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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Desist stroke by walking 4000 steps a day!

Walk 2,000 steps a day for a year can make the body fit. But recently researchers revealed that walking 2000 steps more to have a more remarkable effect on the body.

Desist stroke by walking 4000 steps a day!

The study, conducted by researchers at Leicester University revealed that walking 4,000 steps every day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease or stroke by 16-20 percent. Four thousand steps a day is equal to walking for 40 minutes a day.

Dr. Thomas Yates, chief investigator of the Diabetes Reseacrh even equate forms of the sport by taking statins. Yates explained that the effect goes even bigger than statin drugs. Walk 4,000 steps a day can lower cholesterol and maintain heart health, as reported by the Daily Mail ( 20/12 ).

6 Benefits of eating seaweed for health

Seaweed is one kind of seafood nutritious for health. All kinds of seaweed from Dulse, Bladderwrack, Kombu, Sea Lettuce, until Nori is rich in protein which is good for improving the quality of health.

6 Benefits of eating seaweed for health
Here are the benefits of eating seaweed as reported from

Rich in vitamins
Seaweed is known as a healthy food because it contains vitamin A, vitamin B 12, calcium, iron, potassium, and iodine. Even the calcium content in the seaweed more than the content of calcium in beef, broccoli, and milk.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4 super food to protect heart health

Heart health is not only caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, but also the food consumed. Some foods that cause heart trouble was greasy foods like French fries, greasy burgers, and more.

4 super food to protect heart health

But there are also foods that can help nourish and protect the heart from heart disease. Here are some foods that can be consumed to strengthen the heart and protect it from disease, as reported by Care2.

1. Hazelnut

Different types of nuts are known to have many health benefits. However hazelnuts are special nuts that are known to maintain a healthy heart. Hazelnut fund containing oleic acid omega-9 fatty sam that can lower blood pressure, prevent strokes, and save you from a heart attack. A study from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition exposing the dangers of eating about 30 grams of hazelnuts a day can increase the amount of good cholesterol, lower the amount of bad cholesterol, and prevents the accumulation of plaque in the arteries.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lack of vitamin D caused the brain damage!

Vitamin D is not only good for the heart and bones, but is also important for the health of organs and tissues in the body, especially for brain health. A recent study revealed that vitamin D deficiency can cause damage to the brain.

lack of vitamin D caused the brain damage!

Research conducted by the University of Kentucky showed that mice fed a low vitamin D on a regular basis will experience damage to oraknya. The mice experiments were also decreased cognitive abilities, memory, and ability to learn.

" Normally vitamin D deficiency in the elderly or in people aged middle. Vitamin D is important to prevent damage caused by free radicals in the brain, " said lead researcher Allan Butterfield, as reported by Science Daily ( 02 / 12 ).

Sunday, December 1, 2013

7 Negative Effects Dehydration When Running

Walking is one way to keep in shape. But do not forget to meet fluid needs. Do not let you feel the negative effects of dehydration while running as quoted from the All Women Stalk as follows :

7 Negative Effects Dehydration When Running

1. dry mouth
One of the signs of dehydration are dry mouth. Sometimes in the middle of running activity, dehydration can also cause headaches.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

7 Health Benefits of Pumpkin For Body

Pumpkin not only tastes good. But the fruit of the less popular it has many nutrients and vitamins that are essential for your health. A serving of pumpkin once a week can help you to maintain health.

7 Health Benefits of Pumpkin For Body

Here are seven health benefits of pumpkin for as reported from

healthy digestion
Pumpkin is rich in fiber which can help nourish the digestion. Incorporate pumpkin as one of the menus in your diet can prevent you from digestive problems such as constipation.

Friday, November 8, 2013

5 Signs Your Attacking Cancer

Cancer is a scourge for many people in the world. How not such malignant disease has infected more than 12.7 million people around the world. The number is even predicted to increase to 21 million cases in 2030. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet, exercise regularly and stress free it is claimed can prevent you from the dangers of cancer, but the risk of still lurking.

5 Signs Your Attacking Cancer

To make others more aware of the dangers that lurk cancer, holistic medicine practitioners, David Brownstein, MD, presents a complete guide to preventing cancer as well as teaching readers to recognize the early symptoms of cancer five.

Find out all about vitamin A!

The body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to keep him healthy . One is vitamin A.

Vitamin A is needed to strengthen the immune system , beautify skin , and also improve the visual system . Every day you are advised to consume 600 mcg of vitamin A.

As reported by , here are some of the benefits of vitamin A.

  • Vitamin A can inhibit the production of cancer cells 
  • Vitamin A plays a role in helping the health of bones and teeth
  • Calcium phosphate and minerals produced by vitamin A prevents the formation of urinary stones
  • Vitamin A is useful to cope with PMS
  • Vitamin A helps to protect the heart and cardiovascular system and slow the aging process

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Eight vegetables that produce the best protein

For those of you who are vegetarians or just switch to a vegetarian, may experience a bit of confusion in finding a replacement protein foodstuffs. In fact, protein is one of the nutrients that are needed by the body. Protein function for the formation of cells in the body and balance hormones.

Eight vegetables that produce the best protein

But for those of you who are a vegetarian , there are several kinds of vegetables that are producing the best protein. Here is the vegetable with the highest protein content as reported from

Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Natural Ways to Overcome Pain cavities

Toothache cause headache and body feels weak. Toothache is very troublesome, but there are effective ways to treat toothache at home.

5 Natural Ways to Overcome Pain cavities

Here are five natural ways to treat toothache, as reported top10homeremedies :

1. clove
Cloves have anti - inflammatory, antioxidant, anti- bacterial and anesthetic properties that help reduce toothache. Squirt a little oil on a cotton cloves then put on the aching tooth to treat it. You can also mix a few drops of clove oil in a glass of water and use it for gargling.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brussels sprouts, mini vegetables that are rich in nutrients

Brussels sprouts belong to the category of green leafy vegetables that contain high antioxidants. Form is so mini Brussels sprouts, such as miniature cabbages most. Nonetheless, Brussels sprouts are rich in nutrients as reported by the Live Strong follows.

Calories, fat, and protein
A serving of Brussels sprouts can contribute calories, fat, and protein for the body. If you want to lose weight, Brussels sprouts can be used as complementary foods are nutritious but still runs the show.

6 Benefits of Eating mushrooms for health

Green vegetables is healthy. But the fungus is a white vegetable is equally beneficial for the body, one of them as a contributor to vitamin D. Consider the other benefits of mushrooms, as quoted from the following for Women Mag.

6 Benefits of Eating mushrooms for health

Vitamin D
In addition to the sun which can be obtained for free, including fungi also a good source of vitamin D. In fact according to the study, drying mushrooms for 30 minutes can increase the levels of vitamin D in it.

5 Vitamins and minerals for diabetics

Diabetes can be treated with a healthy diet and also vitamins and minerals. Eating the right vitamins and minerals can help you who have had diabetes for the control of blood glucose levels.

Here's 5 of vitamins and minerals that are good for diabetics as reported from

6 Things to know of detoxification

Often you only cleanse the body from the outside like the bathroom or doing body scrubs. But that alone is not enough. To be balanced, you also need to cleanse the body from within.

6 Things to know of detoxification

Cleaning process of the body is known as a detox or detoxification. This process will help cleanse the body of toxins and other chemicals that have settled in the body.

If you are interested in doing so, here's 6 things you need to know from the detox.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Ways potent heal stressed skin

Stress is not only bad for your health, but also your skin. Even skin will look dull and not fresh. For that, you need to reduce your stress levels commonly experienced in order to maintain healthy skin. Here are five ways to reduce the adverse effects of stress on the skin, as reported

5 Ways potent heal stressed skin

1. Adequate rest

Adequate sleep can help process improvement in your skin cells. Therefore, adults are advised to sleep an average of seven to eight hours every day. Lack of sleep can damage the health of your skin and make it look fresh.

Tips To Stay Awake Endurance Body

Having a healthy body is the desire of every person. By staying healthy, then we are doing activities that can run smoothly and in line with our expectations. By Healthy anyway, so we do not have to spend time and money to buy drugs or go to the hospital.

Tips To Stay Awake Endurance Body

Healthy size that is when we are able to keep the immune system from disease attack that always hits such as fever, flu, cough and others. Then how we can keep the immune system the right to keep it healthy and fit every day ? The following health tips are tips keep the immune system to keep it healthy :

Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 Important Facts About Women and Alcohol

Although they do not drink until they are drunk, the alcohol would be a bad influence for the body of a woman, especially if they are pregnant. Because many substances contained in alcohol can harm a woman's body.

7 Important Facts About Women and Alcohol

To better understand the relationship between women and alcohol, consider more facts as reported by the Huffington Post as follows :

7 Things to Ruin Eye Health

Lifestyle, work culture, eating habits, polluted environment and attitudes towards health is a factor that can affect the overall health of the body. Lifestyle that we follow today put too much pressure on the body which in turn makes us exposed to an increased risk of various diseases. And the eye is one body part that is often influenced by an unhealthy lifestyle that we live today.

7 Things to Ruin Eye Health

Here are some things that can damage the health of our eyes, as reported Boldsky :

Monday, October 21, 2013

Efficacy Papaya, Eliminate Wrinkles on the Face

Papaya fruit is not only sweet and refreshing consumed, but save a lot of benefits for health and beauty. Usually for those who have problems with digestion such as constipation, then eating papaya so effective solution.

 Efficacy Papaya, Eliminate Wrinkles on the Face

There the enzyme papain, khimopapain, alkaloids and pseudocarpin carpin also ekspressin on papaya. All these substances have properties that are good for health and beauty, which tightens the skin, smoothes, eliminates wrinkles and eliminate dark spots.

In addition, applying papaya as a mask is also useful for cleaning the dead skin cells that contaminate the skin.

Bananas 'friend' when dieting

Many outstanding diet tips that mentions bananas as one of the foods that should be avoided when dieting. Even most of the diet program also prohibits dieters to eat a banana, other fruit but still edible.

Bananas 'friend' when dieting

According to dieticians, bananas are often regarded as a destroyer and opponents dieters. Because bananas contain a high glycemic index and lots of calories.

But for more than 20 years, there has been no evidence of a patient's diet experts who claim to get fat from eating bananas. The fact that the opposite is true, eat bananas when dieting to maintain overall health as well as weight loss.

5 Nutrients which nourish hair

Hair thick, strong, shiny and not only can be obtained from the use of beauty products. Naturally, try to consume healthy nutrients hair, as reported by ABC News following.

5 Nutrients which nourish hair
Iron and zinc
The main function of iron and zinc is nourish hair. These nutrients are derived from red meat should be consumed twice a week. For vegetarians, source of iron and zinc are soy or legumes.

Friday, October 18, 2013

5 easy steps to maintaining eyes healthy

Our eyes are the windows to see the world. Not only that, the eye is also a reflection of a healthy body and our emotions. Therefore maintain eye health is an absolute must to be done.

5 easy steps to maintaining eyes healthy

Here are 5 easy steps to maintain eye health as reported from

Do not scratch the eye
If you feel itching in the eyes, then do not scratch it. This is caused by scratching the eye will damage your retina.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

4 Benefits of exercise for brain health

It's no secret that exercise is good for your body fitness. But some scientists also claim that exercise is good for brain health.

As reported from, findings published in the journal Cell Metabolism shows that exercise or exercise can increase the production of a molecule called irisin. Irisin increases neurotrophic may protect the brain against neurological symptoms.

In addition to increasing production irisin, sports also provide some benefits to the brain such as the following.

Biscuits More Addictive than Drugs.?

Savory and sweet taste in biscuits can indeed provoke appetite . Kerenyahannya Plus , this one snack often appear in the list daily consumption .
Even so , a fondness for snack crackers seem to look out for . A study shows , it can cause dependence biscuit like a drug .

Biscuits More Addictive than Drugs.?

Researchers from Connecticut College this laboratory research in mice . Research shows , the mice who ate the biscuits turned out to form a strong relationship with the food . This relationship is the same as mice injected cocaine or morphine .

Friday, October 11, 2013

4 Ways to overcome a stubborn cellulite

Cellulite is a common skin problem that occurs in both women and men. This skin problems usually found on the upper arms, chest, thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is often found in pregnant woman's body. But there are many factors that can cause the appearance of cellulite, such as heredity, changes in physical condition, mental stress, increase or decrease in weight suddenly. Here's how to tackle cellulite that appears in the body, as reported Boldsky.

4 Ways to overcome a stubborn cellulite

1. potato

Potato mask is an effective natural ingredients to treat cellulite. Rub the area with a mask cellulite slowly. Potatoes contain vitamin and mineral supplements which can promote the growth and recovery of skin cells.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Diligent eating cucumber for burn fat

Cucumber, fresh food that it can be used to burn fat and lose weight. How do I? Listen more, as reported by the following Boldsky.

  • Cucumber contains a high water content (almost 95 percent) and fiber which effectively cleanse toxins from the human body. Digestion becomes more fluent. 
  • Cucumbers are very low in calories. So eating cucumber will not bring a big change to the waist.
  • Although low-calorie, fiber in cucumber makes this meal is filling. So it can be suppressed appetite and body weight were able lowered.
  • Cucumber diet balanced with regular exercise is a potent recipe for slimming. In fact there are many health benefits to be gained from eating cucumbers.
Some of the health benefits of cucumbers in addition to lose weight is naturally lightens skin from within and prevents constipation.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4 The smell of food to lose weight

Losing weight can be done by a certain diet program. But apparently get a slim body can be obtained by smell the food as quoted from The Stir following.

A study of Chicago had mentioned that the banana smell can make women lose weight as much as eight pounds in a month. But in addition to being kissed, bananas can also be consumed as a snack when dieting because the fruit is quite filling, though low in calories.

5 Bad Habits That Can Interfere Health

Health is very important for our lives. When we are sick, we can not do activities that are important to us. Therefore we began to implement a healthy lifestyle to maintain health such as not smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and set aside enough time to rest.

5 Bad Habits That Can Interfere Health

But without us knowing sometimes we do these 5 habits that can damage the health of the body. Habits are a lot of us do in everyday life. Here are 5 habits that can harm our health as reported from

Monday, September 30, 2013

How Often You Should Creambath ?

Ladies , Creambath is one form of hair care routine done by women . However , many are confused too often creambath whether to make damaged hair or make hair healthy . Creambath not only be done at the salon . At home , you can do it yourself . Obviously the selection of cream used should be tailored to your hair type .

Creambath has benefits for hair moisturizing , smoothing . So the treatment is good for hair as long as used properly . If your hair loss, simply wrap your hair with a hot towel and do not need to be steaming . If you do creambath in the salon , which often makes the hair become dry is your hair from blowing process . Hairdryer heat rate used for memblow your hair , that's what makes hair grow dry . Preferably , do not need to be too dry and use a hair dryer too hot , just dry the hair that is not too wet . If viewed from the process , creambath very easy to do at home . And certainly healthier .

Tips On Applying Face Powder

What is one important thing that should never be overlooked when make-up ? Yes ! Powder . By using the powder , the skin can look more perfect . Selection of the powder can not be arbitrary , as an example for better acne skin using products made from minerals and solid , while for oily skin should use a powder with oil control , or to skin that is not much troubled enough to use loose powder . Selection of appropriate facial condition also can support your appearance . Well how about its application ? Sometimes we often make the mistake of using talc so skin looks like chapped . Want to know how to use the powder completely ? Here are tips from SehatCantik . Listen with yah !

1 . Clean the optimal face : Use cleansing milk to the entire face and neck and then wipe with a damp washcloth . Then wash your face with facial soap . After that , to sum up the pores , use a toner that suits your skin . Step is to prepare a smooth facial area and will facilitate further application of the product .

2 . Use Moisturizer : After clean skin , use a moisturizer that suits your skin type . Let stand for five minutes to let moisture seep into the pores . This step is also to limit the product directly touching the skin .

3 . Use Sunblock : After using the moisturizer , to ensure total protection to your skin from the dangers of the sun , use a sunscreen with SPF 17 is suitable for tropical skin .

Saturday, September 28, 2013

10 Benefits with Sports Breath Meditation

Various activities and other activities that must be passed every day would make you tired and stressed . To fix this , you need peace more . Meditation is a good way to get some peace in the soul . Just by sitting quietly and concentrating on breathing in and out

In addition to getting peace , meditation can also provide other benefits . Let's look together !

1 . Stimulate the growth of brain
Arrangements are made ​​with the breath meditation can increase brain size . According to the 2005 study at Harvard , focusing on breath meditation that has the capacity to increase the thickness of the cerebral cortex .

2 . Increase the heart rate variability
Variability ( in the time interval between heartbeats ) low heart rate associated with a high risk of heart attack . A study in 2012 proved , deep breathing exercises can improve heart denyur variability in healthy individuals .

3 . Lower stress levels
Meditation is especially useful in times of sadness , stress , and under pressure . Meditation allows you to release toxins and negative energy deposits in the body , such as fear , worry , and anxiety .
When shortness of breath , we tend to be more easily stressed . So sit down and catch my breath a minute or two can help the body to be more calm and relaxed .

How to restore the skin color of the sting sun ( sunburn )

 would color our skin is likely to change due to exposure to sun can get back to normal ?

^ ^ .. Of course you can not . Our day-to - day routine of course, never escaped from sunlight . taking a child from school , go active and working , hanging clothes , beach holidays to adventure in the wild for example . Therefore, sunburned skin (sunburn ) to be a common problem that we often encounter.

If the ladies are experiencing sunburn , and want to restore the color of your skin does not have to worry about sunburn . You can try to cope with

1 . Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera or more would be known as Aloe vera is one plant species that can soothe the human skin tissue . In fact some studies have shown that this plant the most effective and powerful cool sunburned skin .

For those who like natural treatments , you can directly cool the aloe vera in the refrigerator . Once cool, cut into sections and apply gelnya your sunburned skin . A more practical way , you can choose the lotion or gel that contains aloe vera cooling of beauty products on the market . Make sure the product is safe for your skin and does not cause allergies .

2 . Compress using cucumbers , potatoes or tomatoes

In addition to aloe vera , there are some natural ingredients that are believed to help cool the burned skin , such as cucumbers , potatoes or tomatoes . Slice cucumbers or tomatoes that have been especially dululu in chill in the fridge and put it on the burned skin . For potatoes , you can use a blender grind the then newly applied . Do it for 20 to 30 minutes later rinse with water .

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Seven Spices Kitchen is Beneficial to Your Health

Kitchen spice commonly used in cooking to add aroma and flavor. However, there are at least seven most common herb that is often used in cooking. What is it?

Seven Spices Kitchen is Beneficial to Your Health
As reported by U.S. News, the following 7 herbs that have value for the health of the body:

1. Chili
According to various studies, the chili is rich in vitamin A, lower cholesterol, fight free radicals and boost the immune system. Chile is often used to cook a variety of traditional dishes.

2. Oregano
This plant is often used in modern cuisine such as pizza and salad. Although only a little outdated, but a teaspoon of oregano is rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. Oregano is also known as an anti-bacterial agent in the body.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Naps make more brilliant brain child

It has long been regarded as napping is a good thing for the children, especially in children who do not attend school. Now the latest study reveals benefits of napping behind for the kids.

Naps make more brilliant brain child

Based on the test they do, the child who has been known to nap have a good memory than when they do not nap. The effect of nap even long enough until the next day. Research reveals that a nap can help boost a child's brain performance, especially in terms of memory.

10 Surprising Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit

When was the last time you eat a kiwi fruit? If you are among those who rarely eat kiwi fruit, you should immediately add kiwi fruit in your nutritional intake.

10 Surprising Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit

So far, only known as the kiwi fruit producing vitamin C than oranges, but as reported by the (23/9) turns kiwifruit save 10 shocking facts that are good for your health.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Avoid these 7 mistakes when brushing your teeth!

Oral and dental health can be achieved by diligent brushing your teeth. However, you should avoid mistakes as quoted from Care2 is when brushing your teeth!

Only twice or once a day
The dentist advised that we are brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Though teeth need to be polished more often, for example, after lunch, to avoid the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Child Brain Development specified By Love Mom

It is fitting parents wholeheartedly loves her baby . Affection of the parents not only make children grow into happy , but it can affect a child's brain , the larger brain size . A brain scan was done to children from three years to prove it .

Children get the love of his mother had significantly left brain size bigger and more ' clean' of black spots compared with children who do not get enough affection even ignored by his mother . This is also true with the right brain .

Neurological reveal if these results could be used as evidence that the treatment of children in the early years of life is critical . The scientists say that the difference in size of the left brain and right brain child depends on the mother's treatment of her.

Effect of maternal affection towards the child 's brain development
When viewed at a glance , the scanned image will show that the right brain is like exhausted children experience severe pain or accident , when in fact the child ' just ' do not get affection , neglect , and even abuse from his parents . In contrast , scanning images showing the child's brain growing bigger and better , indicating that the child is getting the love from his mother and raised in a loving environment .

Saturday, September 21, 2013

10 Ways To Make Your Kids Smarter

Many factors affect your child's level of intelligence , such as nutritional factors . But there are still many other things that it can improve the intelligence of a child's brain . What are they? Here are 10 things that can improve the intelligence of a child's brain so as to make them more intelligent , such as :

1 . Playing Brain Games
It has been proven to improve your child's right brain . Chess , crossword puzzles , or guessing game can train your child's brain . Games such as Sudoku can be an exciting game as well as train strategic thinking , problem solving , and decision-making complex . Keep this brain teaser continues around the house and invite your child to help you in solving complex problems .

2 . learning Music
Listen to your child play music may not always be fun for you , but music lessons can be a fun way to hone your right brain . Based on a study by researchers from the University of Toronto , music lessons seems to be beneficial for the development of IQ and academic child . The study found that the study of music in childhood will affect the results ( values ​​) are better when in high school , and a high IQ as adults .

Signs Your Allergies In Cosmetics

Allergies in cosmetics that often people do not even know and are not aware of . Suddenly a severe skin condition and suffering from inflammation . Well , this may happen if you do not understand the condition of your skin .

Actual energy reactions can know early on. Even a few moments after applying cosmetic products that you wear . Does not deny that some well -known brands can make your allergies because there is one ingredient that your skin does not hold .

Generally , the signs if you are allergic to a product are :


The first signs usually appear when the skin is redness allergic to cosmetics . And do not even have to wait a long time , because this reaction can occur in a matter of minutes .

Swatch first product on your skin will feel a little itchy or hot , then mark it reinforced by redness of the skin . Well if it's like this you should know that there is content on the cosmetics that you are not fit . Discontinue use and do not be forwarded .

7 Healthy Habits in Early Days Should You Apply

Adopting a healthy lifestyle in the morning can have a positive impact on the whole body . Healthy habits that you do every morning will indirectly provide positive energy for the body to carry out activities throughout the day . Breakfast in the morning is one of the healthy habits that you must apply . Instead , waking up late is unhealthy habits that you must leave immediately . So what are the healthy habits that should we pursue ? Here's his review ..

7 healthy habits in the morning
1 . Waking up early
Wake up earlier than the average person is a healthy habit that you should apply . With waking up early , you can have a lot of time for exercise or breakfast without haste . If you wake up 15 minutes before starting activity such as work, college or school , then you have lost a lot of positive benefits that you should be able to get.

2 . Drinking water
The average adult sleeping for 6 to 8 hours per night . During this period , the body is not getting fluid intake . Drinking water should be one of the main priorities should you do in the morning after waking . Drinking water is beneficial to get rid of toxins in the body .

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three Benefits of Chocolate Eating What You Should Know

Chocolate consumption is not only delicious but also healthy can give tremendous benefits. It would not hurt you to drink two cups of hot chocolate a day to get the healthy benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease by slimming.

Three Benefits of Chocolate Eating What You Should Know

A journal Neurology, published last August, showed that participants in the study who drank two cups of cocoa or hot chocolate a day for 30 days, showed an increase in blood flow to the brain by 8.3 percent. This then makes the results of tests of memory and thinking also increased.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Recognize the Physical Signs of High Cholesterol

Determine levels of cholesterol in the blood is important as part of efforts to prevent heart and blood vessel disease. Examination can usually be done with a blood test in the laboratory. Simple examination can show the number of total cholesterol, whereas a more complex examination can show additional information such as the number of high-density lipoprotein ( HDL ), low density lipoprotein ( LDL ), and triglycerides.

Recognize the Physical Signs of High Cholesterol

Examination should be performed routinely cholesterol levels to continue to monitor the overall health. However, other than through a blood test, there are actually physical signs that can be observed to detect high levels of total cholesterol in the blood.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Healthy Drinks To Soothe Dry Throat

Usually trigger a dry throat cough. If left unchecked, can lead to irritation and difficulty breathing. So when you are also experiencing dry throat conditions, try to correct the natural way, as reported by Mag for Women following.

Healthy Drinks To Soothe Dry Throat
Green Tea
Green tea is a beverage appropriate for the dry throat without any side effects. Add a little honey to enrich the flavor and nutritional drinks.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Natural Ways to Relieve Sore Throat

Strep throat is also called pharyngitis disease. Strep throat is a disease caused by infection by the throat ( pharynx ) and become inflamed. Nearly 80% of Strep Throat is caused by a virus, can cause fever and other 20 % are caused by bacteria, allergies, and cigarette.

Natural Ways to Relieve Sore Throat

Inflammation is a protective response by white blood cells and other chemical compounds in the body against viruses and bacteria due to injury or tissue damage.

Benefits of Papaya Seeds for Digestive and Kidney

Papaya fruit contains the enzyme papain, and fiber that may help overcome the problem of stomach and digestive disorders such as constipation and effective way to prevent hemorrhoids. Research also proves that the content of papain in papaya fruit can kill parasites that interfere with digestion in the intestinal activity. In addition to the papaya fruit pulp, seeds apparently also nutritious for health.

Benefits of Papaya Seeds for Digestive and Kidney

Based on clinical trials, papaya seed oil can be processed and retrieved. In addition to oil, papaya seed also is known traditionally as worming, cold medicine, diarrhea, skin diseases, digestive disorders and even as a male contraceptive.

The content of this papaya seeds, based on research, it has a pharmacological effect on the human body. Therefore, discard seeds of papaya necessarily the same as throwing drugs that may be needed by your family.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Berry fruit to Keep the Digestive Function

Groups of fruit, berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or cranberries, is a fruit that contains antioxidants and high fiber. One of the benefits of this fruit is to maintain digestive health.

Berry fruit to Keep the Digestive Function

The fiber content in fruit, berries and even higher than some kind of fruit. Half cup of berries contains various 4 grams of fiber, slightly higher than the banana about 3 grams of fiber.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

10 Little-Known Benefits of Honey

Honey is a delicious dish that contains high nutrients. In addition to consumption, it turns out there are many uses of honey are rarely known. What is it ? Listen more, as reported by Mother Nature Network following.

10 little-known Benefits of Honey

brighten hair
Take one teaspoon of honey and mix into a quart of warm water . Flush on hair that has been washed with shampoo . No need to rinse your hair looks bright and shiny .

Korean Red Ginseng Tackle Alzheimer's Disease

The researchers of medical science states that Korean red ginseng is known as the " root magic " has many health benefits for the body to treat diseases such as Alzheimer's and diabetes .

Korean Red Ginseng

Alzheimer's disease or dementia is similar decline in brain function is complex and progressive .

Alzheimer's disease rather than infectious diseases , said Prof. Si - Kwan Kim , Dean of the College and Health Science at Konkuk University Korea Seminar " Root Korean Ginseng Miracle " , which was held Korea Agro - Fisheries and Food Trade Corp. and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea , in Jakarta , Saturday.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Soreness After Exercise, Watermelon Can Suppress

After a workout, especially after so long vacuum, we often feel stiff and sore in some parts of the body. The condition is actually normal. This occurs because muscle tissue is stretched beyond normal.

Soreness after exercise, watermelon can suppress
But the feeling of pain is often felt uncomfortable so we had to make efforts to promptly eliminate, such as massage or gentle exercise. More recently, a study found an effective way to help reduce the soreness that is by drinking watermelon juice.

The study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry involves seven male participants. They were asked to cycling routine in three different days.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some Causes Your Body Not Visit Muscular

Many people who are running the program body building at the gym / shower to be more muscular, six-pack, and so on, but they stopped suddenly and got frustrated in the middle of the road due to not getting maximum results. This is because of several factors that led to the failure of the business. According to Dr. John Berardi, a doctor who is an expert in the fitness field, there are some common mistakes in your muscle growth.

Some Reasons Your Body Not Visit Muscular :

1. Eating less

If your body is not muscular as you want, it could be you are not eating enough. On thin people, faster metabolism than people in general. To cope with the rapid metabolism that occurs, you are advised to eat more than usual. However, food intake should also be appropriate and not arbitrary. Make sure you select the foods are foods that contain high-quality protein, fiber, and good fats.

2. Not consistent with the exercise program

One fault why your body can not go due to the inconsistency of muscular you to run training program. Most people do not get the most because they are less patient and less focus on training run. You must be consistent with your exercise program for at least 2 months. Choose an exercise program with some variations of movement. Balance also with weight lifting. During the week running exercise program, be sure to always try harder and do better. For example, add the load on your weight lifting little by little, doing repetitions and shorten your rest intervals during exercise.

3. Collect too much information
Do you often read a collection of articles on exercise and nutrition every day, but you yourself forget to exercise or go to the gym or fitness places? Experts refer to this condition as "Analysis Paralysis". You are so used to read a fitness article, but you yourself forgetting to do what these articles suggest. Start by going to the gym to undergo muscle building workout program. Avoid yourself the time of reading magazines, books, online articles about fitness for 7 full days. After that, in the future take time once a week to read a fitness article. That way, most of the time you will not be spent on reading, but exercising.

4. Do not measure progress

The failure of a person to obtain maximum results in your muscle growth is because it does not measure change and progress (progress) that occurs during exercise. Those who succeed get a muscular body are those who are diligent in measuring change and progress that happened, even they also measure detailed things ranging from the size of the load on the heavy lifting up to the amount of food they consume. Are you able to add 1/2 inch of muscle on your chest? You never know if you do not measure it.

The more you measure, the more changes and you will see progress. Routine measure changes and progress that you can naturally make you always pay attention to what is missing and what should be done to get the maximum results. You are advised to note the minimum Whatever changes or progress during the training process, ranging from weight lifting load changes, changes in muscle, weight, and so on.

5. Not having a coach

A coach is like a teacher who has the capacity to teach a lesson to his students. Without a coach, you will not know how to build muscle, forming a six-pack stomach that correctly. Instead of successfully obtain the coveted body shape, that is you even frustrating, inconsistent, and finally gave up in the middle of the road. Therefore look for a coach or a friend who is an expert in this field to help you get the body you want. They will provide advice and training programs are effective and tested so that the result is far more effective if you learn yourself.
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