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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5 Signs You Need a respite from job

Everyone has felt the failure in the work . Feeling too much work , do not do a lot of things well , lost confidence , even thought to look for a new job .
But you know, every problem can be solved with one simple thing , like taking a break or a holiday to relax for a while ?

The problem is , not a few people who do not know when the right time for them to take a break . Here are five signs to recognize it .

Thursday, April 24, 2014

75 Benefits of Healthy Skin for Mangosteen

Skin benefits of mangosteen is currently the most widely sought after and used to be used as an alternative medicine various diseases , as well as utilized in the beauty business . It turns out the mangosteen fruit that tastes good and contains a lot of benefits , the fact that the skin has one who has more benefits .

 Skin Mangosteen xanthone -containing compounds have currently been developed and manufactured in the form of syrup , which was then known as xanthones syrup . This syrup is very terkeenal because it contains antioxidants that can fight free radicals . Some studies show that these compounds have properties as an antidiabetic , anticancer , anti- inflammatory , antibacterial , antifungal , antiplasmodial , and boost immunity .

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Best Way to Clean Ear

Q-tips or cotton swabs is a common tool used to clean the ear , in addition to soap and water . But you should think twice before using it .
More recently , a study from Henry Ford Hospital found an association between the use of a cotton swab with damage to the inner ear . According to the study , the use of cotton swabs in the ear canal can cause hearing loss .

Monday, April 7, 2014

Is it safe to Flexing Muscles reads ?

After sitting all day in front of a computer , there's nothing more comforting in addition to stretch the back muscles are stiff to read " bridge " . Is it safe to do so ?
Technically actually stretch up to a sound is not dangerous . However , if it is done regularly , then it's another story .

" Mengkeretekkan muscles or joints align harmless , but do not do it as a habit , " said Dr. Christopher Anselmi , experts chiropractik , New York , USA .
Joints composed of ligaments , tendons , and soft tissue structures and the longer can wear . " If the joints are not in accordance with the position , it can cause premature damage , " he said .

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Prevent Damage to Teeth , Acid Drink Limit

Healthy teeth are a reflection of the general health of the body . One of the criteria is the healthy teeth free from caries or cavities . To avoid this, in addition to routine dental care , you also should not drink beverages with the degree of acidity ( pH ) excessively low .
Food biochemistry expert from Bogor Agricultural University ( IPB ) Puspo Edi Giriwono explained , acidic drinks have a pH ranging from 2.4 to 4.0 , such as carbonated drinks , diet drinks fruit , lemon juice and other acidic drinks , can lower the pH saliva .

Friday, April 4, 2014

Most effects Sugar Not Just Obesity

Eating too much sugar can indeed be harmful to health . We may often hear the short -term effects of excessive sugar consumption , namely obesity and long-term effects such as diabetes . However , in between these two things , there are many other adverse effects .
But can be a source of excess calories , the habit of eating foods containing sugar ( carbohydrates ) can lead to aging and inflammation at the cellular level . Both of these will increase our risk for chronic disease .

Excess sugar also will reduce the neural growth factors , such as BDNF , components produced in the brain responsible for accelerating the ability to learn, think , and long-term memory . In other words , the effect is to make us think more slowly and tend to be forgetful .
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