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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not Productive employment Because Of Bad Habits

Bad habits in the workplace, especially related to diet, not only threatens the health but also reduces productivity. In other words, a simple task that should be completed in a short time it finished longer because of decreased work productivity due to this bad habit.

Nutrition expert Amanda Hamilton menyontohkan eating habits at work desk with an excuse to save time or complete the work faster would bring bad effects. Habits like these actually make a person less productive.

"Doing little things to keep the brain and body active is important," he said.

Some simple habits related to diet that can be done in the office in between eating healthy snacks, such as fruit or a snack made from beans. These foods are able to balance your intake of protein and carbohydrate intake and ensure that scarce nutrients such as selenium and zinc.

To support the work productivity, never leave good habits such as drinking plenty of water and a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately both of these often forgotten because it is too busy working.

To stay physically fit despite busy mental work, the following tips from Amanda:

* Always try to drink all day. This habit prevents dehydration that can help you better concentration of work, as well as prevent the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. So, always prepare a bottle on your desk and make sure it is within easy reach of your hand.

* The mind works better when the body is given a chance to rest. When break time comes, a time to walk for 5-10 minutes every few hours. You can make a habit of walking with a harness during her lunch break. In addition to burning calories, walking habits also make a fresh mind.

* There is no harm in consuming tea or coffee at work, but be careful not to become dependent. Two or three cups a day is a safe limit for most people. Ideally, stop consuming caffeine in the top four in the afternoon so you can relax before the evening.

* Keep healthy snacks in your desk drawer, for your consumption snacking at about 10:00 or 3:00 p.m. to 16:00. Snacking has an important role, especially against your physical control blood sugar.

* Pay attention to the ingredients in your food. Choose foods with raw materials that keep you full longer.

A study conducted by Aisley Harriott Cup Soup at 2,500 Britons revealed that eating at your desk is the most disturbing thing for other employees, as reported by the Daily Mail (22/11).
In addition, the researchers also found 10 things that are considered the most disturbing others in the workplace, below.

1. Noisy when eating at your desk
2. Coworkers are messy
3. Slovenly coworker
4. The smell of food
5. Tardiness
6. Do not listen
7. Love gossip
8. Sound 'click-click' pen
9. Ringing phone or a private conversation on the phone.
10. Often complain about pain.

Some of the above is referred to as the most disturbing things for employees in the workplace. Avoid things that if you do not want your coworkers shunned.


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