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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Do not rush Caesar, This Way "Persuade" that Baby Born Normal

Often pregnancy causes a woman experiences stress. Stress can happen because he felt it lacked sufficient knowledge to become mothers or may be stressed when he will face labor.
Moreover, if the doctor has estimated date of birth, and you are not being revealed as a sign that will give birth. This can make the mother more and more uneasy.

If this happens you should do a way that can stimulate rapid delivery of your order to arrive.

Here are simple ways you can do is quoted from

1. Perform activities on foot with ease.
The easiest way and also cheap to stimulate the baby is born so quickly is to walk regularly as before delivery. When run properly adjust body position, body upright, and not too inclined towards the rear. Walking is the most common and natural to help encourage childbirth.

2. intimate relationship with her husband.
The resulting liquid contains prostaglandins that a man can help the cervix become soft are also ready to immediately open. The content contained in sperm can also help stimulate the emergence of contraction of the uterus and cervix make limp.

3. stimulation of the nipple.
Conducting the breast nipple stimulation is also said to be able to release oxytocin, which can stimulate the uterus to contract. This activity can also be done by yourself or ask your husband help. However, these activities should not be done because it could lead to excessive contraction of a very long, strong and interfere with blood flow to the fetus. Do this activity with a focus on one breast first for about five minutes.

4. Do Birthing Balls.
Birthing balls is very useful for menbantu baby is in the womb move. You can do it by sitting on the ball very flexible and soft while you move your body. Body movement you can push the baby switch in a very good position.

5. Eliminate the anxiety in you.
Greater anxiety when approaching childbirth becomes a natural thing. To reduce the anxiety that you feel you can share it with your anxiety discuss together your husband, or your doctor. Devise some activities that can make you become more relaxed.

6. Following pregnancy exercise. Perform routine pregnancy exercise to be guided by expert instructors. Benefits of pregnancy exercise itself which is to assist in the relax area on infant birth canal, making the current decline in the bottom of the baby toward the birth canal, help the uterus contract more effectively and assist in the delivery more smoothly and easily.

7. reflexology. Reflexology is in addition to balancing the system in your body, it also can stimulate towards labor. It's good action like this is done on your personal supervision of a physician who knows about the technique of reflexology.

Thus for those of you who want to stimulate the fetus is born naturally should be able to manage themselves in preparing for childbirth, both physically and mentally. So the delivery process can proceed smoothly, especially for those of you who want a normal delivery. (*)


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