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Thursday, October 31, 2013

6 Benefits of Eating mushrooms for health

Green vegetables is healthy. But the fungus is a white vegetable is equally beneficial for the body, one of them as a contributor to vitamin D. Consider the other benefits of mushrooms, as quoted from the following for Women Mag.

6 Benefits of Eating mushrooms for health

Vitamin D
In addition to the sun which can be obtained for free, including fungi also a good source of vitamin D. In fact according to the study, drying mushrooms for 30 minutes can increase the levels of vitamin D in it.

Immune system
Button mushrooms are rich in antioxidants known that maximizes the performance of the immune system. So to eat mushrooms, some kind of minor ailments such as flu and fever can be resisted.

As already mentioned, the greens are not the only kind of healthy food that can be consumed. If you get bored with broccoli or spinach, try eating mushrooms to get intake of antioxidants.

Metabolism is one of the important processes that occur in the human body, including maintaining a healthy weight. Meanwhile, the metabolic balance can be done by eating mushrooms.

Mushroom consumption can reduce the risk of bladder cancer, according to a study. Because mushrooms contain selenium which can minimize the formation of cancer cells in the bladder.

Mushrooms can be considered as best friends of people with diabetes. Because this white vegetables contain a lot of water, protein, vitamins, but without the fat or cholesterol. Mushrooms are also able to improve digestion of sugar.

That mushroom, white vegetables rich in vitamin D and has many other functions for the body.

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