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Friday, April 4, 2014

Most effects Sugar Not Just Obesity

Eating too much sugar can indeed be harmful to health . We may often hear the short -term effects of excessive sugar consumption , namely obesity and long-term effects such as diabetes . However , in between these two things , there are many other adverse effects .
But can be a source of excess calories , the habit of eating foods containing sugar ( carbohydrates ) can lead to aging and inflammation at the cellular level . Both of these will increase our risk for chronic disease .

Excess sugar also will reduce the neural growth factors , such as BDNF , components produced in the brain responsible for accelerating the ability to learn, think , and long-term memory . In other words , the effect is to make us think more slowly and tend to be forgetful .
Other studies also mention excess sugar could be the cause why the face look older than their actual age . In addition , facial acne also easier .
Indirectly, the excess sugar also affect blood pressure . When we consume too much sugar , your body releases more of the hormone insulin to remove sugar from the blood circulation . In fact , other functions of insulin is to make hold of renal sodium .

When our diet contains too much sugar , increased levels of insulin will repeatedly trigger renal sodium resist . Meanwhile , the body will pump more sodium through the food we eat . As a result, there is an imbalance in the levels of sodium and blood pressure increases.
Although excess sugar causes negative effects on the body , we do not need to abstain from sugar at all . The important thing is to consume moderate amounts . Get to know what are the foods that contain high sugar and begin to limit it .

Source: health.kompas

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