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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ancient Sport Can Overcome Various Diseases

Health Info - slow and flowing movements of tai chi, an ancient Chinese exercise, has been shown to have many benefits for the elderly with chronic diseases.

Specifically, those suffering from breast cancer, heart failure, osteoarthritis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an increase in strength, keseimbanga and posture. The real benefit is perceived berukurang pain and breathing more smoothly.

"If you are old and have one of these diseases, tai chi can be an alternative to improve fitness levels," said senior researcher Darlene Reid, professor and head of the department of physical therapy at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Taichi Movement

Tai chi is a series of gentle movements and flows. Even though it looks soft, but if done regularly this exercise will improve muscle strength, balance, posture, and flexibility.

At the physical level Taichi is a series of movements that are intentional done slowly and carefully. Exercise proper emphasis on movement, breathing, and also awareness.

In the current era, it was known as tai chi martial arts that provide many health benefits. Slow movement and low risk make tai chi as an ideal exercise for older people or those who have difficulty physically. Taichi olaharaga practiced not only limited but also the aesthetic qualities of the spiritual component earthy, combining the Chinese concept of yin-yang and chi, or energy flow.

Moreover, according to Reid, tai chi has benefits on the mental aspect. "Many types of tai chi has a strong spiritual component. Because it is different from other sports, "he said.

Another advantage of this sport is that it can be done in various forms, can be together or alone, and does not require any tools. Some communities also eliminate the sport.

"Tai chi is a gentle movement and rhythmic and has developed thousands of years, including a movement that is needed to strengthen the muscle groups," he said.

For those who suffer from arthritis (osteoarthritis), movements of tai chi can reduce pain and joint stiffness.


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