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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sleep Deprivation And Excess Beds Cause Many Health Problems

Many studies that discuss health problems due to lack of sleep, but little is discussed about the opposite, namely the effects of oversleeping. Now, recent studies menemukah that lack of sleep and too much sleep increases inflammation, immune response that can lead to obesity, chronic pain, depression, and diabetes, coupled with copper levels in the blood.

The researchers tested the serum concentration of micronutrients, particularly copper, in the blood of people who sleep excessively (more than 10 hours per day). They found high levels of copper THAT relating to the long duration of sleep. Previously, konsentrasis Erum micronutrients is associated with decline in physical function and health in older people, jugapada other health problems.

Copper levels in the blood can indicate a variety of things about our health. For example, an adult has about 50 to 80 milligrams of copper in their bodies, which are in muscle or liver. Copper helps the body to make melanin, bone and connective tissue.

Lifestyle such as diet and exercise can affect the levels of copper, also the concentration of micronutrients in the body. Too much copper can be toxic to organs, the liver and deadly kill cells of the nervous system. And can also disrupt the balance in the zinc and iron in the body.

The high concentrations of serum copper is also linked to cardiovascular disease and stress. Thus, researchers must take this into account. However, they found that it had nothing to do with heart disease.

"However, when participants with cardiovascular disease are taken, the results remain unchanged," said Maria Luojus as the author of the study in its press release. "The relationship between serum concentrations of copper and sleep duration survive independently of the cardiovascular disease".

Other studies will be completed to test the relationship aatara excessive sleeping, copper levels and inflammation. However, previous studies have shown that, sleep in general is very important for our health, reducing sleep duration supposed (7 to 8 hours) can increase inflammation in women with heart disease, disrupt the immune system, impair memory and cause anxiety and depression.

Such as eating foods or even exercise, everyone would do it differently. But, there is an average of happiness that can be obtained from sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens should sleep 8-10 hours per night, while those who are more mature it shall sleep up to 9 hours per night.

They are older, aged 65 years and over generally need less sleep, 7-8 hours. To maintain the quality of sleep, try to sleep 8 hours per night, you will feel the changes, not only will you feel more energetic, but also long-term effects on your body.


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