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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Prevent Damage to Teeth , Acid Drink Limit

Healthy teeth are a reflection of the general health of the body . One of the criteria is the healthy teeth free from caries or cavities . To avoid this, in addition to routine dental care , you also should not drink beverages with the degree of acidity ( pH ) excessively low .
Food biochemistry expert from Bogor Agricultural University ( IPB ) Puspo Edi Giriwono explained , acidic drinks have a pH ranging from 2.4 to 4.0 , such as carbonated drinks , diet drinks fruit , lemon juice and other acidic drinks , can lower the pH saliva .

" That is too acidic saliva that is easier for the damage or the outermost layer of tooth enamel on the teeth , " he explained in a talk show that was held Soft Drinks Industry Association ( ASRIM ) in Jakarta , some time ago .

Damage tooth enamel if left unchecked will make things cavities . Though cavities can be at the root of other diseases . This relates to the risk of disease-causing micro - organisms into gear .
The inside of the tooth is directly related to the transportation system of the body so that the entry of micro - organisms on potentially large teeth to cause infection in the body as a whole .
Therefore , Puspo advised to limit the intake of acidic beverages . But he also stressed not to blame singly acidic drinks in terms of tooth decay . According to him , tooth decay is influenced by multifactorial .

" From this clinical study demonstrated that damage to the tooth enamel is mainly due to other factors that facilitate the saliva acidity increased rapidly , for example, the consumption of certain foods , " he explained .

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  1. Good information provided, we should avoid food and drinks that can harm the teeth.
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  2. Excess intake of soft drinks can cause discoloration of teeth, Its better to avoid such drinks.
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  4. Teeth are the most sensitive part of your body so there must be extra cautions. Even coffee and tea leave leave behind black stains. To avoid discolouration of your teeth visit the most reliable cosmetic dentist in Houston.

  5. Acidic drink will certainly create more sensitivity in your tooth structure. Totally agree with your accurate display of content.
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  8. keeping a glass of water with you and alternating between coffee and water throughout the day. This will wash out your mouth and prevent your saliva from becoming too sugary and eating away at your teeth.
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  9. All soft drinks (even diet varieties) contain a lot of acid and can dissolve enamel on your teeth very quickly.
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