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Friday, October 30, 2015

Here's 8 Powerful Ways to Quickly long hair

 Every woman wants to have beautiful hair, healthy and shiny. In addition, some women also crave long and beautiful hair. However, not all women are endowed with long hair easily. So, what to do?

Some experts penataaan professional hair gives tips to lengthen your hair with a reasonably short time without the need for difficult and costly step. Here's the description.

1. Frequently cutting hair
It may sound strange, but the hair cut regularly to tidy up quickly turns are believed to make hair grow long. According to experts Michael Dueñas celebrity hair styling, hair cutting is actually not entirely make long hair quickly, but it would remove part unruly hair and cause hair to become brittle.

"Eliminating the damaged part of the hair will give the appearance that your hair long fast. Moreover, parts of damaged hair can make it difficult hair long and lose luster, volume and smoothness, "said Dueñas.

2. Ensure that the health of the scalp
Expert styling celebrities, Chaz Dean, explaining that the hair is like a tree. So, if the soil and the roots are not maintained properly, the tree will not grow tall and strong. "When you clean and care for the scalp with healthy ingredients, the hair will be strong and riveting. Healthy hair should have the same thickness from the roots to the ends of her hair. If the edges are thinner, start intensive hair care ritual, "said Dean.

3. Eat healthy foods
Has a long and healthy hair is not only dependent on the applied hair care products, but also nutrients into the body. "To have a fast-growing hair, then you also need to 'feed' to the hair from the inside," said Dr. Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist and an expert on hair and scalp. Among Them :
  • Consumption of protein. Fusco advise you to eat foods containing protein, such as fish, nuts, sprouts, and wheat. "If you are not a fan of meat, make sure you run a high-protein diet. Remember, most women do not eat enough protein, so the risk of hair loss is high, "said Fusco. Useful protein to meet the needs of essential nutrients for hair growth. That hair is fast growing, meet your protein needs by eating red meat, chicken, fish, nuts, dairy products, and eggs.
  • Vitamin B. To stay healthy and fertile, your hair also needs vitamin B. Without sufficient intake of vitamin B, the hair is dry, brittle and cracked. Take a multivitamin containing vitamin B, which is also found in bananas and pepper.
4. Avoid styling tools that deliver heat
One factor that plays a major role against the damage is the use of hair styling tools that dissipates heat. "Stop arrange your hair excessively with those devices. If you have to use, lower heat temperature and heat protective product is applied on the hair, otherwise your hair will be damaged, "said Ken Paves, celebrity hair styling experts.

5. Do not wash every day
Apparently, hair care can be done in a simple way. Starting today, you should not wash your hair every day. According Paves, normal step is to wash the hair as much as two to three times a week. "This will allow the natural oils can enter perfectly into the hair, moisturize and repair hair by itself," said Fusco.

6. Increase consumption of water
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day not only makes your body fitter, but also activates the cells in the hair that accelerate growth. The stronger the tissue in hair, her fertility also increasingly awake.

7. Reduce blow-dry
Blow-dry hair it can dry quickly, especially if you are in a hurry. But if the hair is too much exposed to hot air from a hair-dryer, can lead to dry hair and broken. For healthy hair, dry hair in a natural way, aerated in free air or use a hair-dryer in the distance is not too close and the temperature is not too hot.

8. Hot oil scalp massage
Some beauty salons and spas are now providing treatment, scalp massage with special oils. Warmth seeped into the scalp to stimulate hair growth and health. Hair who maintained their health will be easier to grow.

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