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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ginseng, Medicinal Herbs Most Famous

Ginseng (Panax ginseng) is a plant plays a maximum of about 60 cm that grows in the cool mountains of East Asia. Plant growth is very slow, after years of not more than 10 to 20 cm. Currently, Panax ginseng is widely grown in Korea, Japan, China and Russia's North East. In America there are also other types of ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is used medically, but are considered less effective.

Due to the limited area of ​​cultivation and ever growing, native ginseng root price is very expensive. Many foods and health drinks that claim to have real content of ginseng extract ginseng contains quality. In fact, there is no abortion at all. Therefore, you should not believe it with every claim content © 2010 Marcelo Träsel | more info (via: Wylio) 

Impact of Negative and Positive Eating Instant Noodles

Instant noodles in the claims by some as a dangerous kind of food because it contains a layer of wax on his noodles. This layer is hard to digest by the body and it took at least two days until the body can be removed dar.

 Therefore, those who claim it is appealed to the public to at least give a distance of 2 days after eating instant noodles to eat it again. They also say, the consumption of instant noodles in the long term can cause cancer due to pile wax in the digestive tract.

The things that should be considered in taking:

1. The use of wax as a coating noodle products that have been authorized by the FDA is the use of natural waxes made from food-grade vegetable (Jojoba oil, bayberry, castor, rice bran, soy wax), petroleum (paraffin, microcrystalline, petroleum jelly), beeswax (wax produced by bees), shellac-based wax (wax produced by a kind of insect Kierra Lacca) or resin (wax produced by certain plant species).
2. The candles above are widely used in the food industry, usually as a coating fruits to keep them fresh and nonperishable during transport through from the garden, a dining table buyers to the market. Moreover, most likely other types of food industries (including instant noodles here) using one of them to cover products that are not sticky when cooked.
3. To note here is the use of petroleum as a food coating. Petroleum is a complex mixture of substances hidocarbon in different density.
4. Hydrocarbon is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon. According to some studies I've read and other health information that I can, hydrocarbons can lead to cancer because it induces gene changes or mutations.

Eating fried foods IMPACT OF LONG-TERM

The impact of eating fried foods (if it is too often done) is:

Certainly add weight / overweight / obesity, acne is most likely due to the fat that accumulates rampant.

• used cooking oil has saturated fatty acid binding. During the frying process, the oil will undergo changes in fatty acid composition and oil quality. Bond is difficult to disentangle the fatty acid by the body and carried in the bloodstream. This fat will slowly settle to the blood vessels in the heart and block blood flow. This resulted in increased levels of total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, and decreased levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood. Blockage of the coronary arteries can lead to heart disease, atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), stroke, diabetes, and trigger the growth of cancer cells. Initial growth of cancer cells induced by saturated fatty acid oils that interfere with protein structure of DNA in the body so that the mutated cells. This cell mutations that will grow cancer cells that will grow 5-10 years. Flour of fried foods affect blood sugar levels increased resulting in diabetes.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Which is More Secure, Walking or Running?

Exercise walking is the cheapest and most easily done on all kinds of sports. In addition to walking, jogging also be another alternative for those who are reluctant to do strenuous exercise, so that both the exercise is still the main choice for many people.

Although impressed by the light and casual, walk turned out to be a healthy activity. By walking, you can prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the body by increasing the intake of oxygen and facilitates blood circulation.
Walking also strengthens bones and muscles, because the walking motion requires more than 600 muscles and 200 bones that work.
Not only that, the active walking and running also helps reduce fat deposits in the body and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases due to age.
But some experts said that walking is considered more secure compared with the run, especially for people who have certain health problems. Why is that? following reasons as quoted mothernature network.

Safe for Muscles
Either walking or running can provide long term benefits for health. But some experts think that walking safer for muscle tissue rather than run. Because, if carbohydrate intake is inadequate then the running time can mangakibatkan muscle catabolism or muscle wasting. Usually this occurs in long-distance running like a marathon.

Safe for Heart
People who have a weak heart condition is usually not recommended to do the running, because the track is too heavy for penedrita heart disease.
Some doctors still recommend this exercise but depending on the severity of heart disease. Walking is the safest exercise for heart patients, who have the same magnitude of benefits such as running, the blood circulation, lower cholesterol and prevent blood vessel blockage.

More often Face Wash, Cause more Oily Face

Excessive oil on the face is disturbing. In addition to the face so it looks shiny, fresh and not too dirty. If you have conditions like this face, wash your face often will not solve the problem.

"Oily skin if washed more frequently eat so getting oily. Increasingly irritated skin, the more oil production," said skin and venereal specialist, Dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK.

It was mentioned by him in the media gathering Pond's Men at The Foundry No. 8, Region Integrated Commerce (SCBD) Lot 8, Jalan Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta Selatan, and was written on Wednesday (06/12/2013).

How many times should a person wash your face? "There is no default rule, the same as when shampooing should be how many times a week. Adjusted alone with his activities. If the activity is not too much and not a lot of contact with dust, twice is enough," said the man who was taking a doctoral program at the University of Melbourne's .

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The main thing that you did not know about the rainy season

Did you know ... common infections such as flu, inflammation of skin and eyes more prevalent during the rainy season? 

> Bacteria survive longer in humid conditions. There is more moisture in the air which allows the bacteria to multiply.
By understanding how germs spread during the rainy season you can help your family stay healthy. Here are some alasa why there is an increase in infection:
> Association of DIRTY WATER AND WATER like rain water or water from the gutter can be mixed with drinking water and bathing water. So you can be infected with more germs.
> Stagnant water AROUND IN RAINY SEASON WHEN WE QUICKLY becomes a breeding ground GERM. Puddle attract mosquitoes and flies that carry infections such as malaria and dengue fever.
> Splash LAND OF GERMS THAT BRING SUCH CAUSE IRRITATION SKIN INFECTION. Contaminated water from the soil in contact with the parts of our body.
DID YOU KNOW ... Using soap is the key reason that can prevent the dispersion of germs during the rainy season?

10 health tips for summer

10 best health tips to stay one step ahead of the infection in this summer

1. Wear light cotton clothing - which will let your skin of breathe and reduce sweating. Bacteria are very fond of perspiration is the cause of prickly heat, so try to keep cool to avoid infection.
2. Avoid heat during the day - which can lead to heat exhaustion or stroke due. Protect your family by staying in the shade and hydrated with plenty of water.
3. Wear a hat and sunscreen - sunscreen and keep your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. Wear a hat and stay in the shade keeps you cool and dry, which is a good way to avoid body odor and prickly heat.
4. Washing hands regularly - Remember that germs live, everywhere, from the kitchen to the door handle base and you are constantly in contact with germs. Lifebuoy provide protection from 10 infeksiyang caused by germs, so wash your hands constantly is the key to protect you from germs that cause infections in the summer.
5. Bathe regularly - to avoid excessive sweating, Cool Fresh Lifebuoy provide long-lasting protection from germs that cause body odor.
6. Stay hydrated - Fresh water and juices will keep your child hydrated and cool. check that the water is safe to drink or have dealt with the right to be taken to avoid water-borne infections such as gastroenteritis.

Friday, June 21, 2013

8 hormones that influence body weight

In addition to diet and lifestyle, hormones also play a role in determining body weight. Check out some of the hormones that affect weight more as reported by the All Women Stalk following.


This is the hormone responsible for triggering the stress experienced by the body. As you know, stress can lead to weight gain. To reduce levels of the hormone cortisol, try to exercise regularly to lose weight can also be controlled.

7 Health Problems Arising From Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder with difficulty breathing. People with sleep apnea usually stops breathing for a few seconds and can cause death. Some of the symptoms of sleep apnea is waking up with a dry mouth condition, morning headaches, difficulty concentrating, and irritability.

7 Health Problems Arising From Sleep Apnea

Moreover, it turns out sleep apnea can also cause various other health problems. What is it? Check out more as reported by the Huffington Post following.

Inviting Kids Active Play To Avoid Obesity

International Journal of Obesity published a new study on the activities of the mother and child. In the study, Truls Ostbye, a professor of family and community medicine at Duke University, and his colleagues report their findings should serve as a reminder to both their mothers and fathers to be role models for their sons and daughters.

Inviting Kids Active Play To Avoid Obesity

Moreover, they claim that the study emphasizes the importance of parental policies that promote physical activity and healthy eating - especially for young children. In fact, more than a quarter of all American children between the ages of two and five are already overweight or obese, the Duke researchers noted.

"Obesity is a complex phenomenon, which is influenced by biological factors and behavior of individuals," said Ostbye. "But there is variation in obesity from one society to another and from one environment to another, so obviously there is something in the environment that influence the obesity epidemic."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Less Vitamin D Can Make Kids Girls Puberty Too Fast

Whether because of precocious or because of the association, now began often found young women who experience early puberty. These conditions make them at risk of health complications. A study found the cause for lack of vitamin D.

Less Vitamin D Can Make Kids Girls Puberty Too Fast

Puberty usually begins between the ages of 10-14 years for girls, and between the ages of 12-16 years for boys. However, puberty too soon to say if the sexual development begins before the age of 8 years and the changes occurred before the age of 9 years.

Previous research has found that early puberty can have negative consequences and affects social behavior, psychological development, and can pose some health risks for life. This time the researchers compared the levels of vitamin between normal girls and early puberty.

Researchers Link Obesity Can Cause Hearing Loss In Children

A new study led by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center shows obese adolescents are more likely to have hearing loss problems than their normal - weight peers. The study findings, published in The Laryngoscope, demonstrated that obese adolescents have increased hearing loss across all frequencies and were almost twice as likely to have unilateral ( one - sided ) low - frequency hearing loss.

Researchers Link Obesity Can Cause Hearing Loss In Children

 “This is the antecedent paper to appearance that corpulence is associated stow away hearing loss in adolescents, ” verbal Anil K. Lalwani, professor and vice chair for research, Department of Otolaryngology / Head & Smooch Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Healthy Without Junk Food with 8 How It

 Junk food is a term for foods that are not healthy or have little nutritional content. Although it can be addictive, but eat them in excess can be bad for your health. How do I reduce the desire to eat junk food?

Some studies say that the desire to eat certain foods occurs when the body lacks nutrients. Here are some simple tips that can help overcome the urge to eat junk food, as reported by the Times of India, on Wednesday (06/12/2013):

1. Drink plenty of water

When you feel hungry, have to distinguish if you really want to eat or just want a drink? There are times when the body feels 'need' a drink, not food. Experts agree that consuming enough water before meals is a good move. This step is done to your body adequately hydrated. Therefore, make sure you drink water throughout the day.

2. Divert your attention

Do you eat a bag of potato chips just because he was bored? If yes, then you must do something else to distract. Try to listen to music, read a book, call a friend, or your favorite television show.

Signs and Symptoms of Teething in Children

Many parents mistakenly conclude that if their children get diarrhea, and red cheeks, it means his son is teething. Actually, what is the signs that your child experienced as their teeth grow?

Benefits and Dangers of Consuming Jengkol

Jengkol (Jering / Pithecollobium Jiringa / Pithecollobium Labatum) is a typical plant in the Southeast Asian region, including the popular in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, especially in West Java which consumed 100 tons a day.

Behind the odor generated jengkol, it contained useful for health benefits. According to various studies indicate that jengkol also rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, alkaloids, essential oils, steroids, glycosides, tannins, and saponins.

There are specific for vitamin C content of 80 mg to 100 grams of seed jengkol, while the figure recommended dietary allowance is 75 mg per day for adult women and 90 mg for adult men.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

About Dental Implants

Now dental implants have become a trend and it is recommended to replace missing teeth. Dental implant replaces the natural tooth with sensation, appearance, and function like natural teeth. Own definition of dental implants, artificial tooth root that is implanted into the jaw. Planting carried out through minor surgery, that is by opening the gums and then make a hole in the bone with a size between 3-4 millimeters.

Medical technology has been able to provide a permanent solution to tooth loss with dental implant method. According to Drg. Djoko Micni, SpBM, FICOI; methods of dental implants has been found in the medical world since last 10 years. The technology itself has been able to replace the function of natural teeth. In the original tooth, there are two parts, namely the roots of teeth are embedded in bone and dental crowns that appear in the mouth cavity.

Difference Sunblock and Sunscreen

If you want to get maximum protection from sun exposure, the right choice for the cover of skin is to use a sunblock or sunscreen. Two skin protection lotion is apparently different from how it works in preventing skin damage caused by UV rays.

As quoted by the site Fem Guide, Sunblock contains physical or inorganic material that acts as a wall between the skin by the sun. Sunblock ingredients typically titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Both of these ingredients can not be absorbed by the skin it forms a protective layer on the skin surface that can reflect sunlight before the skin. In general, highly effective sunblock reflects the light in the UV A and UV B. A UV rays can cause skin aging and UV-B causes sunburn.

Breastfeeding Boost Baby Brains Ability

Breast milk (ASI) can boost brain development in infants with an increase up to 30 percent. Children who were exclusively breastfed at least three months of brain development 30 percent higher in the brain that control vital part of language ability, emotion and understanding, according to experts.

The results in children under four years of age who received breast milk showed significant progress, especially in brain development. Results of research conducted at Brown University USA, found that when the baby reaches the age of two years, there were noticeable differences in their brain structure.

Dr Sean Deoni, professor of engineering and lead researcher told the Daily Mail June 7, 2013, said, "We found differences in brain development between 20-30 percent, among infants who received breast milk and are not."

Using the technique of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the brains of infants who received breast milk at the beginning of their development and formula-fed infants who get scanned and compared. The results showed that infants who were breastfed exclusively experienced more rapid growth in the white matter of the brain "tissue containing nerve fibers associated with the long part of the brain used for learning. Contrast formula-fed babies have fewer white part.

This study was conducted to determine the occurrence of brain development in early age. This research examined 133 infants who were born at the same time and come from a family that is almost the same. By comparing the amount of myelin in children younger and older, researchers calculate the effect of breastfeeding on the development of the brain.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Some Foods That Help Dental Health

Feel inferior because your teeth look yellow? Or because your breath is not fresh? Here are some foods that help maintain the health of your teeth revealed by Matthew Messina, a dentist in Ohio who is also a spokesman for the Association of Dentists in ABC News America.

1. Chewing gum
Wait a minute. Not all chewing gum good for dental health. In fact, most of the chewing gum can damage the teeth. Choose sugar-free gum. Sugar-free gum can help clean teeth. Chewing gum can stimulate saliva production.

Saliva is a natural way to clean the acids produced by bacteria in the mouth and also coat the teeth with calcium and phosphate. During this time, we prefer gum with various flavors, either mint or fruit flavor. In fact, according to a study in 2011 said the materials used to give a sense of mint or fruit can damage teeth, although only slightly.

2. Water
As well as saliva, water can help clean up the sugar and acid in the mouth. Water containing frorid, the mineral compounds that can prevent tooth erosion, as well as florid toothpaste contained within.

Can Drinking Water Ice After Sports

Many people simply drank ice water immediately after exercise. Indeed delicious. But the habit is not true. Imagine, if you throw ice water to the hot pan, what will happen? Smoke will soon gush out. That's what happens when you drink cold water after exercising. Because the body heats up to temperatures above 37 degrees Celsius during exercise.

When the ice water flowed organs, obviously impaired metabolism. It was fatal for the heart because it can make blood vessels narrow, so that blood flow to the heart stopping.

However, the cold water is not forbidden. With good water temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, and the cold tolerance limit is 4 degrees Celsius. It was not immediately drink a lot. Just two cups or about 500 cc.

"Drinking cold water is not recommended. Do not jump so sweat it out, you either drink water or ice water from the refrigerator, "said Siregar Dr.dr.Parlindungan SpPD-KGH in the event of The 5th Annual Women's Health Expo (WHE) 2013 in the Puri Agung Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (03/09/2013).

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lifestyle Causes of Hypertension

When talking about lifestyle, it would be related to diet, exercise, and your habits.

Consumption of excess salt and sugar will make you closer to hypertension.
The relationship between hypertension and salt may be much more familiar to the ear compared with hypertension and sugar. But the thing is, excessive consumption of sugar makes you deal with the risk of being overweight.

Excess weight can lead to blockages in the heart and slow the blood work. But do not worry, you can measure yourself chances overweight yourself. For men, the ideal waist circumference was 90 cm. So, if your waist size is more than that number, then began to worry.

6 Prevent Colds and Flu

When flu attack, you try to recall the cause. In fact, you can avoid it, you know.

Remember the six following flu precautions. Enjoy your days with fun activities without the runny nose and sneezing.

Imitate the way the French.
Hands are the main transfer of germs and infection. Even scientists at the London School of Hygiene recommend greeting friends in order to imitate the French, which is kissed on the cheek instead of shaking hands. Or, try to improvise in any other way, and adapt to the situation. So, when someone tried to greet you with his hand, trying to reply to cuddle.

Clean your sponge.
Make sure the sponge / cloth germ-free kitchen to put it in the microwave for two minutes every day. The way it certainly will kill 99 percent of microorganisms. Warning: Do it only with a sponge / cloth wet - if not, could pose a risk of fire.

Call a friend and go for a walk.
Research shows that post-menopausal women who exercise regularly - a quick 45-minute walk five times a week - has decreased to three-fold risk of catching colds and flu compared to women who did not exercise.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

10 Tips Maintain Healthy Teeth and Mouth

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2012 there were about 60-90 percent of the population of a country suffering from cavities. And cavities are "investment for chronic diseases," said Dr. drg. Zaura Rini Anggraeni, MDS. How to keep your teeth?

To keep your teeth and mouth healthy, some things - that sometimes sound trivial - needs to be done. Here are tips about how to care for your teeth:

1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride. When the right time to brush your teeth? After breakfast and before bed.
2. Flossing before brushing teeth-lah
Flossing is a way to clean between the teeth using floss. Flossing will remove residual food stuck between the teeth that brushing your teeth helps to be more effective. When brushing your teeth arrive, make sure to brush with a 45 degree angle on the gum line with gentle movements.
3. Take advantage of toothpicks
If you do not have a dental cleaning thread, you can use a toothpick to clean between the teeth. However, use gently. Use toothpicks will roughly injure your gums. And the wound is appropriate container for bacterial growth.

7 Benefits of Ice Cream For Health

Many people are very fond of ice cream states. However, some are concerned about rising weight condition and avoid direct this delicious dessert.

Many of the women and housewives ice cream to stop giving their children the reason "can damage teeth" or "the flu later".

However, according to a recent study, it turns out there are a number of benefits of ice cream is very good for health.

Calcium rich
Ice cream made with dairy products rich in calcium and nutrients to strengthen bones and increase the body's energy.

Protect Teeth and Gums
Calcium contained in the ice cream is also useful to protect your teeth and gums strong build. So, from now on think again before you stop giving your child an ice cream.

Friday, June 14, 2013

When Kids Allow Drinking Vitamin Supplements?

Various supplements for kids products now sold in the market. The products are generally in the form of a multivitamin that is claimed to have a variety of benefits, ranging from increasing the body's resistance to maximize brain growth.

Although efficacy was tempting, supplementation is not something that must be done if the intake of nutrients from the daily diet is quite balanced. Additional supplements only, provided if its main source of food is not sufficient.

"You better meet the nutritional needs of children through everyday foods such as vegetables and fruits, including the need for vitamins," said Dr. Emma Nurhema SpA, a pediatrician from Friendship Hospital for detikHealth, as written on Wednesday (05/06/2013).

Inevitably, the children were told to eat vegetables is usually difficult. Children tend to prefer food with tantalizing taste like fried chicken, fruit and vegetables than are noticeably bland for those who do not like.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Makes Women Looks 10 Years Older

Beauty is a priority for women. Sometimes women do not even want to know how, which is important to look beautiful. Yet according to a new study, an unhealthy lifestyle is enough to make a woman look old, regardless of any kind of skin care that he uses.

Researchers also ensure that the skin damage caused by tanning (procedure discolor the skin), smoking and lack of fruit consumption plays an important role in accelerating the aging process of a woman.

The study involved 585 women in the UK, China and Spain was also shown that the factors that affect every woman's skin is the same, although researchers have considered other factors such as differences in skin type every woman.

This finding also suggests that the 'lifestyle choice' is responsible for 33 percent of a woman's physical appearance.

Health Dangers Lurk Behind the joy of Instant Noodles

Instant noodles have become a common food in Indonesia, especially for children boarding. How to cook easy and delicious flavor make this fast food favored by many people. But not frequency, because there are health hazards that lurk behind the joy of a bowl of instant noodles.

Instant noodles can indeed reduce hunger, but fast food is not able to replace the nutrients your body needs. Coupled with artificial flavoring and preservative chemicals, which endanger the health of the body.

Here are some of the dangers that threaten health if you eat too much instant noodles, as reported Boldsky, Saturday (06/08/2013):

1. Disruption of nutrient absorption
Instant noodles can inhibit the ability of children under 5 years to absorb nutrients. After often eat instant noodles, many toddlers have difficulty absorbing nutrients from food right.

2. Cancer
In addition to the plastic wrap, there are also instant noodle packs containing packed with styrofoam and can be directly brewed. Though styrofoam known as cancer-causing agents.

3. Miscarriage
Number of pregnant women who eat noodles during pregnancy miscarried. This is because the content of flavoring and preservative in instant noodles can affect fetal development.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Children Need Nutrition, Valentines and Stimulation For Optimal Growth

Children Need Nutrition, Valentines and Stimulation For Optimal Growth

Fulfillment of child nutrition is a major concern for parents, so it is considered to be sufficient nutrients the growth and development of children is optimal. In fact, children also need love and stimulation.

"You have 3 basic needs, such as nutrition, affection, and stimulation," said Dr. Dr. Rini Sekartini, Sp.A, RSCM pediatricians, child health in the seminar which was held at Menara Peninsula Hotel, Jl Lt. Gen. S. Parman, Jakarta, and was written on Sunday (09/06/2013).

3 fulfillment of these basic needs should be provided with equal portions, no priority. Because, according to Dr. Rini child needs in order to achieve the full three optimal growth and development.

For nutrition, Dr. Rini parents apply 5-6 times daily diet. This diet includes eating large portions 3 times and 3 times a snack. With this diet, child nutrition is expected to be met, as long as parents choose healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. But in addition to nutrition, children also need love.

This danger is Listening Too Old and Loud Music

Music can be a close friend of the young. Besides being able to repel turmoil, the music can also give you peace when needed.

However, there are some things that should be kept in mind for enjoying music. Because music can be a danger if carelessly listened, as quoted by the Times of India, Sunday (09/06/2013).

1. Listening to Music with Loud Volume

Listening to music while crossing the street proved to be fatal. Not a few cases of accidents caused by using earphones in road casualties, either while driving or on foot.

Actually, the experts continue to warn about such cases. These cases involve the state of the music turn the volume up on the car, spending time in nightclubs, and listening to music through earphones directly to the ear canal, especially for young children.

2. Music More Dangerous Than SMS?

Based on research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that listening to music while crossing street more dangerous than while typing SMS messages or talking on the phone. "The big problem that happens is the music makes your ears. You listen to music and do not pay attention to traffic," said David Schwebel, Ph.D., director of UAB's Youth Safety Laboratory.

"I suspect that we are little more than realized using our ears vigilance when crossing," he added.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Changed Habits You Need To Stay Beautiful Skin

 Did you know that wrinkles, eye bags, and not just skin redness caused by sun or genetic? Little things that you do every day can be the cause of it all. To get beautiful skin and nice, probably just need to change the small activities of your daily course. The following tips are given by Mary P. Lupo, MD, a dermatologist from New Orleans, USA:

1. Habit exfoliates skin with grains (scrubs) from harsh ingredients that can damage the skin. Sometimes there are several manufacturers of beauty products have exfoliator from objects such as crushed shells, nuts, or seeds. Unfortunately, these objects sometimes still have sharp corners, and not infrequently injure the skin.

Should replace the scrub are small and round. David Bank, MD, dermatologist from Mt. Kisco, New York said, if you have sensitive skin, try using the exfoliator from the baking soda. Mix enough baking soda with enough water until the pasta. Then, use a scrub.

2. Habit shower or bath with warm / hot water for too long can erode the skin. Too long a shower with hot water to make a lipid layer (binder skin cells that help keep it moist) so eroded. Indeed, a few hours later lipid will form again, but during the process, the body moisture lost in considerable amounts. Not to mention if the water contains chlorine which can make the skin dry and irritated. If you do have a shower with hot water, try no more than 10 minutes, in order to keep the skin fresh and moist.

Naked Good for Health

Naked or not clothed not always associated with sexual activity or pornography. Although often interpreted nude taboo by most people, apparently naked also has many health benefits you know. But you have to make sure first, lest you naked at the wrong time ya! Telanjanglah at the appropriate place and time. Here follows Sharing bare for health benefits, reported by healthmeup.

1. Getting vitamin D

Sunlight can cause nasty skin. If you want to bask in the sun, you should use sunscreen to protect your skin. The sun can cause skin damage if you are exposed to UV rays in the long term and in the hours of 9 am to 4 pm. However, if basking in the sun in the morning for about 10-15 minutes will help you in increasing the production of vitamin D and to increase your good mood.

2. Get healthy skin

Our skin needs air to breathe. Too old to wear tight clothes that can weaken your skin, because the skin absorbs the toxins back out when the body is sweating. Naked will help your skin to breathe in the moist areas and often closed, and eliminate toxins from your body.

3. Improve blood circulation

Removing clothing will help you prevent red marks caused by the pressure of a bra or panties that are too tight. Removing your clothes for a while will help improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sleep and Beauty Skin, What Relation?

 Sleep is an active process that covers one third of human life. Unfortunately, only a few studies have addressed the relationship of health to skin beauty sleep. In fact, we've long heard of beauty sleep. Yes, it means sleep can enhance a person's skin. See, when we lack sleep, your skin looks dull lusterless. This is caused by increased stress hormones to increase inflammation / inflammation of the skin that is certainly bad consequences on the quality of the skin.

Skin Health and Sleep Deprivation

Both were closely interconnected. Sleep disorders reduce the quality of the skin, even aggravate skin diseases, skin diseases while itself can disrupt the quality of sleep. Lack of sleep will aggravate the skin condition. Once we lack sleep, inflammatory cells in the body will increase. Mark, pimple popping, skin so sensitive, allergic skin reactions and irritation to the skin deteriorates even be worse. Getting less sleep, the more we need skin care products.

Sexuality, Fertility and Sleep Health

 Sleep and sex, two bunks activities that seem unrelated. Which one do after the other. That's it. But it turns out, a very close Both relationship .

Sleep hygiene was very important for sexual health. Danish study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that men who did not have his healthy sperm count 29 percent less. They also have an abnormal sperm morphology. In conclusion, few in number, and most likely has an unusual shape.

This study took the data of semen and blood from 953 Danish youth who signed up to enter the armed forces. Not only affects the quality of male fertility. Sleep disorders affect libido clear and sexual ability.

When too tired, lack of energy and everyone will be lazy to do various activities. Sleep disorders have reached an unhealthy point if someone (man or woman) prefer to sleep than romance. Other studies in Israel show that people with sleep disorders sleep apnea (snoring) just issued a low testosterone level.

Snorer is always tired also experience erectile problems due to oxygen depletion and disrupted sleep process. While people with insomnia, is said by experts to experience emotional distress to easily depressed and anxious. Anxiety and emotional distress is the beginning of sexual dysfunction.

Monday, June 10, 2013

"Gadget" Before Sleeping Stress Increase

The research team from the University of Texas-Pan American, USA, presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Psychological Science in Washington DC, U.S., on Saturday (25/5), calls, people surfing the internet or sending short message service two hours before bedtime have higher stress levels than those who do not perform.

However, sending electronic mail, watch television, read a book, or exercising before bed does not show the same increase in stress. This finding is an association, not cause and effect. That is, as quoted by My Health News Daily, Wednesday (29/05/2013), it is possible that stress makes the technology as an escape device before bed.

Smoking And Snacking Reduces Work Productivity

A study involving nearly 20,000 workers in the United States revealed the relationship between the employee's lifestyle with reduced work productivity in the office.

The researchers raised the issue of presenteeism, which is interpreted as a come to work when the body is not healthy, and is unable to work optimally.

"The reduction in employee productivity due to health conditions is estimated about 77 percent of all losses, and make the company lose two or three times more than the annual health care spending," said Ray Merrill, professor of the Department of Health Sciences at Bringham Young University (BYU), which also this study leader.

The results also revealed several health conditions that affect the productivity of labor, namely unhealthy diet (66 percent), rarely exercise (50 percent), and smoking (28 percent).

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New reason Liked Soybean

Increased more reason to keep making out as the food that must exist in the daily menu. According to recent studies, the content of the soy peptides out potentially slowing cancer cell growth.

Besides it feels good, know far more popular as a source of vegetable protein. However, research on these foods reveal greater benefits than out.

Researchers from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville isolate soy peptides (short chains of amino acids are associated with a specific type of bond). Isolation is done by removing the oil, fiber, and carbohydrates from soy.

Not Productive employment Because Of Bad Habits

Bad habits in the workplace, especially related to diet, not only threatens the health but also reduces productivity. In other words, a simple task that should be completed in a short time it finished longer because of decreased work productivity due to this bad habit.

Nutrition expert Amanda Hamilton menyontohkan eating habits at work desk with an excuse to save time or complete the work faster would bring bad effects. Habits like these actually make a person less productive.

"Doing little things to keep the brain and body active is important," he said.

Some simple habits related to diet that can be done in the office in between eating healthy snacks, such as fruit or a snack made from beans. These foods are able to balance your intake of protein and carbohydrate intake and ensure that scarce nutrients such as selenium and zinc.

Many People Not Aware Have Bad Breath

Most people do not realize that he has a bad breath problem. Usually, he just found out when he received a reprimand from family or friends.

According drg Cipthadi Binarta Oka, MBiomed, dentist from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Trisakti, Jakarta, bad breath problem is difficult to identify by myself.

"It's hard to know whether we have a problem of bad breath or not. Usually we know if there is a friend or family have spoken directly to us," he told KompasFemale, after the talk with Formula Mouthwash Nutz Ultimate Experience in Culture, Jakarta, Monday (27 / 5/2013).

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Come on, Get used children for breakfast

Children have trouble concentrating and often sleepy in class could be due to lack of nutrition. Therefore, children should be accustomed to breakfast before leaving for school.

Breakfast is not only the provision of energy for the activity of the child, but the breakfast regularly can also prevent obesity. Children who regularly eat breakfast are generally able to keep meal portions at lunch. Stomach is empty because no breakfast also encourage children to snack at random.

During sleep, the state of the body such as while fasting, glucose levels down. Upon waking, the child immediately initiate various activities that will require energy.

"Children need a daily intake of a variety of activities, ranging from coarse motion to think. Without breakfast, your body needs energy will not be enough," said Dr. Soedjatmiko Sp A, the educational media event titled "The Future of Large Starting from breakfast" at Jakarta some time ago.

Caloric needs of children aged 7-13 years around 1500-2000 calories per day. A good breakfast is able to meet the nutritional needs of 15-25 percent of the daily requirement. Food consumed should also be enough fiber, low in fat, and complex carbohydrates.

"In addition to breakfast, later in the lunch time snack should be no distractions, such as cakes arem-arem, meat croquettes, lemper, and can be added one box of milk," he said.

Foods To Maintain Healthy Eyes

In addition to need proper care, the eye is also needed nutrients. Ten types of food choices you can create every day. Adjust your diet, and give attention to eye with maintaining nutritional intake.

Most of us probably know, consume foods that contain vitamin A to maintain healthy eyes. Outside the nutritional intake-intake much more else to provide additional nutrition for eye health. Among them: the antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. These nutrients can be obtained from various types of food the following:

1. Carrots
Who does not know carrots are good for the eyes? Carrots are rich in beta carotene. Beta carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A, which plays an important role for the eye. Carrots can also help the body to release free radicals.

2. Avocado
Avocados are nutrient dense proven. Food is also good for the eyes. Moreover, avocados contain more lutein than any other fruit. Lutein is important for preventing macular degeneration (decreased visual acuity) and cataracts. Avocados are also an important source of nutrients for the eye such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin E.

3. Broccoli
These vegetables are rich in vitamins and nutrients needed eye, such as vitamin C, calcium, lutein, zeaxanthin, and sulforaphane. Apparently the greens are not only able to prevent breast cancer and as an antioxidant. Entering the broccoli in the daily menu can also nourish the eyes.

10 Strategies Keep the Stay Healthy Vision

 The phrase "the eyes are the windows to the world" might be right, because the eye is an important organ to witness the events that happen in the world. To have a healthy vision of course we have to take measures to protect it.

Consider the following ten strategies to get healthy eyesight.

1. Eat green vegetables
Leafy greens such as spinach or kale contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids that serves to reduce the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration.

2. Consumption of antioxidants
Foods that contain antioxidants, such as berries, oranges, or cherries may reduce free radical damage from the environment. Free radicals come from environmental pollution and free radicals. Free radicals can accelerate hardening of the eye lens and cataracts and macular degeneration.

3. Take a multivitamin
National Eye Institute showed that supplementation with antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, as well as minerals such as iron can slow macular degeneration at a higher risk in those who experience it.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Eating Habits Many in the Morning, Is it healthy?

Eating habits 1 or 2 times in large portions, as you do, just eating breakfast, can 2 plates at once, often I see today. Because of busy, no time, lazy to the kitchen, do not want to stand in line a long time, or go to the restaurant again and again to be the reason they have such habits

Although it's currently not feel no complaints related habits, from the health aspect is not really good.

A diet like this provides an excessive burden on your digestive system. URLs grinding machine, he has to work to process food at once in large quantities. As a result, the body must secrete gastric acid, and other digestive enzymes in large quantities anyway.

Blood flow to the digestive system also needed more. While this compensation can be made by our bodies, probably not a problem, although there are often complaints such as weakness, drowsiness, feeling stupid after a person eats too much. If compensation can not be carried by our bodies, eating like this model could cause indigestion with complaints of bloating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal suffocating, hot chest, like-burning due to stomach acid and food reflux or into the esophagus.

In fact, there are reports of a few cases, that the heart attack occurred because it was triggered by eating a lot of this before.

Vitamin E Healthy Heart

If you are a smoker who has quit, preferably accompanied by supplements of vitamin E. This vitamin is known to reduce the risk of heart and blood vessel disease.

In a preliminary study presented at the Experimental Biology meeting mentioned, smokers who had stopped taking vitamin E and the risk of cardiovascular disease 19 percent lower than those who continued to smoke.

The smokers in the study were asked not to smoke for 7 days. Then a marker for inflammation and symptoms of vascular function was measured before and after the study.

After quitting smoking for 7 days, is known about the function of blood vessels increased 2.8 percent. Those who took vitamin E supplements showed an increase to 1.5 percent again.

Although this increase seems small value, the researchers suggest that previous studies indicated that a one percent increase in vascular function can be interpreted as a reduced risk of heart disease by 13 percent.

Types of vitamin E were investigated in the study is gamma-tocopherol, which is quite rare species. Gamma-tocopherol found in soybean and canola oils, as well as the type of pistachio nuts and cashews.

Stress and Pollution Can Make Evil Rises Cholesterol

Stress, pollution and bad cholesterol!! What to do? It turns out the three unrelated. Interrelated and mutually trigger. Stress and pollution are two of the many factors that can add breeding "collection" bad cholesterol in the body. 

We recognize stress as a cause of the disease is, so it is definitely. Undeniable. Also been long known. And recent findings stated that due to job stress can alter the way the body metabolizes fat.

This condition can lead to increasing levels of "bad" cholesterol or low density lipoprotein (LDL) and raises the risk of heart disease. An expert in Spanish research found that stressful situations can affect the way the body metabolizes fat, which ended in LDL cholesterol levels soaring.

Previous research experts say, the emotional stress associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease which is the result of unhealthy habits such as smoking, unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity, and other factors.

Research experts in Spain found that stressful situations can affect the way the body metabolizes fat, which ended in LDL cholesterol levels soaring.

Previous research experts say, the emotional stress associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease which is the result of unhealthy habits such as smoking, unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity, and other factors.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

8 Unexpected Food High Cholesterol

High cholesterol in the blood is a risk factor of heart disease. However, high cholesterol is not formed overnight, but slowly. One was due to the wrong diet.

Although you do not have the signs, symptoms, or family history of heart disease, but the obligation to maintain a healthy diet to keep a good health.

Maybe you've been avoiding fatty foods that are known as a source of cholesterol. However, there is also an unexpected foods containing high cholesterol as follows:

Breakfast or Sports First?

 Body refreshed and energized throughout the day can be achieved by exercising in the morning. But breakfast is also necessary to obtain optimal energy. So which one is more beneficial, do breakfast or exercise first?

Several studies have found that eating before exercise can provide energy during exercise. After breakfast is a better time to do a more intense exercise because the body has the energy to do the exercise with full capacity.

A new study published in the journal International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism reveals eating salty foods before exercise to prevent dehydration during exercise the body. This is because salty foods can contribute to the body's electrolytes are needed when the body secretes a lot of fluid.

Keeping the body to stay hydrated by consuming enough water during exercise is important to optimize sports performance. Dehydration during exercise will lead to rapid fatigue, stomach cramps one hand, even organ dysfunction.

But regardless of which must be done first, exercise and breakfast equally important to do in the morning. In fact a new study from the UK revealed eating and exercise in the morning can improve mood and memory.

Select Shoes Under Foot Type

When buying shoes, you should not be lulled by low prices or models that interest you. Not necessarily a trendy shoe models can provide the comfort and function according to your needs. Unfortunately, most people still pay attention to when choosing a shoe model alone, only then comfort, and foot size.

"You have to look at the need and the type of foot that is really comfortable to wear," said Arie Wijaya, Indonesia Nike Product Specialist, at the launch of Nike Free "Free Your Run" in Pulau Macan, Thousand Islands, North Jakarta, Wednesday (10/4 / 2013) then.

1. Needs
Do not be easily tempted by the variety of shoes on offer. Your needs will determine what the model and the type of shoes are suitable for use. For example, when it comes to exercise, you can not use a flat loafers or shoes ordinary.
"Loafers or flat shoes are usually made of elastic materials, especially on the front. Rigid materials make these shoes hard driven, and lead foot so lazy to move," he explained.

In addition, when I want to relax you also can not choose high heels. These shoes will make your leg muscles and tensed interested. Consequently feet so sore and tired easily.

2. Type your feet
Broadly speaking, humans have three types of feet, which is normal, flat arc and high arc. This foot type can be seen through the footprints. At the foot of the normal form, there is a clear distinction between the concave and flat sections on the palm. With normal foot size, this basin would look not too deep and in accordance with the length and width of the foot.
"The owner is suitable for normal foot wear any kind of shoes," he said.

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