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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

5 Signs body Lack of vitamin K

Vitamin K is also known as coagulation. These vitamins include the type of fat-soluble vitamins. Almost similar to vitamin E, the main function of vitamin K is to assist the process of blood clotting to stop bleeding. Because it has such important benefits, then you should meet your daily requirement of vitamin K to prevent deficiency.

The daily dose of vitamin K is 2 mcg per 1 kg of body weight. Symptoms of vitamin K deficiency is abnormal blood clotting. Deficiencies are rare in adults, but often occurs in newborns.

Source foods that contain vitamin K include green vegetables, soybeans, papaya, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, milk, liver, asparagus and fresh sea fish.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Drinking Coffee Can Prevent diabetes and obesity

Coffee is one of the types of drinks that are still causing a lot of controversy in the field of health. One reason is the caffeine content in it. Caffeine in coffee is known to provide instant energy boost and makes it easier to focus. However, this caffeine should not be consumed in excess.

Drinking Coffee Can Prevent diabetes and obesity

Meanwhile, recently researchers uncover other benefits behind coffee. Research shows that drinking three cups of tea or Coffee day may reduce the risk of diabetes. In addition, those who diligently drinking coffee also has a BMI and waist circumference smaller.

Monday, December 8, 2014

This immune enhancing foods for vegetarians

To maintain optimum immune system and can work well to ward off disease, the body requires one important substance called zinc or zinc. Zinc is one of the essential nutrients, not only for immunity but also for digestive health, speed up the recovery process, and maintain the function of the prostate for men.

This immune enhancing foods for vegetarians

Zinc is also necessary for the body to maintain healthy blood cells, bone, brain, heart, liver, and muscle. Some of the symptoms of a lack of zinc, among others, is the appearance of acne, lack of appetite, diarrhea, flu and fever that often appear, stunted hair growth, and others.

Eat 10 servings of tomatoes a week potent prevent prostate cancer

Tomatoes would have been familiar to people of Indonesia. The food is not only healthy, but it also can prevent one type of cancer that is feared by men, namely prostate cancer.

A recent study revealed that components in tomatoes may help reduce the risk of men developing prostate cancer. The components include lycopene, an antioxidant carotenoid that gives the red color to tomatoes. Lycopene has been known to improve blood vessel function and prevent heart disease.


Based on the study conducted by researchers at the University of Bristol revealed that men who ate 10 servings of tomatoes or more within a week have a reduced risk of prostate cancer by 18 percent. The study, led by Vanessa Er was conducted on 1,806 men with prostate cancer at the age of 50-69 years and compared them with 12 005 men who did not have cancer.

4 These foods make ageless!

Everyone would want to look younger. Look younger can be obtained through a healthy lifestyle and eating right. Foods that contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can help you look younger.

Here are some foods that can help you become ageless, as reported by the Women's Health Mag (5.12).

1. Maple syrup
Maple syrup has antioxidants, zinc, and anti-inflammatory agent that is not only good for health and can boost the immune system but also can make you look younger. But do not eat too many maple syrup. One tablespoon a day is enough.

2. Cucumber
Cucumber contains flavonols which can prevent brain aging and prevent Alzheimer's disease. The food is also very good for the skin, bones, and muscles that can help you to look more youthful. Cucumbers are also suitable to brighten eyelids blackened.

Why become a vegetarian it difficult?

In order to get a desirable body and the body of maximum health, then you began to run a healthy lifestyle. In addition to diet and exercise routine, choosing to be a vegetarian way of life began to do. Because diet with vegetable menu is said to be able to guarantee your body fat free, low in cholesterol, and more energetic.

Why become a vegetarian it difficult?

But after a few months of running, your spirit to become a vegetarian decreased. You begin to feel bored and tired with this diet. The desire to look at the non-vegetable food increases. If you experience this, then you are not alone. For as reported by, approximately 84% of people who choose to be vegetarians begin to give up in the first 3 months and years.

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