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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4 The smell of food to lose weight

Losing weight can be done by a certain diet program. But apparently get a slim body can be obtained by smell the food as quoted from The Stir following.

A study of Chicago had mentioned that the banana smell can make women lose weight as much as eight pounds in a month. But in addition to being kissed, bananas can also be consumed as a snack when dieting because the fruit is quite filling, though low in calories.

Smell of garlic can suppress appetite. Because when the typical smell of spices, the body secretes the hormone leptin which signals that the stomach is already eating lots of fatty foods.

Some studies say that eating apples, along with skin, powerful enough to help the weight loss process. However, recent research also added that apple smell alone could lose weight.

Lastly, there is grapefruit which also includes fruit can lose weight with a whiff of it. After kissed aroma, grapefruit can be consumed because it is similar to an apple, can help the process of weight loss.

That's the smell of food variety can lose weight. Next time if you want to suppress your appetite, smell the aroma of various foods have them.

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