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Thursday, October 15, 2015


We've all had one day, or maybe a week, where difficult to focus on one job. Just read the news sites, one minute and then you've opened the email and reply to incoming mail, but have also pressed the send button you switch opening social media accounts.

When he was not as focused as it all seemed to not be solved. But actually it's not entirely your fault. Research shows there are many things that make us easily distracted attention.

Here are some of the causes is hard to focus:

1. Lack of sleep
The bed has a huge effect on your ability to concentrate. Children who have trouble sleeping will find it difficult to follow the lessons at school. Good night's sleep also helps you focus on work.

2. Natural
Humans are inherently susceptible to distraction. We react to the new information, and it is the instinct of survival. Research also shows the environment in which we grew up effect on our ability to concentrate. Parents who frequently interrupted his son while playing can also impair the child's ability to concentrate.

3. Modern technology
Phone, email, messaging applications, and social media, are all scrambling our attention so it is difficult for us to focus on one thing at work. Average workers to change what he was doing every three minutes, and once distracted it takes 30 minutes to get back to its original duties.

4. The room was a mess
Workbench are neat, clean, and quiet, it helps us to focus.

5. Television lit.
Of course, television is turned on can be a distraction, but studies say that the sound of the television in the rear screen can disturb children aged less than 3 years who were playing. It was also an effect on their development. There's nothing wrong with watching television, but you should turn off when you're focused on other work.

6. Lack of exercise
There are many studies that found a link between exercise and cognitive ability. For example, people who have a less active lifestyle ability to focus turns lower.

7. Depression
Lack of focus and concentration is one of the more common symptoms of depression, whereas if the content is classified as severe depression can sometimes make people can not work or study effectively and require medical treatment.

8. Hormonal changes
Hormonal changes that commonly occur in women while pregnant or before menstruation can make it difficult to focus or often forget.

9. Menopause
Based on a recent study conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Centre in the United States found the menopause can cause temporary disruption on mental acuity that affects a person's ability to concentrate.

10. Stroke
Stroke cause problems in blood flow that causes changes in organs such as memory loss or fail to concentrate. Generally, occupational therapy can help rebuild some mental skills.

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