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Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is the habit Causes Oily Skin Added

Beauty - you have oily skin that tends to definitely have a lot of extra beauty rituals in order to eliminate the levels of excess oil on the skin. However, some things you do good for more attention because there is a habit that turned out to potentially make the skin more oily. Anything?

1. One using a moisturizer
Neelam A Vashi MD, assistant professor of dermatology and director of medical research cosmetic and laser at the Boston University School of Medicine explains, some people who have a type of oily skin use products such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, or olive oil to moisturize the skin and removes impurities that clog pores. However, this practice is actually not true.

"Instead, use a moisturizer that does not contain oil and contain glycerin and other materials which absorb water into the skin. Rather than using a moisturizer in the form of a cream that makes sticky, choose a moisturizer is a liquid, gel, or serum, "advises Vashi.

2. Wearing heavy makeup
Vashi explains, wearing heavy makeup and do not clean it carefully can actually clog pores. Conversely, when buying makeup products, choose products that do not contain oil and contains niasinamida, derivatives of vitamin B which proved to absorb the oil.

3. Rub the skin
Many people assume that rubbing or scrubbing routine will remove the oil. However, this assumption was wrong. According to Adrienne Fay, a medical aesthetics at The Rockoff Center, Boston, rub the skin with a rough can make the skin produce more oil.

"Instead, choose skin care products cleansers containing salicylic acid and do once or twice a week. Salicylic acid is able to cleanse the pores and removes excess oil and dirt, "said Fay.

4. Do not clean your face after exercising
Maybe you are too tired after exercising to not have the extra energy to clean the face. However, during exercise, sweat and dirt is able to clog pores including on the face. "Thus, it is important to clean the face after exercising with cleaning products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzol peroxide," said Vashi.

5. Too often clean the face
Wash your face does make the skin more delicate and fresh, but do not make it a habit to is too often done. Vashi revealed, the skin requires natural oils and when washing your face too often, the natural oils will be produced and makes pores widening.

6. Eating
The habit of eating foods high in fat, contain excessive oil and coconut milk may increase oil levels in your body. In this case also you do not consume enough vitamins and nutrients.

How To Overcome Oily Skin

1. Routine Exfoliate
Exfoliate or scrape off dead skin cells becomes the key to a clean face and looked fresh. You can do a scrub, facial or peeling once a week to remove dead skin cells. In this way in the face of oil will be more controlled.

2. Special Facial Cleanser
Choose a specific facial cleanser for oily face that can control the oil that contains salicylic acid or purifying clay that is safe to use every day to close the pores are large and protected from excess oil.

3. Toner
Avoid using a toner that has a high alcohol content. Such products can make skin fresh and oil-free, but only in the short term. High alcohol content can create new problems such as trigger acne.

4. Wash Down
Do not wash your face too often because it can make the skin dry and produce more and more oil. Better to use cleaning products that are free of chemicals to reduce irritation on the face and did not make the skin dry and apply moisturizer after washing the face.

5. Mineral Make-up
Use products labeled mineral makeup can prevent the skin from acne when using make-up. First is to use a primer. Primer making foundation can be attached perfectly to the face, so the make-up will be lasting all day. The basic make-up can also absorb excess oil on the face.

"Dermatologist suggest you simply wash your face twice, namely in the morning and evening. Wash your face with a third dose of the portion in the two-time if your activity causes excessive sweating, "he said.

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