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Sunday, October 11, 2015

8 Make Up Mistakes to Avoid

Pretty, some women may not be able to go out of the house or not confident if traveling without makeup. Of course wearing makeup is a natural thing, but you also have to be careful not to make mistakes when bermake up that can damage the skin or even cover up the natural beauty of your face. Let's refer to the five bermake up mistakes that you should avoid the following:

1. Too Thick Using Powder
Every woman must have in their bag of powder yes Beautiful? Dust can cover the shortfall in our face, but if polished too thick, especially if it turns out the color does not match the color of your skin, your face looks pale existing or look like a mask. Unfortunately not that pretty face naturally be covered because the powder is too thick? Additionally thick powder can make your skin pores closed, you know. Apply a thin layer of powder in a particular area Beautiful. Do not forget to choose a powder with a color that is suitable in your skin.

2. Using Foundation On Skin
Foundation if used properly will help flatten the skin color. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made when a woman is using the foundation of dry skin. Foundation will not cover the skin dry, even make the face look older and tired. Why is it important for you to regularly scrubbing the face two times a week and use a face moisturizer twice a day. If your skin is healthy, moist and smooth, the foundation will work well.

3. One of wear concealer color.
A mistake in choosing the color of concealer can actually lead to the area you want to disguise even more clearly visible. Use concealer color of your foundation for acne scars, redness, or black spots on your face and use a concealer with a lighter color level of your foundation to highlight the area under your eyes.

4. Blush on Too Thick
Among the errors in bermake up, this is the most errors you must not do Beautiful. If used properly, will cover the shortfall blush on the face, the face looks brighter and make you look younger. The use of blush on the right is when the color of blush on nearly matching the skin color of your face. Pulaskan only a thin layer and move the brush from the cheek toward the temple to get the best results. Alternatively, you can treat the skin with a series of image Pink Orchid which will give a bright hue natural in your face you know.

5. Using Too Many Colors For Eye-shadow
In one eye-shadow palette there are several colors, beauty. But that does not mean you have to use all the colors yes. Just select no more than three eye shadow colors you use in the eye so that your appearance is not too excessive. Even for everyday purposes, you really only need one color only really Beautiful.

6. Using a bronzer on the entire facial area.
Applications in all areas of the face bronzer can make your face look like too long sunbathing on the beach, you know. Use bronzer only in the temples, forehead, chin, and under the cheekbones to get sexy sunkissed look.

7. Clamping lashes after applying mascara.
Clamp lashes after applying mascara will make your lashes stick to the eyelash curler and make it broken or uprooted. Do not want it if your lashes so thin?

8. Excessive Drawing Eyebrow
While not every woman is born with thick eyebrows, but that does not mean you have to excessive current draw eyebrows yes Beautiful. If too thick when drawing the eyebrows, especially with colors that are too dark, your face will actually look stiff. To avoid this, try to draw eyebrows using a brush rather than an eyebrow pencil.

 Among the five errors earlier, whether there are often you do beauty? Let's begin to avoid mistakes in bermake this up so that you can look beautiful. In addition to avoiding mistakes bermake up above, do not forget to diligently take care of your face with the right care products yes, that is natural and has been diseusaikan the conditions women face Indonesia. Because if you take care of your face with terautr, then wajahamu will look beautiful and naturally bright, so it does not need makeup that is too thick Beautiful.


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