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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Importance of Providing Time With Children

If the child is a priority of life is important for parents, one that needs to be done is to provide time parents together with their children. Is a lie when the parent says that the child is a priority of his life, but he never had the time spent together with their children in a day-to-day. Provision of time with the child at least two important aspects need to pay attention to the quantity and quality. Quantity refers to how much and how often parents spend time together with their children.

Of course, the more positive aspects of this quantity depends on the more and more frequent time provided. Meanwhile, quality refers to the value or quality of togetherness that happen. The higher the value or quality of togetherness will be marked by the positive development of children and parents. In today's age, providing time with children is not easy for parents.
  • The first reason is the parents' busy work. The increasing demands of the socio-economic needs spur an increase in working time. Add again, unlike before, now is not only one working parent but both parents. This causes endangerment provision of time for their children.
  • The second reason is the difficulty of providing time with children is the growing aspirations of the parents to be a hobby, pleasure, and satisfy themselves that automatically will take its time. Nowadays many parents found that spending time for hobbies and pleasures herself. In addition to individual hobbies, many who spend time to conduct a hobby that relates to another person for example is the case is busyness establish relationships in cyberspace (via facebook, whatsapp, etc).
Provides the time with the child itself has some merit :
  • The first is the friendship bond parent-child relationships. A close relationship and quality between parent and child will be a positive influence on children and ultimately the parents themselves. Children who have a close relationship and quality will suffer psychological wellbeing. Moreover, with the support of parents that occur in a close relationship, the child will develop optimally in many other aspects eg cognitive, talent, social and so on.
  • The second benefit from the availability of quality time with the children is an opportunity for parents to know even play a role in various aspects of life of the child without the child feel at arbitrary intervention. Through being with children, parents can follow at once understand the children in various stages of development diajalaninya life everyday. Thus, the younger for parents to be personally received by children to know even provide input on children in daily life lived.
Although it is difficult, provide time for children need to be a priority in the lives of parents. Some things that can be cultivated here, among others :

1. Utilize the time on the sidelines of the daily routine Although not many, there is always a bit of a time lag which is tucked in between routines at home. The lag time can be found just before meals, at bedtime, or lag time while waiting for other routine activities. Although only 1 to 5 minutes, parents can take advantage of the lag time to build unity with their children. There are various ways to do. Such as building a short conversation (for example, tell your child's favorite sports games), giving little attention (eg on clothes worn today or about his hairstyle), or simply give a hug or caress the child. Conversation and touch it although done in a short time but have a strength because it allows to be done in a high frequency in everyday life.

2. Utilizing the same time with the daily routines There are some daily routines that can also be used to build unity with the child. For example, when eating together, while shopping together, or while cooking together. These activities are in fact already has its own purpose but because it is more flexible and can be done together, parents can use as well as time with the child. Here, parents can build a more casual conversations with children about a variety of topics including concerning the child's life. As well as utilizing the time on the sidelines of the daily routine activities, utilizing the same time with daily activities also have the power to allow it to be done in terms of high frequency in everyday life.

3. Create time together by participating in the activities of children. Next is utilizing the activities carried children. our children often have certain activities performed. Though not all, parents can look for opportunities to be with children. For example, when children do sports activities or when children do hobbies. Here, there is an advantage that does not exist in any other way that the emergence of the feeling of a child that they are supported by the parents through its presence in the activities undertaken. This feeling will certainly facilitate the parents when it comes to approaching and captured the hearts of his children.

4. Provide a special time to build unity with children In the end, parents need to find a special time that is provided to build unity with their children. This time needs to be designed so as not excluded in the midst of a parent and child. This time can be determined by parents or through agreements with the child. This is not the time of assessment and judgment of parents towards their children. It's also not a child arbitrarily impose the wishes and demands to parents. This is the time when children and parents sitting together for mutual listening and mutual opening himself to the other so that each will evolve as a human being matured by not negate the existence of other parties.


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