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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Is it safe to Eat Food Contain MSG for Pregnant Women?

During pregnancy, a lot of foods that should be avoided by pregnant women in order not to affect the fetus or abortion. So that the fetus in the womb can grow healthy and well, pregnant women should also get enough nutrients from healthy foods.

But a lot of food today who receive additional flavor enhancer MSG or foods, which, if too much is consumed is not good for the body. And what about pregnant women, are able to eat food air-MSG?

As reported by, there is still no scientific evidence about the health risks and the development of the fetus if the mother consuming MSG, so pregnant women can still eat foods with MSG. But of course should be limited, especially if pregnant women are sensitive to air-MSG diet.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) to be one component of food flavor enhancer that is widely used by food manufacturers and sold well in the market. MSG itself is also safe for use in food or food packaging.

If you still can eat food without MSG or flavor, avoid foods like. Still multiply vegetables and fruits in order to get good nutrition. Not only to keep the content, but also avoid the risk of maternal health alone, ladies.


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