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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Children Need Nutrition, Valentines and Stimulation For Optimal Growth

Children Need Nutrition, Valentines and Stimulation For Optimal Growth

Fulfillment of child nutrition is a major concern for parents, so it is considered to be sufficient nutrients the growth and development of children is optimal. In fact, children also need love and stimulation.

"You have 3 basic needs, such as nutrition, affection, and stimulation," said Dr. Dr. Rini Sekartini, Sp.A, RSCM pediatricians, child health in the seminar which was held at Menara Peninsula Hotel, Jl Lt. Gen. S. Parman, Jakarta, and was written on Sunday (09/06/2013).

3 fulfillment of these basic needs should be provided with equal portions, no priority. Because, according to Dr. Rini child needs in order to achieve the full three optimal growth and development.

For nutrition, Dr. Rini parents apply 5-6 times daily diet. This diet includes eating large portions 3 times and 3 times a snack. With this diet, child nutrition is expected to be met, as long as parents choose healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. But in addition to nutrition, children also need love.

"If children are given a healthy diet and ample portions, but not given a hug, given a time to come together, then progress will be interrupted," said Dr. Rini.

Harmony within a family according to Dr. Rini will be the forerunner of the learning process of the child for his future. Therefore, parents are a prime example for children. If as a child he had given an example of love, he will feel appreciated and will be give the same affection with his peers and later.

In addition, children also need stimulation or motor stimulation. Dr. Rini gave examples such as the child in the womb spoken to or given the classic song. Why is the song that should be given is a classic song?

"Classic song gives the frequency and tone appropriate to the development of the fetal brain," said Dr. Rini.

For infants or toddlers, stimulation could be given a massage. Massage given by a father and mother can be closer relationships between parents and children.

If 3 of these basic needs are given full and balanced proportions, the growth and development of children can reach their full potential.


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