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Monday, June 10, 2013

Smoking And Snacking Reduces Work Productivity

A study involving nearly 20,000 workers in the United States revealed the relationship between the employee's lifestyle with reduced work productivity in the office.

The researchers raised the issue of presenteeism, which is interpreted as a come to work when the body is not healthy, and is unable to work optimally.

"The reduction in employee productivity due to health conditions is estimated about 77 percent of all losses, and make the company lose two or three times more than the annual health care spending," said Ray Merrill, professor of the Department of Health Sciences at Bringham Young University (BYU), which also this study leader.

The results also revealed several health conditions that affect the productivity of labor, namely unhealthy diet (66 percent), rarely exercise (50 percent), and smoking (28 percent).

In addition, working with a hand constantly plucks snack turned out to have a greater influence. Employees are rarely healthy snacking snacks such as fruit, 93 percent had a decrease greater productivity.

Now, which of these bad habits do you find most make your work productivity decreases?


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