections that occur due to various factors, such as fungal infections, bacteria, viruses, etc.. In addition, vaginal discharge which also serves as protection against a variety of infections.
The nature of the normal fluid is usually watery, odorless, and does not cause itching. This is called vaginal discharge physiological (normal). Normal vaginal discharge occurs only when - certain times, for example: before menstruation, after menstruation, when fatigue, emotional stress, or when sexually aroused (during intercourse).
Meanwhile, abnormal vaginal discharge or abnormal, the nature of viscous fluid or mucus, milk white, yellow, or greenish, which carries sensation odor, and itching.
Discharge can be caused by many factors, including: malnutrition, lack of hygiene resulting in a proliferation of fungi or parasites. Besides it can also be caused by certain objects that intentionally or not inserted into the vagina like a tampon or konntrasepsi tool.

Cause of vaginal discharge caused by fungi or parasites can be divided into three (3) groups, among others:
1. Candidiasis
Vaginal discharge caused by the fungus Candida grows in the vagina. Fungi can grow faster if the vaginal environment lambab. Signs that usually arise as between the other: itching around the vagina and mucus like condensed milk, white. That's why pregnant women and those who suffer from diabetes often experience this kind of whitish.
2. Trichomoniasis
Vaginal discharge is caused by a parasitic infection. It can also be transmitted through unprotected sex couples suffering from trichomonas parasite. Character trait mucus is yellowish, slightly viscous
3. Bacteria Vaginosis
Vaginal discharge is caused by bacteria usually cause a fishy smell pungent, slightly greenish yellow color. Generally this type of vaginal discharge is also called vaginosis.

Ways to prevent or treat vaginal discharge is actually very simple, namely to maintain the cleanliness of the area around the vagina. From the results of studies in several cities in Indonesia, a lot of women who are infected with a fungus of a public bathroom toilet, either gayungnya, or water contaminated with fungal candidiasis Therefore, we need to be careful when using a public bathroom facilities.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Choose Toys For Children Under Age Smart

Toys became one form of stimulation for children. Giving the right toy to help maximize stimulation for the child's intelligence. Unfortunately, not many parents are aware of how to choose the right toy for her baby.

According to pediatrician dr.Atilla Dewanti Sp.A (K), the selection of toys depends on the ability and needs of the child. At the seminar in Early Infant Stimulation to Develop Multiple Inteligences in Jakarta, Saturday (20/4), Atilla encourage parents to choose toys based on the age of the child.

At 0-3 months of age, parents are advised to choose toys that are colorful, bright, flat, and stimulates motor activity. This is because the eyes of children 0-3 months can not be seen clearly. Choice of bright colors will stimulate vision and toys to help him see more clearly.

Moving the age of 6 months, toys that can be bitten (teethers) may be an option. This toy to stimulate the growth of teeth. Parents can also choose toys with buttons that can be pressed or textured to stimulate motor skills. At this age, children begin to love baths, a parent can give a toy that can float to accompany the event.

"If the child is still small, eg 6 months, do not put toys in his bed. Son will be dizzy especially when the toy moves," said Atilla.

Entering the age of 6-9 months can be given toys that kids can roll, to stimulate motor skills. In the 9-12 age toys that stimulate interaction, eg hand puppets of choice. Through toys, children are invited to communicate which will stimulate the ability to speak and express themselves.

Negative Thoughts Can Be Contagious

Environmental factors play a considerable part in influencing the way we assess and respond to something. That is why it becomes important to carefully choose the environment of friendship. A new study says even about the way people respond to bad events, both positive and negative, can be contagious.

Someone who is in transition, such as from adolescence to adulthood, assessed more easily influenced by the thinking of people in the vicinity. The study, published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science also said, negative thoughts will increase the risk of depression.

The researchers analyzed the 103 pairs of new students who occupy the same room. At that age they are considered to have a greater tendency of contracting negative thoughts or the so-called cognitive vulnerability. The study found that those who had high cognitive vulnerability tends to increase the risk of depression.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Supplements Harmful if False Use

Supplements in various forms to obtain the "perfect" body spreads in the market. Customers are not only athletes, but also the general public. Without knowing how to use the right supplements can be considered doping and harm the body.

Sports specialist, Michael Triangto, Monday (6/5) in Jakarta, explained, the actual supplement is additional food to fill the deficiency in the body. Diverse forms and functions.

"There is in the form of tablets, capsules, powders such as milk, and others. Its function is also all kinds, including to increase muscle, lose weight, and increase energy, "said Michael.

According to Michael, who became a doctor experienced in Indonesian badminton national training, the desire to have a beautiful body shape occurred among the general public. To expedite the process, supplements be one option.

However, there are several factors that must be considered before the supplement is consumed, one of which the user should pay attention to the condition of his own body. Supplements can only be used by someone with a healthy physical condition.

"Those who are ill should consult with your doctor because it could be a substance in the supplement actually aggravate the pain," said Michael.

Supplement users should also read the detailed instructions in the box. Michael even suggested, a new user should reduce the dose of the recommended. "Generally, the dose supplements in packaging is for consumer Westerners was bigger than the people of Indonesia. Posture also affects the dose should be consumed, "said Michael.

Without the proper dosage, the negative effects will show up in continuous use, such as baldness, kidney and liver malfunction, heart attack, vision impaired, as well as brain and nerve disorders.

Therefore, the use of supplements would be better if accompanied by the doctor's instructions. "Do not follow the instructions your friends or relatives who had been taking because it could have a different effect," said Michael.

Moreover, as stated by other sports doctors, Roy Tobias, a lot of muscle mass forming supplement that is not registered and does not have a permit from the Agency for Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The seller argued supplements, their merchandise has been registered at the Food and Drug Association registered in the United States or other developed countries.

"Consumers should be wary of supplements that are not listed in the FDA. Often not all content is written honestly supplements. There are substances included anabolic steroids, but not written, "said Roy.

10 Food Cause Sleep Hard

Do not always blame stress as a cause of sleeplessness. What we eat and drink is actually also affect the sleep disorder affects many people now more modern. Know what kind of intake should be avoided, especially if you often feel troubled eyes closed at night.
Here are 10 foods that should be avoided before bedtime to avoid sleeplessness disorder.

1. Caffeine
Caffeine may be good to be a friend start the day, but not to close the day. Caffeine can stimulate the nerves, causing an increase in the movement of extra energy. If you need caffeine, make sure you do it up to 4 hours before bedtime.
2. Alcohol
Alcohol can disrupt sleep and cause waking in between hours of sleep. Consequently, sleep becomes qualified.
3. Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains a compound theobromine, phenylethylamine, and anadamin that can stimulate the heart beat more strongly it should be avoided before bedtime.

Precisely Diet Makes Big Appetite Add

Often when we are in a weight loss program by limiting food intake, we just feel more excited at the sight of the foods that are not healthy. It turns out this phenomenon commonly experienced by those who are strictly limiting calories.

Research from the Oregon Research Institute (ORI) found that limiting the number of calories you eat will actually make increased appetite, especially for unhealthy foods. The longer you restrict eat, the more food you eat afterwards.

ORI senior researcher Dr. Eric Stice said, these results are unique because the first show calorie restriction has an impact on a particular area of ​​the brain that is more tempted to good food.

Stice and colleagues examined two groups of teenagers who go on a diet. The teens confessed to limit the amount of calories they consume.

The researchers used brain imaging paradigm to monitor the activity going on inside the brain. Thirty-four participants who were in the first group was shown some pictures of the food. The result there is a real surge in activity in their brains when shown pictures of food are good in comparison with the less tasty food.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Signs of Children Have High Sense

In the eyes of every parent, their children and genius is a smart kid. How not, every day it seems there is only the development of the capabilities of the child. Whether it's the talking, drawing, singing, or tinkering with gadgets.
In fact, most children can only be called a genius or gifted at school age. Even so, there are few signs at an early age which can indicate whether your child has a high intelligence.

Children aged 2-4 years may be a gifted child if he shows signs of following.

- It has special talents, such as artistic ability or in terms of numbers. For example, children are able to draw something with a very clear or easy to remember numbers.

- Achieving developmental milestones (milestone) earlier than the friends of his age.

- Excellent language skills, such as being able to speak in complete sentences earlier than their peers.

- Have a high curiosity and never tired of asking questions.

- Very active (although not hyperactive). Hyperactive child who has only a low concentration range, while a gifted child is able to concentrate on one thing for a long time. He also has a strong desire on the things that interest and love doing activities difficult.

- Have a vivid imagination. Gifted children often create imaginary friends.

- Being able to remember things easily and recounted what he had learned from books, TV, or movies they watch.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Know the Benefits of Supplements For Your Body

Each day, the body requires adequate nutrition in order to carry out their functions properly. Nutrients can be obtained from foods such as vegetables and fruits. However, not everyone can consume vegetables and fruits well. Therefore, to keep your body adequate nutritional requirements, you need the help of supplements.

Complementary food supplements are not a substitute for food. Dietary supplements generally contain vitamins and minerals that can not be manufactured by the body. Here are the benefits of taking supplements for your body.

- Increase Metabolism
Some metabolic and digestive disorders, may affect the absorption of food in the body, which can lead to decreased intake of nutrients in the body. This is where the role of supplements. Consuming adequate amounts of supplements to help boost metabolism and the body's nutritional requirements.

- Vegetarian Diet Helps
For those of you who run a vegetarian diet, of course, do not consume animal foods. Whereas on the one hand, many animal foods provide a source of essential nutrients to your diet, such as protein, vitamins and minerals. To meet the need of these nutrients, vegetables and fruits are a good substitute food for you. Additionally, you can add supplemental protein, vitamins, and minerals to supplement your daily nutritional needs.

Inadequate Vitamin And Mineral Needs You Here!

These are the people who should Consuming Supplements

The increasing use of supplements over the years not only as a food supplement made additional course, but it's a lifestyle the world today.

Understanding people that can supplement the body's nutritional requirements is essential that a high consumption factor supplements in the world. This is the basis for the supplement manufacturers are competing to produce food supplements marketed as food supplements as well as offering a variety of health benefits.

Anyone in Need Food Supplements?
Not a meal replacement food supplements that can be used as a main meal. The main function is to supplement nutritional supplements that do not we get out of the daily diet.
Basically every individual has his own measure of when he needs food supplements. There are certain times where a supplement is needed by the body, so that supplements the benefits can be felt. Anyone and when it is appropriate to consume dietary supplements?

Smokers and Drinkers
People who love to smoke or people who often are in the smoke-filled environment, might be in need of food supplements. Some studies say that people are often exposed to smoke, both active and passive smokers, tend to decrease vitmain C levels in the body.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

6 ways to avoid a bad hair day!

You often feel 'bad hair day' where you can really hate your hair because it looks dull, oily, or dry? Do not worry, here are some tips and tricks to work around!

Clean bangs
If you can not go out without shampooing beforehand but did not have much time in the morning (or maybe you feel less excited to be lazy), you can try the following tips: just clean up your bangs. With this, your hair will not look too cluttered. You only live menguncir your hair and keep your look fresh with a clean bangs!

Break off
This trick also applies to your active. If you have long hair and you feel that you take too long to download its styling, make it come off in your hair. Break off a little messy and not too 'perfect' will actually make you look sexy!

Create more volume
You have a simple limp hair types so it looks thin and weak? Do not worry. You can create volume in your hair with ease. Just do the following trick: bow your head, rub-rub with your fingers, and put the hair spray or some sort of volumizing wax. With this, your hair will look much more 'thick'.

benefits of pomegranate

What is a pomegranate? This fruit is recently famous, maybe you've seen her on various renowned restaurant menu and juice. Not only tastes good, but the pomegranate fruit has many benefits for both your body.
Studies have shown that pomegranate fruit had higher levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredient that high, so they can help keep the heart healthy and withstand high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and most importantly, a heart attack.

A study also showed that those who consumed pomegranate juice can reduce clogged fat in the body, thus preventing diabetes.

Oily face When Wear Makeup? You Can Try It

If noted, the faces of the artist does everything have normal skin and not oily ya? Until dipulaskan makeup always look so beautiful?

Ah ... well not really. Most of the celebrities also have oily skin. Only, they know exactly how to deal with the oil on the face so that makeup so it is no longer sticky.

Let us emulate how celebrities cope with greasy face before you makeup

Wash your face with soap

Before daub of makeup, better wash your face with soap. The combination of soap and water will help lift the oil from the skin.

Use a scrub

If you have oily skin type is very severe, it is better to select a facial scrub only. Facial scrub will help you lift the oil from the pores, so that the face is more fresh and oil-free longer.

Compress with ice cubes

One effective way to overcome the oil on the face is to compress the face with an ice cube. Ice cubes made fresh face durable.

Do not use liquid foundation

If your skin tends to be oily, so avoid foundie textured liquid. Liquid form will make your face look more shiny.

Limit concealer

Similarly with concealer, better pulaskan in points really need it. The rest, leave covered with powder to make it more safe and natural.


Particularly oily skin, powder would be the best friend and can cover more skin to look fresh. Avoid choosing a powder compact even more durable, because the powder compact will make your face oily faster.

Always carry tissue oil

Oil absorbent wipes with you wherever you go. Paste and pat gently so that all the oil on the face can be lifted without making your makeup fade.

It is not difficult also applying makeup and make it durable even your face oily.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back Pain Can Be Triggered One Sitting Posture

Office workers spend most of their time sitting. Whether it's while in the office or on the way to the office. Lack of time to move, plus a wrong sitting posture causes office workers are prone to experience physical pains and aches.
Survey of the American Osteopathic Association stated, two of the three workers kantorkan feel physical pain in the past six months. The survey involved 1,000 U.S. office workers are at least 18 years old.
The survey results show, in the last 30 days there is 63 percent of participants who felt lower back pain, shoulder 58 percent, 33 percent in the wrist, and 31 percent in the upper back. So what causes this?
Nearly a quarter of the participants thought that the pain experienced is a common part of their job. Physicians and chiropractors AOA spokesperson Lisa DeStefano said, people spend a lot of time at the front desk that causes muscle fatigue from their posture. Though the work should not cause physical pain.

Can Chronic Disease Dental Starting from Germs

Most diseases of the gums usually caused by poor dental hygiene. But most people still neglect oral hygiene.

Subsequent infection of the gums can cause inflamed gums, forming pockets of pus, and form plaques much more. The germs of the pus pockets can spread throughout the body via the blood vessels.

"This infection is started in the gums but ignored. Consequently germs made ​​it to the blood circulation and carried by the flow," said the lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, drg.Yudha Rismanto Sp.Perio, at the media conference Gum Problems Solutions in Jakarta, Thursday (2 / 5).

The impact of the circulation of the bacteria depends on the organ where germs berths. If the germs carried by blood flow to the lower body, the heart and the kidneys could be disrupted.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Natural Foods That Can Overcome Asthma

Asthma is a condition where there is inflammation of the airways and partly triggered by allergies. To reduce risk of asthma or to prevent the recurrence of symptoms of asthma, you need to change your intake of foods that support the condition.

Natural Foods That Can Overcome Asthma

Here are 9 foods that can help fight asthma naturally, as quoted by NaturalNews, Wednesday (01/05/2013):

1. Avocado
Avocados are known to contain the highest concentration of L-glutathione, an anti-asthma foods that can protect cells against damage from free radicals, and detoxifying the body from pollutants and other harmful substances. L-glutathione in avocado can also help quells systemic inflammation and improve gut health is damaged, a process which in turn can help prevent asthma triggers.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mediterranean diet, for diabetes

Diet eat only lean meat and replace it with healthy fats such as the Mediterranean diet is considered very good for people with diabetes. Diet is considered effective in lowering blood sugar levels.

Mediterranean diet, for diabetes

In addition to the Mediterranean diet, a diet low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and low in simple sugars is also considered good for diabetics.

"Of the four methods are all diet can improve various aspects of diabetes control," said Dr.Olubukola Ajala, diabetes experts from the UK.

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