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Friday, October 16, 2015

Secret Looks 20 Years Younger at Age 50 Years

No one thought, a cook or a chef from India named Anjula Devi it ​​was already 51 years old. His hair was still black sparkle and her face almost no wrinkles.

Mother of two children admitted to never taking special medicine to make ageless, especially plastic surgery.

Anjula said that, so far, it is only a healthy lifestyle with regular eating vegetables and food prepared with herbs. Anjula've learned to cook with her father at the age of 10 years.

He then continued his cooking school and open a catering business. Anjula make authentic Indian dishes that he introduced in the UK.

Now, a champion of traditional Indian food cooking continues sharing a secret anti-aging and healthy in women in the UK. Anjula said, often people overlook the incredible health benefits when using natural ingredients in cooking.

"I love to cook with fresh vegetables and greens. I am careful not to use artificial colorings and preservatives. I want to inspire as many people as possible to cook delicious, healthy, just as my father did many years ago," said Anjula.

Here are seven natural ingredients that are often used Anjula as seasoning :
  • Cumin
Cumin can overcome digestive problems, bloating, until the flu. Anjula also claimed never had the flu. Cumin is believed to boost the immune system.
  • Coriander
Coriander is one of the main ingredients in Indian cooking. Coriander has a high iron content and anti-bacterial properties. According Anjula, coriander is also good to reduce fever.
  • Brown mustard seeds or mustard seeds
This spice can improve the taste of Indian cuisine. More importantly, these food ingredients can slow aging and well taken by menopausal women. Anjula say, this spice must exist in your kitchen cupboard.
  • Kashmiri chilli
Spicy taste to dishes can be created by inserting a kashmiri chilli. This chili can warm up your dishes. According Anjula, this is the best chili can be used when it first began experimenting with Indian cuisine. Kashmiri chilli is high in vitamin C and rich in antioxidants to make skin more radiant.
  • Turmeric
Turmeric produces a natural yellow color to food. These spices do not need to use too much because little has been devastating. Turmeric can cope with arthritis, abdominal pain, heartburn, and sore throat.
  • Cassia or cinnamon bark
According Anjula, cassia bark is a type of cinnamon to warm, increasing the aroma and sweet dishes. Cassia bark helps to control blood sugar levels and cholesterol.
  • Green cardamom
Green cardamom is known as the queen of spices. Adding green cardamom in cooking will give a fragrant aroma. The herb is considered effective in reducing constipation and helps to control blood pressure.


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