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Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to Eliminate Reef Teeth Naturally

Tartar (also called: dental calculus) is a clot or plaque that accumulate in between the teeth. This happens because the salt content of saliva is alkaline contaminated by remnants of acidic foods. At the beginning of the formation of tartar yellow, but gradually turns brown-black. If you have the habit of smoking, drinking coffee or tea will actually worsen the condition.

Some negative effects of tartar is:
  • Cause bad breath odor
  • Digestive and respiratory disorders
  • Infection of the gums
Tips to prevent tartar

1. You can reduce the plaque on the teeth by means of often consume water after a meal or snack. Because water can cleanse the remnants of food stuck in your teeth properly.
2. After consuming water, you are advised to rinse the mouth after eating, it will help eliminate bad breath and food scraps are stubborn and stuck in the teeth.
3. The most important thing habit of brushing teeth at least 2 times a day that is after waking and sleeping sebbelum. This method will be very potent remove dental plaque. Because fluoride contained in the toothbrush will help eradicate eliminate the bacteria that causes dental plaque.
4. So what foods can help counteract the dental plaque? The answer is the fruits and vegetables you consume after meals. This is why fruits and vegetables in the category 4 healthy 5 perfect for fruits and vegetables will help repair damaged tooth enamel and prevent bad breath.
5. Reduce consumption of foods containing sugar and flour
Both types of these foods are triggers of plaque on the teeth. Try to brush your teeth after eating sweets or minimal rinsing using mouthwash.

Way above the tips prevent dental plaque, then what if we are already exposed to the mouth of tartar? Therefore in this article we also share how to clean the plaque are already attached to the teeth.

How to clean tartar naturally:

1. Using the Orange Peel. Is the most powerful way to clean plaque. Particularly stubborn plaque and how it was quite easy. You just rub the inside of the orange peel to your teeth. Do after a meal will effectively eliminate bad breath.

2. Using Clove. As we know if the clove is also a potent drug to eliminate dental plaque. It is very easy, you just rub the clove into your plaque, then continued rinsing.

3. Using Strawberry. Strawberry is one of the fruits rich in vitamin C that can help clean tartar. The best way is to frequently consume strawberries. This will help scrape tartar degan quickly.

4. Using Acid Seed Kawak. This method may be foreign to some people because very few people who use kawak acid as a reliever teeth. Kawak acid may help remove dental plaque by grinding seeds kawak acid until smooth and mix with a little water hangat.Lalu used as toothpaste. Perform routine that quickly disappear and tartar from your teeth clean.

5. How to Eliminate Reef Teeth with Apples
Consuming unpeeled apples can help clean tartar naturally. Other benefits are the nutrients in apples serves to protect teeth from plaque.

6. Using a special toothpaste
There are several types of toothpaste that can be used to eliminate, or at least reduce tartar. Choose a toothpaste with fluoride or tartar control compositions, both substances are capable of removing tartar.

7. Addressing Reef Teeth With Baking soda
Baking soda is a natural ingredient that is effective to remove tartar.
How to use:
-Pour 1 teaspoon baking soda
-Basahi Toothbrush using water
-Jadikan Baking soda instead of toothpaste

8. toothbrush correctly
While you brush your teeth every day, but if done the wrong way, kototan on the teeth will not clean it perfectly so as to form tartar. Brush your teeth by making a small circle from the bottom up, not from left to right like when scrubbing clothes.

The key to all is a healthy lifestyle that you do will greatly help prevent tartar That is minimal with 2 times a day brush your teeth properly and regularly. However, if some of the suggestions above are less successful. Then you are advised to immediately to the dentist to check the condition of your teeth does not arise for the things that are not desirable. Those are some natural ways removes tartar that can easily do at home.

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