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Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 Important Facts About Women and Alcohol

Although they do not drink until they are drunk, the alcohol would be a bad influence for the body of a woman, especially if they are pregnant. Because many substances contained in alcohol can harm a woman's body.

7 Important Facts About Women and Alcohol

To better understand the relationship between women and alcohol, consider more facts as reported by the Huffington Post as follows :

1. Women addicted to alcohol
Alcoholism is defined as a person's desire to drink four or more glasses of alcohol at a time. The bad news, the year the more the number of women who suffer from this condition.

Alcohol addiction is obviously bad for the health. Call it intoxication, heart disease, stroke and other serious health disorders.

2. Women are more easily drunk

Compared to men, women to consume alcohol resistance is lower. So that women get drunk easier and no interference in their hearts at risk if they consume too much alcohol.

The researchers do not know exactly what causes it to happen in women. But they suspect the hormone estrogen gives an important role in this risk.

3. alcohol limit
Basically, the experts recommend that women limit alcohol consumption seven times in one week and no more than three glasses when drinking.

Nevertheless, because the female body is more at risk of developing chronic diseases, alcohol drinking limits could still lead to unexpected health problems. For example, an increased risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

4. Immediately seek help
According to a study, women who are addicted to alcohol and intend to recover will have the chance to live longer. The good news, women tend to seek help as soon as they realize that their addiction in men appeal.

Even so, the researchers hope to not only women who are conscious of their health conditions caused by alcohol addiction. Men are also encouraged to seek help and immediately responsive when addiction.

5. Drinking while pregnant
Various studies have suggested that drinking alcohol ( especially wine ) as much as one drink a day is safe for pregnant women.

Even so, there has been no research really sure how safe limit drinking alcohol when she was pregnant. So it is better to avoid alcohol altogether. Because the mother was not only maintain their health, but also the fetus in the womb.

6. Risk of breast cancer
Drinking alcohol is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. The higher the alcohol consumption, the higher the risk.

Besides alcohol, genes and lifestyle is contributing as an addition risk of breast cancer. But stopping alcohol consumption is considered as the most effective way to reduce the risk of these cancers.

7. lethal nature
Researchers from Germany revealed that the nature of alcohol two times more deadly in women than in men. The number of women who died of alcohol more than men.

Demikianh important facts about women and alcohol. From now on make sure you actually limit or avoid completely drinking to maintain your body's overall health

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