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Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Nutrients which nourish hair

Hair thick, strong, shiny and not only can be obtained from the use of beauty products. Naturally, try to consume healthy nutrients hair, as reported by ABC News following.

5 Nutrients which nourish hair
Iron and zinc
The main function of iron and zinc is nourish hair. These nutrients are derived from red meat should be consumed twice a week. For vegetarians, source of iron and zinc are soy or legumes.

vitamin D
Several studies have shown that vitamin D can stimulate hair growth. Besides derived from sunlight, vitamin D can also be found in dairy products.

Omega - 3 fatty acids
Eating salmon twice a week to keep hair natural moisture from within. Because salmon are rich in omega - 3 fatty acids that nourish the hair.

Next, nutrition is healthy and strengthens the hair roots is protein. Get protein from meat or chicken eggs daily servings.

Biotin is one of the vitamin B complex that needs hair. The nutrients contained in the egg or can also be obtained from supplements.

Those are some nutrients that can nourish hair. Are you already eating everything ?

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