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Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is the habit Causes Oily Skin Added

Beauty - you have oily skin that tends to definitely have a lot of extra beauty rituals in order to eliminate the levels of excess oil on the skin. However, some things you do good for more attention because there is a habit that turned out to potentially make the skin more oily. Anything?

1. One using a moisturizer
Neelam A Vashi MD, assistant professor of dermatology and director of medical research cosmetic and laser at the Boston University School of Medicine explains, some people who have a type of oily skin use products such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, or olive oil to moisturize the skin and removes impurities that clog pores. However, this practice is actually not true.

"Instead, use a moisturizer that does not contain oil and contain glycerin and other materials which absorb water into the skin. Rather than using a moisturizer in the form of a cream that makes sticky, choose a moisturizer is a liquid, gel, or serum, "advises Vashi.

2. Wearing heavy makeup
Vashi explains, wearing heavy makeup and do not clean it carefully can actually clog pores. Conversely, when buying makeup products, choose products that do not contain oil and contains niasinamida, derivatives of vitamin B which proved to absorb the oil.

3. Rub the skin
Many people assume that rubbing or scrubbing routine will remove the oil. However, this assumption was wrong. According to Adrienne Fay, a medical aesthetics at The Rockoff Center, Boston, rub the skin with a rough can make the skin produce more oil.

"Instead, choose skin care products cleansers containing salicylic acid and do once or twice a week. Salicylic acid is able to cleanse the pores and removes excess oil and dirt, "said Fay.

4. Do not clean your face after exercising
Maybe you are too tired after exercising to not have the extra energy to clean the face. However, during exercise, sweat and dirt is able to clog pores including on the face. "Thus, it is important to clean the face after exercising with cleaning products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzol peroxide," said Vashi.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Here's 8 Powerful Ways to Quickly long hair

 Every woman wants to have beautiful hair, healthy and shiny. In addition, some women also crave long and beautiful hair. However, not all women are endowed with long hair easily. So, what to do?

Some experts penataaan professional hair gives tips to lengthen your hair with a reasonably short time without the need for difficult and costly step. Here's the description.

1. Frequently cutting hair
It may sound strange, but the hair cut regularly to tidy up quickly turns are believed to make hair grow long. According to experts Michael Dueñas celebrity hair styling, hair cutting is actually not entirely make long hair quickly, but it would remove part unruly hair and cause hair to become brittle.

"Eliminating the damaged part of the hair will give the appearance that your hair long fast. Moreover, parts of damaged hair can make it difficult hair long and lose luster, volume and smoothness, "said Dueñas.

2. Ensure that the health of the scalp
Expert styling celebrities, Chaz Dean, explaining that the hair is like a tree. So, if the soil and the roots are not maintained properly, the tree will not grow tall and strong. "When you clean and care for the scalp with healthy ingredients, the hair will be strong and riveting. Healthy hair should have the same thickness from the roots to the ends of her hair. If the edges are thinner, start intensive hair care ritual, "said Dean.

3. Eat healthy foods
Has a long and healthy hair is not only dependent on the applied hair care products, but also nutrients into the body. "To have a fast-growing hair, then you also need to 'feed' to the hair from the inside," said Dr. Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist and an expert on hair and scalp. Among Them :
  • Consumption of protein. Fusco advise you to eat foods containing protein, such as fish, nuts, sprouts, and wheat. "If you are not a fan of meat, make sure you run a high-protein diet. Remember, most women do not eat enough protein, so the risk of hair loss is high, "said Fusco. Useful protein to meet the needs of essential nutrients for hair growth. That hair is fast growing, meet your protein needs by eating red meat, chicken, fish, nuts, dairy products, and eggs.
  • Vitamin B. To stay healthy and fertile, your hair also needs vitamin B. Without sufficient intake of vitamin B, the hair is dry, brittle and cracked. Take a multivitamin containing vitamin B, which is also found in bananas and pepper.
4. Avoid styling tools that deliver heat
One factor that plays a major role against the damage is the use of hair styling tools that dissipates heat. "Stop arrange your hair excessively with those devices. If you have to use, lower heat temperature and heat protective product is applied on the hair, otherwise your hair will be damaged, "said Ken Paves, celebrity hair styling experts.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Here Causes Hair Loss in Women

Beauty - is not only the problem of hair loss experienced by men, but also women. Hair loss does not only cause anxiety, but also lowered self-confidence because they can interfere with performance. Unless you have a receding hairline descent, there are several factors that play a role in hair loss in women.

Here are some of the causes and medical conditions that cause:

1. Weather
According to Dr. Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist from New York, United States, climate change may be one of the causes of hair loss. When the weather changes, then your body will enter a period of adjustment that can sometimes cause hair loss cycle.

"Hair will usually grow rapidly during hot weather, so it is not surprising that the hair is also a loss at the end of the summer. Consumption of foods containing nutrients such as iron, protein, and healthy fats can help hair growth more stable and help the adjustment of the season will be easier, "said Fusco.

2. Frequent hair tie
Tie your hair feels very comfortable with the model ponytail when the hot weather. However, tying the hair will make your hair in a state of constant pressure are concentrated, so the hair will be brittle and fall out. Thus, it is advisable to not tie your hair too tight and often, as well as the use of accessories that do not give excessive pressure on the hair.

3. The grooming
The process of grooming tools that transferring heat or keratin treatments can affect hair health. According Sunnie Brook Jones, a professional hair stylist, adding additional pressure on hair follicles can deplete hydrogen bonds should be able to moisturize the hair but instead creates cracks.

"This means that the hair will be more fragile and easily broken, instead of growing like a healthy hair. You should as much as possible to avoid styling tools like straighteners, dryers, and chemicals. If you can not avoid it, then use a heat protector product (heat protector) before, "explained Jones.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ancient Sport Can Overcome Various Diseases

Health Info - slow and flowing movements of tai chi, an ancient Chinese exercise, has been shown to have many benefits for the elderly with chronic diseases.

Specifically, those suffering from breast cancer, heart failure, osteoarthritis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an increase in strength, keseimbanga and posture. The real benefit is perceived berukurang pain and breathing more smoothly.

"If you are old and have one of these diseases, tai chi can be an alternative to improve fitness levels," said senior researcher Darlene Reid, professor and head of the department of physical therapy at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Taichi Movement

Tai chi is a series of gentle movements and flows. Even though it looks soft, but if done regularly this exercise will improve muscle strength, balance, posture, and flexibility.

At the physical level Taichi is a series of movements that are intentional done slowly and carefully. Exercise proper emphasis on movement, breathing, and also awareness.

In the current era, it was known as tai chi martial arts that provide many health benefits. Slow movement and low risk make tai chi as an ideal exercise for older people or those who have difficulty physically. Taichi olaharaga practiced not only limited but also the aesthetic qualities of the spiritual component earthy, combining the Chinese concept of yin-yang and chi, or energy flow.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sleep Deprivation And Excess Beds Cause Many Health Problems

Many studies that discuss health problems due to lack of sleep, but little is discussed about the opposite, namely the effects of oversleeping. Now, recent studies menemukah that lack of sleep and too much sleep increases inflammation, immune response that can lead to obesity, chronic pain, depression, and diabetes, coupled with copper levels in the blood.

The researchers tested the serum concentration of micronutrients, particularly copper, in the blood of people who sleep excessively (more than 10 hours per day). They found high levels of copper THAT relating to the long duration of sleep. Previously, konsentrasis Erum micronutrients is associated with decline in physical function and health in older people, jugapada other health problems.

Copper levels in the blood can indicate a variety of things about our health. For example, an adult has about 50 to 80 milligrams of copper in their bodies, which are in muscle or liver. Copper helps the body to make melanin, bone and connective tissue.

Lifestyle such as diet and exercise can affect the levels of copper, also the concentration of micronutrients in the body. Too much copper can be toxic to organs, the liver and deadly kill cells of the nervous system. And can also disrupt the balance in the zinc and iron in the body.

The high concentrations of serum copper is also linked to cardiovascular disease and stress. Thus, researchers must take this into account. However, they found that it had nothing to do with heart disease.

"However, when participants with cardiovascular disease are taken, the results remain unchanged," said Maria Luojus as the author of the study in its press release. "The relationship between serum concentrations of copper and sleep duration survive independently of the cardiovascular disease".

Monday, October 26, 2015

Rid of Anxiety Disorders Without to psychiatrist, could it be?

Headline above could certainly be answered by the majority of people who have problems of anxiety disorders but has not had the opportunity to come to a psychiatrist. Anxiety disorders can indeed be cured without having to shrink, of course, the severity of anxiety disorders is still mild to moderate.

When I'm training the treatment of psychiatric disorders organized by the Institute of Brain Medicine in the Philippines in 2012, Prof Brian E.Leonard as one of the speakers said that the symptoms of anxiety disorders in patients appear if the condition of brain adaptation to stress is already not reliable anymore.

Furthermore he said that the system imbalance in the brains of people who have anxiety disorders are far occurred before the anxiety symptoms appear. When starting a new weight imbalance which the symptoms appear, not at the beginning of events there.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to Eliminate Reef Teeth Naturally

Tartar (also called: dental calculus) is a clot or plaque that accumulate in between the teeth. This happens because the salt content of saliva is alkaline contaminated by remnants of acidic foods. At the beginning of the formation of tartar yellow, but gradually turns brown-black. If you have the habit of smoking, drinking coffee or tea will actually worsen the condition.

Some negative effects of tartar is:
  • Cause bad breath odor
  • Digestive and respiratory disorders
  • Infection of the gums
Tips to prevent tartar

1. You can reduce the plaque on the teeth by means of often consume water after a meal or snack. Because water can cleanse the remnants of food stuck in your teeth properly.
2. After consuming water, you are advised to rinse the mouth after eating, it will help eliminate bad breath and food scraps are stubborn and stuck in the teeth.
3. The most important thing habit of brushing teeth at least 2 times a day that is after waking and sleeping sebbelum. This method will be very potent remove dental plaque. Because fluoride contained in the toothbrush will help eradicate eliminate the bacteria that causes dental plaque.
4. So what foods can help counteract the dental plaque? The answer is the fruits and vegetables you consume after meals. This is why fruits and vegetables in the category 4 healthy 5 perfect for fruits and vegetables will help repair damaged tooth enamel and prevent bad breath.
5. Reduce consumption of foods containing sugar and flour
Both types of these foods are triggers of plaque on the teeth. Try to brush your teeth after eating sweets or minimal rinsing using mouthwash.

Way above the tips prevent dental plaque, then what if we are already exposed to the mouth of tartar? Therefore in this article we also share how to clean the plaque are already attached to the teeth.

How to clean tartar naturally:

1. Using the Orange Peel. Is the most powerful way to clean plaque. Particularly stubborn plaque and how it was quite easy. You just rub the inside of the orange peel to your teeth. Do after a meal will effectively eliminate bad breath.

2. Using Clove. As we know if the clove is also a potent drug to eliminate dental plaque. It is very easy, you just rub the clove into your plaque, then continued rinsing.

3. Using Strawberry. Strawberry is one of the fruits rich in vitamin C that can help clean tartar. The best way is to frequently consume strawberries. This will help scrape tartar degan quickly.

4. Using Acid Seed Kawak. This method may be foreign to some people because very few people who use kawak acid as a reliever teeth. Kawak acid may help remove dental plaque by grinding seeds kawak acid until smooth and mix with a little water hangat.Lalu used as toothpaste. Perform routine that quickly disappear and tartar from your teeth clean.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Want Strong Bones? Friends with Three Things It

Strong bones is absolutely necessary to be able to normal activities. In general, the bones had three friends and one enemy. You should also friendly bone friends and share your bones in order to avoid enemy can lead an active lifestyle risk-free porous and brittle bones.

  •  Calcium
 Before steadily taking supplements, you should know first the condition of the body. It may be that you do need a supplement, it could be not. Calcium needs of each person is different. Not only depend on the age and activity, but also from everyday eating habits. Calcium needs of an average adult is 1,000 mg per day.
Know the condition of undergoing a bone with bone density checks. If it is less, increase the variety of calcium-rich foods. For example, milk and dark green leafy vegetables. Or, eat sardines or anchovies that have been processed until soft bones and bone meal together. Before 10 o'clock in the morning sun is also a source of vitamin D naturally.
Consumption of vitamin D also helps the absorption of calcium. Vitamin this one also proved successful in preventing various kinds of diseases, from heart to dementia. However, we are not advised to take vitamin D excess. Therefore, the excess will be stored in the body and can cause bad effects later. For example, kidney disorders, bone and muscle weakness, as well as bleeding.
  •   Dumbbell
 Physical akitivitas is one key to getting healthy and strong bones,? Said Ronald Zernicke, PhD, director of the University of Michigan Bone and Joint Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Center. Perbanyaklah daily activities, such as walking and climbing stairs. Every now and then, do the variations according to the abilities and needs. For example, walking, lifting dumbbell.?

Friday, October 23, 2015

THIS Scientific Explanation Regarding ANGRY and what a result for Our Body

Angered itself is a natural emotion that is common to everyone. If the emotion of anger is controlled, then it will bring bad effects, but if out of control just like that, the physical and mental we will have bad effects. Angry prohibited is angry that indulge in lust.

According to various health articles pumping heart will race and suddenly when we get angry, where the heart is an organ that is essential for the body, so that when the heart is impaired, the blood circulation throughout the body would not be normal. Moreover, if in our blood vessels becomes blocked, the heart work even harder.

Scientists say, when someone is angry, then his body will be responsive to pressure. In a depressed state, the body produces stress hormones or cortisol. Cortisol serves to generate power for the purpose of "survival", improve memory function, increase the body's defenses, reducing sensitivity to pain and maintain body homeostasis.

If someone is angry, cortisol will be released in excessive amounts that elevated blood pressure, in addition to the excess cortisol will cause arteriosclerosis, ie clumping of fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels and lead to coronary heart disease.

According to research done by the Department of Cardiology America, through the journals they publish, stated that anger can increase the likelihood of coronary heart disease acute by 19% for someone who did not have heart disease, and 24% for someone who did have heart disease earlier.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Importance of Providing Time With Children

If the child is a priority of life is important for parents, one that needs to be done is to provide time parents together with their children. Is a lie when the parent says that the child is a priority of his life, but he never had the time spent together with their children in a day-to-day. Provision of time with the child at least two important aspects need to pay attention to the quantity and quality. Quantity refers to how much and how often parents spend time together with their children.

Of course, the more positive aspects of this quantity depends on the more and more frequent time provided. Meanwhile, quality refers to the value or quality of togetherness that happen. The higher the value or quality of togetherness will be marked by the positive development of children and parents. In today's age, providing time with children is not easy for parents.
  • The first reason is the parents' busy work. The increasing demands of the socio-economic needs spur an increase in working time. Add again, unlike before, now is not only one working parent but both parents. This causes endangerment provision of time for their children.
  • The second reason is the difficulty of providing time with children is the growing aspirations of the parents to be a hobby, pleasure, and satisfy themselves that automatically will take its time. Nowadays many parents found that spending time for hobbies and pleasures herself. In addition to individual hobbies, many who spend time to conduct a hobby that relates to another person for example is the case is busyness establish relationships in cyberspace (via facebook, whatsapp, etc).
Provides the time with the child itself has some merit :

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

20 Ways To Educate Children More Smart And Intelligent

A pride for the parents if you have children who are smart and intelligent. But perhaps the parents was confusion as to children who are too often asked. In this article, let's know the ways of thinking in order to educate children by entering their world. Know that children explore and gain knowledge by asking. Extreme high curiosity makes them dare to try something new. By form, they learn to learn an object. With a song, they learned berkosa said. And the color they learn to draw. So much for their smart, that sometimes parents do not have the extra patience will feel tired with their children's behavior. But do not worry, things that only one of the characteristics of the brain development of children and you as parents only the task of educating children so that children are not misinformed.

Here's 20 Ways To Educate More Smart And Intelligent :

1. Give the milk Drink

There have been many studies that breast milk contains many nutrients that can boost immunity sikecil. Breast milk is free of bacteria and has a normal temperature so that it is suitable for baby, besides milk may increase the intelligence of the baby's brain and increases antibody in infants. During breastfeeding, the baby with the mother approach will be more intimate. And when the baby stepping childhood, his brain will be smarter than babies who are not breastfed.

2. Speak
Since infancy, even the womb invite future baby talk seseing possible. A researcher from Sydney University said that if you want to invite to speak at the baby does not have to compliment or a joke. Although a baby can not speak, but sometimes they can respond to your words with an expression. Not only that, the baby's brain undergo rapid absorption to the longer all that much vocabulary is learned. For example, if you call the baby's name would not be long the baby will turn when called his name. This proved the baby's brain to absorb all the words that are heard.

3. Reading Story
By getting played on the baby will add to the intimacy of the relationship between parents and children. In addition to speeding up the process of learning through play, children will also discover new things, to increase the ability of the brain, recognizing his talent, playing also can add emotional needs, and get new things. Examples of good games for the brain development of children, is a puzzle, crossword puzzle, draw, play music, catapults, and so forth. There are also online games, angry bird, and the game is honed to remember baby brain

4. Come to Play

By getting played on the baby will add to the intimacy of the relationship between parents and children. In addition to speeding up the process of learning through play, children will also discover new things, to increase the ability of the brain, recognizing his talent, playing also can add emotional needs, and get new things. Examples of good games for the brain development of children, is a puzzle, crossword puzzle, draw, play music, catapults, and so forth. There are also online games, angry bird, and the game is honed to remember baby brain

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tips on How to Whiten Skin Quickly

How to Whiten Skin With Fast - Every day we do activities and go to places that sometimes make your skin look more black, dark or even scorched. There are many factors why your skin looks darker and duller. Therefore, if you want white, especially in the face, you should know what are the factors that can cause the skin to darken.

Among the important factors that you need to know and can cause facial skin becomes dark, among others. Exposure to direct sunlight, environmental pollution, medical condition, dry skin, stress, and the use of cosmetic products made from chemicals prolonged.

Women and men in Indonesia are generally very crazy and wants white skin and clean. That's what later became one of the inspirations why many beauty companies that currently make products with different materials and types to whiten the face. But do you know? That some of these products have harmful chemicals. Not only for skin, but also for your health. In addition, of course, very expensive.

If you want to spend a little time, save your money and use some effective natural ingredients to brighten and make the skin to be white rapidly.

How to Whiten Skin Quickly

Here are a few tips and tricks as well as natural materials that you can use to whiten the face quickly.

1. Use sunscreen every day
Before you start to move, especially in the morning after a shower, try to use sunscreen before leaving the room. Exposure to sunlight can wreak a lot of havoc, especially for the skin, ranging from brown spots, skin cancer, sunburn and skin turn dark. If you want whiter skin in a time not too long, use sunscreen every day.

If you expose your skin in the sun that contains UVA and UVB, the body will produce melanin, which makes the skin look darker. Therefore, the most important step and should do to make the skin look brighter and white is to use sunscreen to protect it from sunlight.

2. Exfoliate
If you regularly clean and exfoliate your skin, then the routine will make your skin moist, clean and whiter and shine. Cleaning the face with properly at least twice a day, morning and night can remove dirt, excess oil, and will make your skin healthy and bright.

Use products that can moisturize the skin according to the type of your face or your skin type. For those of you who have oily skin, you should choose a lotion that is not too strong. While for those of you who have dry skin, use a cream stronger.

Exfoliate can be done twice a week to remove dead skin cells and provide an opportunity for face to produce new cells are younger and healthier. Exfoliate or exfoliation can do with natural materials ranging from, using natural body scrub made of sugar or coffee grounds that have been in ever brewed.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Often shows a funny behavior in front of children in order to help improve all aspects they need. Including memory, which can make them smarter.

A number of 18-month-old baby made `rabbit percobaan` researchers from Paris West University Nanterre La Defense named Rana Esseily. They were divided into two groups, just playing and groups in which their parents also threw the toy on the floor which makes their child out loud.

Children who laugh can repeat that action alone than children who do not take a joke by their parents. "When they laugh, they smile. Tadanya they engage with their surroundings," said Rana quoted from the Times of India, on Wednesday (09/09/2015)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Know Foods That Can Increase Blood Sugar

Glucose is the sugar from food that is formed by the body to use as energy or stored. Glucose is actually a primary energy source, but if the levels are too high can cause serious health problems.

High blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) in the long term will damage the blood vessels and tissues, causing diabetes, and increased risk of heart disease, stroke, vision problems, and nerve damage.

Reduce the risk of health problems by restricting food intake can increase blood sugar levels :

Polished, white grains, such as white rice, pasta, and bread, has been through the processing of rice to remove the skin, so that the fiber is also missing. Without fiber, your body will convert carbohydrates into glucose that quickly so blood sugar levels to skyrocket.

As a source of carbohydrates, choose Cereal or whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta or bread. The fiber content in it will make blood sugar levels rise slowly. Whole Cereal consumption also prevents constipation, obesity, and some cancers.

Fresh fruit
Fruit is a healthy choice, but choose fresh fruit or frozen fruit. When the fruit is dried, natural sugars become more concentrated therein so as to rapidly increase glucose levels. If you already have diabetes, limit intake of fresh ripe fruit because it can also raise your blood sugar quickly.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Body odor can be a big problem for someone.

It is true, the problem of malodorous perspiration can be affected by diet, the use of drugs to work.
However, the food you eat turns participated cause body odor. So, what the hell foods or drinks that should be avoided? Consider the following explanation:

 Underarm Odor Causes

1. The hormone that increases during puberty affect odor in the armpit. Effects on adolescent growth period is very remarkable. Almost all organs of the body can be problematic, so the underarm odor can also be caused by still in puberty.

2. Garlic may be useful to the body, but like a double-edged knife garlic can cause bad odor. Because it has a fairly piercing aroma, white bawnag produce sulfur gas that comes out of the pores of the skin. It can trigger the emergence of underarm odor.

3. Meat is one source of animal protein. But make no mistake, excessive meat consumption can cause odor in the armpit. Meat clot in digestion may be a body odor that triggered the pores of your body, including the armpits.

4. Alcohol. Most of the alcohol to be processed by the liver, but about 10 percent will be excreted through sweat, breath and urine. Alcohol also makes you sweat more. Caffeinated beverages can also cause the same thing.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Secret Looks 20 Years Younger at Age 50 Years

No one thought, a cook or a chef from India named Anjula Devi it ​​was already 51 years old. His hair was still black sparkle and her face almost no wrinkles.

Mother of two children admitted to never taking special medicine to make ageless, especially plastic surgery.

Anjula said that, so far, it is only a healthy lifestyle with regular eating vegetables and food prepared with herbs. Anjula've learned to cook with her father at the age of 10 years.

He then continued his cooking school and open a catering business. Anjula make authentic Indian dishes that he introduced in the UK.

Now, a champion of traditional Indian food cooking continues sharing a secret anti-aging and healthy in women in the UK. Anjula said, often people overlook the incredible health benefits when using natural ingredients in cooking.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


We've all had one day, or maybe a week, where difficult to focus on one job. Just read the news sites, one minute and then you've opened the email and reply to incoming mail, but have also pressed the send button you switch opening social media accounts.

When he was not as focused as it all seemed to not be solved. But actually it's not entirely your fault. Research shows there are many things that make us easily distracted attention.

Here are some of the causes is hard to focus:

1. Lack of sleep
The bed has a huge effect on your ability to concentrate. Children who have trouble sleeping will find it difficult to follow the lessons at school. Good night's sleep also helps you focus on work.

2. Natural
Humans are inherently susceptible to distraction. We react to the new information, and it is the instinct of survival. Research also shows the environment in which we grew up effect on our ability to concentrate. Parents who frequently interrupted his son while playing can also impair the child's ability to concentrate.

3. Modern technology
Phone, email, messaging applications, and social media, are all scrambling our attention so it is difficult for us to focus on one thing at work. Average workers to change what he was doing every three minutes, and once distracted it takes 30 minutes to get back to its original duties.

4. The room was a mess
Workbench are neat, clean, and quiet, it helps us to focus.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Keep Your skin Beauty After Exercising

A healthy body you can get through regular exercise. Well, after a little exercise is usually the way you look so untidy. Not really cool dong if the body is healthy but not supported look cool. Whatever the activity, you should still look okay ya dong.

Do not need a complicated way kok Beautiful. There are easy steps you can apply after sports. Let's Preview !

# Drinking Water
The main thing you should not miss the drinking water. Exercise makes the body sweat so that the liquid is reduced. Therefore, make sure you consume enough water to replace the fluid that has been wasted.

# Power Shower
Exercise makes the body so sweaty and sticky. Not to mention the hair also become limp and matted. In order tampilanmu more okay after the workout, shower and wash your hair immediately. This method effectively reduces fatigue and makes your body so fresh.

# Body lotion
Keep the freshness of the skin after bathing to apply body lotion to the entire body. Right moisturizer will assist the skin is always hydrated when you resume activity.

# Deodorant
Still smelly and sweaty despite the shower? Ceramic by wearing deodorant on the armpit and cleavage. This can reduce the production of sweat and prevent body odor.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bad Habits Causes Acne!

If not stopped now, the following character can be a major source of acne stubborn in the face!

1. Too often Touch Skin. Either consciously or not, the habit of picking at face very allows the transfer of germs and bacteria that cause acne. In addition, the touch of your hand also stimulates the skin to produce oil that is mixed together with dirt so that potential new acne!

2. Due to lack of diligent wash your face thoroughly before bed, the skin pores become clogged and certainly the forerunner of acne. Make it a habit to clean your face before sleeping, honey.

3. Pattern Food Less Exactly. Experts agree that the consumption of fast food too often result in excessive fat intake and become one of the causes of the appearance of acne, you know. So, from now avoid snacks fries and move the fruit to make your skin healthier yes!

4. For those of you who essentially have oily skin type, may be used to clean the face with more intensive. For example, the toner excessive wear and with a higher frequency. The problem is, this would trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum and is not likely to make the skin as soft targets acne!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Tips to Make Up Minimalism to Appear Beautiful Natural

Some say the make-up is one of a woman's best friend, but actually make up only help clarify the natural beauty that you already have, Beautiful. That is why the minimalist makeup or makeup with natural style are more and more popular with women from different countries. Because the makeup as it was considered to further highlight the beauty that is already owned by a woman. Well, for those of you who want to try to make up a minimalist, consider the following tips is yes.

Faces Must Be Clean
In order to make up your better blends with the skin, the skin should be clean of dirt. As much as possible with facial foam wash your face before makeup. You can use foam facial image that would make a clean face and help her become more tender.

Disposable Face Moisturizers
Facial moisturizer or often called a face moisturizer is also important to produce a beautiful natural appearance. Dry skin makes makeup does not blend well, so it is important to keep the skin remains moist. In addition to the benefits earlier, facial moisturizer will make the face look softer. Use image Pink Orchid Face Moisturizer to get skin that is not only soft but also bright blush, so it can appear bright face flushed without having to use a lot of blush.

Beautify the eye department
If you do not have much time and want to try the minimalist makeup to look beautiful, it is preferred to beautify the eyes. No need to go overboard. Just use a little eyebrow pencil the same color as the eyebrows, then the natural color eyeshadow brush and wear eyeliner to form eyes.

Natural Rona Give In Your Face
Selfie would be great if you face a bright glow yes Beautiful. But you certainly do not have time to dress up when suddenly invited selfie right? Even if have time to dress up, selfie with makeup that is too thick not even know Pretty preferred. His trick is to have a bright face flushed skin naturally, so you still look pretty when selfie though only using makeup minimalist. To have a clear skin naturally flushed, diligent care for your skin every day so Beautiful.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

8 Make Up Mistakes to Avoid

Pretty, some women may not be able to go out of the house or not confident if traveling without makeup. Of course wearing makeup is a natural thing, but you also have to be careful not to make mistakes when bermake up that can damage the skin or even cover up the natural beauty of your face. Let's refer to the five bermake up mistakes that you should avoid the following:

1. Too Thick Using Powder
Every woman must have in their bag of powder yes Beautiful? Dust can cover the shortfall in our face, but if polished too thick, especially if it turns out the color does not match the color of your skin, your face looks pale existing or look like a mask. Unfortunately not that pretty face naturally be covered because the powder is too thick? Additionally thick powder can make your skin pores closed, you know. Apply a thin layer of powder in a particular area Beautiful. Do not forget to choose a powder with a color that is suitable in your skin.

2. Using Foundation On Skin
Foundation if used properly will help flatten the skin color. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made when a woman is using the foundation of dry skin. Foundation will not cover the skin dry, even make the face look older and tired. Why is it important for you to regularly scrubbing the face two times a week and use a face moisturizer twice a day. If your skin is healthy, moist and smooth, the foundation will work well.

3. One of wear concealer color.
A mistake in choosing the color of concealer can actually lead to the area you want to disguise even more clearly visible. Use concealer color of your foundation for acne scars, redness, or black spots on your face and use a concealer with a lighter color level of your foundation to highlight the area under your eyes.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Eating for Emotions, Search For and Solutions

Emotional eating is the urge to eat or hunger arising from emotional impulse. People who experience emotional eating as a way to make food outlet for their emotions, such as anger, resentment, disappointment, fear, anxiety, or other negative emotions.

People who often eat whenever feel emotions (emotional eating) is often associated with self-control problems. In fact, it's not as easy as hooking emotional eating with problems of self-discipline.

According to Jennifer Kromberg, Psy, a clinical psychologist in California say there are five things that make a major contribution to the problem of emotional eating.

Get to know five things that cause people find it difficult to control the desire to eat when emotions and focus on solutions.

1. Attitude does not matter
The desire to eat is influenced by the emotional impact of a person's lack of concern for food. Therapists call it eating unconsciously. So, although just finished eating, someone still incorporating other foods into his mouth just because the food available in the future.

If you experience this, the solution is to start immediately care about anything that goes into your mouth. Kromberg suggest doing the habit of ignoring food slowly, and do not judge yourself when you begin to repair themselves in this way.

2. Food as a personal pleasure
Not a few people end a busy day with a favorite food. Personal pleasure to be the reason behind this eating favorite foods. For example, after a busy day of work, night you regularly eat ice cream. Making food as a source of pleasure pose a problem emotional eating.

But why food is a source of pleasure has become the choice of many people to unwind? Kromberg said many sources mention the food rich in sugar and fat release opioids in the brain. Opioids are the active ingredient in cocaine, heroin and narcotics. So it was when eating ice cream or potato chips are rich in sugar and fat, you will get the effect of the release of opioids that comes a sense of calming.

To resolve this problem, Kromberg suggest looking for another source of pleasure out of food. Other sources may not be a calming influence as ice cream, for example. However, if it is to overcome the problem of emotional eating, you have to start being more tolerant of unpleasant feelings.

3. Difficulties overcome negative feelings
Someone struggling to overcome bad feelings or negative, are likely to experience emotional eating problems.

The solution, practice releasing uncomfortable feeling for one thing, suggestions Kromberg. In other words, start learning to overcome feelings of sadness, anger, boredom, or other negative things that inevitably will always come every day. If you can master these negative feelings, you will avoid bad behavior, one of them eating habits.

4. Hating own body
Not satisfied with his own body has a major impact on emotional eating problems. Even the attitude that is the main source of problems because of emotional eating habits.

Many people would love her when successfully lose weight. This is not a solution for Kromberg. He is suggesting that anyone who hates her body, in order to begin to stop berating yourself before you get stuck in a circle of emotional eating.

Not easy and somewhat complicated indeed overcome this problem of self-acceptance. Each person has a unique case related to this issue. So, for Kromberg handling these body image issues to go through the stages of personal nature, so there is no solution that are generally accepted.

5. Psychic
Let yourself feel very hungry or very tired, be a smooth road to emotional eating problems. The body when hungry and tired, would send a strong message to the brain gives the signal to eat. But because you delay meals or rest, which appears later is abnormal eating behavior. You will tend to be more frequent snacking and could not control the urge to eat due to psychological problems.

The solution is easy, overcome psychological problems by giving the right to the body to rest without having to wait fatigue. Also give the intake to the body with the right portion, according to the rules of good eating. Make good eating habits and adequate rest as a priority in everyday life if you want to really overcome emotional eating problems.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Chromosome theory to Determine Sex of the Baby

Theory chromosome that determines the sex of the baby. A man / male have two types of chromosomes in sperm cells is an X chromosome and a Y chromosome (hereinafter known as XY chromosomes), while the woman has XX chromosomes (two X chromosomes).

The X chromosome has the following characteristics:

- Shape bigger
- Movement slower
- Having a lifespan of more than 72 hours (3 days)
- More resistant to the atmosphere of the vagina with an acidic pH

The Y chromosome has the following characteristics:

- Form smaller
- Faster movement
- Having a maximum life of 48 hours (2 days)
- More resistant to the atmosphere of the vagina with an alkaline pH

A baby's sex is determined by chromosomes that build it. Infants will receive one chromosome from the father and one from the mother's chromosome again. When babies get the Y chromosome from the father it will form XY chromosome that determines the sex of a baby boy / man. If he gets an X chromosome from the father it will form XX chromosome that determines the sex of a baby girl / woman. More detail can be seen in the following illustration:

Chromosome Wife / Female / Female (X1X2)
Chromosome Husband / Male / Male (X3Y4)

The set of possible pairs that appear are :

- X1X3 (maternal chromosomes and chromosome X1 X3 father): Baby Female / Female
- X1Y4 (maternal chromosomes and chromosome father X1 Y4): Infants Male / Male
- X1X2 (maternal chromosomes and chromosome father X2 X3): Baby Female / Female
- X1Y2 (X2 maternal chromosomes and chromosome father Y4): Infants Male / Male

Thus the chances of getting a boy / men is 50% and is likely to get a girl / woman also by 50%

By knowing the characteristics of the X chromosome and the characteristics of the Y chromosome, then we can heighten choose the sex of the baby by means of heightening the possibility of the birth of a baby boy (if you want a baby boy) or heightens the possibility of the birth of a baby girl (if you want a baby girl).

There are many theories that teach how to choose the sex of the baby, but on this occasion we will explain the most simple way by utilizing the characteristics of sperm cells with the X chromosome and the Y chromosome sperm cells

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Done It For Better Mood in the Morning

 Having a healthy body and feeling good heart we can actually start since before going to bed and waking up in the morning. The research also showed that people who get up early has many positive advantages, ranging from feeling more energetic, happier, to accelerate weight loss.

Unfortunately, not everyone used to get up in the morning. Especially if the previous night we worked through the night and sleep deprivation. Waking up in the morning feels like a burden. To work around this, we can actually do things simple.

1. Prepare everything
In order not to make your morning stress, prepare clothes to wear tomorrow, pack a bag, and make breakfast before going to bed. By doing it all, you can reduce the pressure as well as a list of tasks that need to be done in the morning, so you can be more relaxed when I wake up.

2. Rearrange hours of sleep
 You'll feel better tomorrow if the previous sleep about 7-8 hours, no matter what time you get up. Hours of sleep ahead faster is not necessarily better. If you usually sleep at midnight and got up at 7 but want to get up an hour early, do not force yourself to sleep at half past ten in the evening. You could stare at the wall above the room until it was time to sleep your routine. To get used to, move bedtime 15 minutes every night gradually until it reaches your target.

3. Kiss fragrant flowers
People who saw the first flower in the morning was reported to be more cheerful and energetic, according to a study at Harvard University. In fact, when we admire the blooms anxiety will be reduced and we are more understanding throughout the day. Try to put a bouquet of flowers on the table room or your kitchen table.

4. Set the track
Directly watch the news after waking up will only make you more stressed in the morning. Create rules, such as no morning news or check e-mail at least 30 minutes after waking. In the meantime, try setting your favorite songs. Research at Knox College found that listening to fast-paced song can improve mood significantly.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

8 Ways to Improve Healthy Brain Power

Brain power is a fascinating topic that has led researchers to the field. There will always be something interesting to be found in a new study that focuses on how the brain works and how we can improve strength. Moreover, the human brain does have a unique character when compared with other creatures in the world.

There are many ways to boost your brain power and it can be done at any age, because the brain never stops growing. Studies show that early morning is the best time to increase your brain activity. Experts suggest 8 "medicine" to boost brain power in the morning.

Many ways are done to make the brain work better. Did you know that food plays an important role? Many people think, foods consumed merely for physical strength. In fact, the food also plays a role in increasing your brain power.

One way to improve brain power in the morning is to start with a healthy breakfast. The morning is a great time to make decisions and learn things. The point in the morning, the brain is ready to start working. The following 8

how to increase brain power in the morning:

1. Bathing with cold water
Shower with cold water is one powerful way boost your brain power in the morning. Try to take a bath with cold water immediately after bagung sleep. This will improve the quality of the brain and improve your productivity at work.

2. Listen to your favorite music
Music therapy is very well known and recommended by doctors. You can play your favorite music to start your day. Not only can reduce stress, but also gives energy to the brain and will make you active both mentally and physically

3. Bagun bed on time
Make sure you wake up at the same time each day. Waking up at the same time will help boost brain power. These habits will help you easily make decisions and you'll be full of energy sepanjanjang day.

4. Enjoy a cup of coffee
Enjoy a cup of coffee in moderation can increase your brainpower. According to research, the coffee in an amount sufficient to members of the wonders on your brain and your memory will improve.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Do not rush Caesar, This Way "Persuade" that Baby Born Normal

Often pregnancy causes a woman experiences stress. Stress can happen because he felt it lacked sufficient knowledge to become mothers or may be stressed when he will face labor.
Moreover, if the doctor has estimated date of birth, and you are not being revealed as a sign that will give birth. This can make the mother more and more uneasy.

If this happens you should do a way that can stimulate rapid delivery of your order to arrive.

Here are simple ways you can do is quoted from

1. Perform activities on foot with ease.
The easiest way and also cheap to stimulate the baby is born so quickly is to walk regularly as before delivery. When run properly adjust body position, body upright, and not too inclined towards the rear. Walking is the most common and natural to help encourage childbirth.

2. intimate relationship with her husband.
The resulting liquid contains prostaglandins that a man can help the cervix become soft are also ready to immediately open. The content contained in sperm can also help stimulate the emergence of contraction of the uterus and cervix make limp.

3. stimulation of the nipple.
Conducting the breast nipple stimulation is also said to be able to release oxytocin, which can stimulate the uterus to contract. This activity can also be done by yourself or ask your husband help. However, these activities should not be done because it could lead to excessive contraction of a very long, strong and interfere with blood flow to the fetus. Do this activity with a focus on one breast first for about five minutes.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Fresh Cow Milk Benefits During Pregnancy

 Cow's milk or cow's milk products proved to have the nutrients needed by pregnant women. Although these nutrients can also be obtained from other sources, but milk consumption during pregnancy is often associated with better pregnancy and a healthier baby, as reported by

According to the recommendations of the USDA, pregnant women are advised to consume 3 cups of milk or dairy products every day. However, it would be better if you choose non-fat milk or low-fat, since fat in whole milk contains a lot of saturated fat is not good for health.

Milk contains nutrients that are very good for pregnancy, among which are the following.

1. Calcium
Milk is a source of calcium which is essential for pregnant women to function:
  • Form bones and teeth of the baby
  • Prepare ation
  • Blood freeze
  • Maintain calcium itself, because if pregnant women do not consume calcium, the unborn baby will take calcium from the mother's body that can cause the mother at risk for osteoporosis
  • Needs calcium 1000 mg
  • Source of calcium than milk: cheese, green vegetables, fish
If you do not consume food or drinks rich in calcium such as milk, your bones will lose a lot of calcium, because it is used to meet calcium needs on your fetus. During pregnancy, expectant mothers over the age of 19 years need 1,000 mg of calcium per day, whereas pregnant women under the age of 19 years need 1,300 mg of calcium per day. One glass of low-fat milk contains 305 mg of calcium, so drinking 3 glasses of low fat milk per day will be enough calcium during your pregnancy.

2. Protein
Milk is a promising source of protein, containing 8.22 grams of protein in one glass of low-fat milk. While the protein itself has a very important function for pregnancy, among other things strengthen the uterus, blood flow, supporting the development of breasts, as well as assisting the development of tissues in the infant. According to Ohio State University, adequate protein intake during pregnancy can increase the baby's weight and reduce health problems in infants. Along with meeting the needs of calcium, drink 3 glasses of milk per day can also meet protein needs for your pregnancy. In addition Protein in Milk also serves:
  • build and repair body tissues (muscle, bone, skin eye heart and liver)
  • Helps the formation of blood, amniotic fluid and placenta
  • Forming antibodies
  • It takes as much as 60 grams of protein per day
  • Sources other than milk protein: beans, tofu
3. Vitamin D
Vitamin D is very important for pregnant women because vitamin D serves to prevent the occurrence of various problems in the baby's bones helps the absorption of calcium in the blood and tissue for bone formation baby cells, and prevent babies born weighing too light. According to a study published in the "Canadian Medical Association Journal" in 2006, other nutrients may be met from other food sources, but vitamin D will be satisfied with good by consuming milk. To meet the 59% requirement of vitamin D of 600 IU per day, you can consume 3 cups of low-fat dairy per day, where one glass containing 117 IU of vitamin D.
- Source of vitamin D than milk: egg yolks, tuna, morning sun for 15 minutes

Sunday, October 4, 2015

8 Healthy Foods For Pregnant Women To Smart Babies

Has a bright child is the dream of all people, not just women or pregnant women. To get a bright child, the diet of pregnant women were also influenced. If a mother is not taking the right supplements such as folic acid, vitamin D, iron and others, then there is a possibility that they may cause the baby to be born mentally weak experience with behavioral problems as well.

Here are some foods that you can consume during pregnancy to get the baby smart and intelligent as reported by

1. Fish
right such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and others rich in omega-3 fatty acid. It is important for brain development in infants. A study has shown that mothers who ate less than two servings of fish per week having a baby with a low IQ compared with children born to mothers who ate at least two servings of fish per week.

2. Eggs
Eggs are rich in choline amino acids, which promote the development of the brain and improves memory in infants. Pregnant women should eat two eggs which provides half the recommended daily amount of choline for pregnant women. Eggs also contain protein and iron that increase birth weight. Low birth weight associated with lower IQ (intelligence quotient).

3. Yoghurt
Your body works hard for the formation of nerve cells in the womb your baby. For this, you need to have additional protein. You should eat foods rich in protein such as yogurt. Yogurt also contains calcium which is also needed during pregnancy.

4. Spinach, Chicken Lean and Nuts
They are rich in iron that make your baby smarter. Iron helps to send oxygen to the brain cells your baby during pregnancy. You can also take iron supplements on the advice of your doctor.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Is it safe to Eat Food Contain MSG for Pregnant Women?

During pregnancy, a lot of foods that should be avoided by pregnant women in order not to affect the fetus or abortion. So that the fetus in the womb can grow healthy and well, pregnant women should also get enough nutrients from healthy foods.

But a lot of food today who receive additional flavor enhancer MSG or foods, which, if too much is consumed is not good for the body. And what about pregnant women, are able to eat food air-MSG?

As reported by, there is still no scientific evidence about the health risks and the development of the fetus if the mother consuming MSG, so pregnant women can still eat foods with MSG. But of course should be limited, especially if pregnant women are sensitive to air-MSG diet.

Friday, October 2, 2015

This She Practical Ways to Protect Eyes from the Dangers of Light Screen Gadgets

As people living in modern times, of course, we are very dependent on the use of the gadget. Every time each day, we always use the gadget. However, these habits of course have an effect that is harmful to us, especially for the health of your eyes.

But if we avoid the use of gadgets, of course, would not be possible. Therefore of course, we must find ways to protect our eyes from the dangers posed by the radiation beam gadgets that we use. As to whether the way? Here are some ways that you can do to protect the eyes from the dangers ray screen gadget :

1. Flashing and Change Position Visibility
When it has been the focus of doing something in front of the computer we often feel forgotten to blink. Though flashing is very important when you're wearing the gadget. If the eye is left open for a long time, it will feel dry and will certainly cause discomfort. In addition, change the position of visibility for some certain time frame so that the eye does not feel stiff.

2. Get Sun Exposure
Try to spend a few minutes of your time to gain exposure to direct sunlight. The goal is that in order to adjust your circadian rhythm and also to improve mood.

3. Set the Display Lighting
If you use the gadgets in the room or a place with abundant light, lighting tingkatkanlah screen your gadget. However, if the room is dim, lighting gadgets should be reduced.

4. Prevent Glare
Make sure you clean the screen gadget. Try when wearing the gadget, you do not feel glare. The trick can be circumvented by means of using the window blinds are appropriate when working with a computer in a bright room, or adjust the room lighting and the light from the monitor of your gadget.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

4 Will Face Skin Problems Experienced by All Women (including you)

1. Acne
 Acne is a skin problem that is experienced by everyone, men and women. There are many kinds of acne, there are hormonal acne that usually appear when menstruation, acne stone and so on. This little guy not only makes restless while it is inflamed, but also after a flat, hard scars disappear.

If your acne appears only two in a month, it is a natural thing. But if you begin to severe acne and inflamed, you should consult a dermatologist. Avoid wearing cream-Abal Abal unclear manufacturer and do not have the number listed BPOM.

2. Skin Color No score
Sometimes there are some parts of the face of a different color. For example, the parts around the eyes often appear darker than the forehead or cheek area. This usually happens if you fatigue and lack of sleep. Sometimes, the forehead looks darker than the cheeks. For this usually occurs because the face is not protected sunscreen.

To make the skin color more evenly, you can wear sunscreen to protect it from exposure to the sun, so the skin is not striped. If it appears dark circles around the eyes, increase rest time. Different skin colors can also be tricked by the use of BB cream or concealer around the eyes.

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