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Friday, October 23, 2015

THIS Scientific Explanation Regarding ANGRY and what a result for Our Body

Angered itself is a natural emotion that is common to everyone. If the emotion of anger is controlled, then it will bring bad effects, but if out of control just like that, the physical and mental we will have bad effects. Angry prohibited is angry that indulge in lust.

According to various health articles pumping heart will race and suddenly when we get angry, where the heart is an organ that is essential for the body, so that when the heart is impaired, the blood circulation throughout the body would not be normal. Moreover, if in our blood vessels becomes blocked, the heart work even harder.

Scientists say, when someone is angry, then his body will be responsive to pressure. In a depressed state, the body produces stress hormones or cortisol. Cortisol serves to generate power for the purpose of "survival", improve memory function, increase the body's defenses, reducing sensitivity to pain and maintain body homeostasis.

If someone is angry, cortisol will be released in excessive amounts that elevated blood pressure, in addition to the excess cortisol will cause arteriosclerosis, ie clumping of fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels and lead to coronary heart disease.

According to research done by the Department of Cardiology America, through the journals they publish, stated that anger can increase the likelihood of coronary heart disease acute by 19% for someone who did not have heart disease, and 24% for someone who did have heart disease earlier.

Here are tips to overcome and control emotions:
  1. When taste marahmu hooked, the first thing to do is DIAM. Do not let your mouth noises even words that are not frivolous or abusive, the possibility of this happening instinctively, but actually still be in control or in control.
  2. Take a deep breath from your nose, hold for 10 seconds, then exhaust through the mouth. Why? Because at the moment of anger, blood flows upward, but when we take a breath, oxygen into the brain space that makes us become more relaxed or calm.
  3. When the self has been a little calmer, automatic brain can think clearly. Since most emotion brings us to things 'nonsense' which we did, with the result that we regret.
  4. Remind yourself, man who can not control the emotions that people are weak. Think about things that are otherwise, although there did not seem, always think of good things.
  5. Listen to your favorite music, doing fun things. Make yourself as comfortable as possible.
  6. Do not let your emotions continues. Because the emotions that can not be solved can be destructive not only destroyed around you, but also your reputation. Never let yourself be swept away in anger, because anger can be remembered continuously, could you feel unfairly treated. And anger due to emotional moment that resulted in hatred could take root. Surely it is not good for your own health.
  7. Previous thinking in advance what will happen as a result of you angry. Many people tend not to think long when angry, and bad acting evil even if it had been angry.
  8. Always think of the consequences. If emotions followed, what are the consequences? In addition to its bad reputation, we are also going to be an easy target for the devil, because uncontrolled anger can accumulate hatred in our hearts.
  9. Everything starts from the mind. Control your mind, you can control your emotions. Think really led to action right, wrong thinking led to wrongdoing. Now everything is up to ourselves!
  10. If you can control your emotions, why do not you do? it is better to be patient than you should be angry. Learn to control yourself emotionally ourselves.

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