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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Keep Your skin Beauty After Exercising

A healthy body you can get through regular exercise. Well, after a little exercise is usually the way you look so untidy. Not really cool dong if the body is healthy but not supported look cool. Whatever the activity, you should still look okay ya dong.

Do not need a complicated way kok Beautiful. There are easy steps you can apply after sports. Let's Preview !

# Drinking Water
The main thing you should not miss the drinking water. Exercise makes the body sweat so that the liquid is reduced. Therefore, make sure you consume enough water to replace the fluid that has been wasted.

# Power Shower
Exercise makes the body so sweaty and sticky. Not to mention the hair also become limp and matted. In order tampilanmu more okay after the workout, shower and wash your hair immediately. This method effectively reduces fatigue and makes your body so fresh.

# Body lotion
Keep the freshness of the skin after bathing to apply body lotion to the entire body. Right moisturizer will assist the skin is always hydrated when you resume activity.

# Deodorant
Still smelly and sweaty despite the shower? Ceramic by wearing deodorant on the armpit and cleavage. This can reduce the production of sweat and prevent body odor.

# Make Up 3 Minutes
Nothing wrong why you wear make-up after workout. Wear makeup simple and natural for more fresh impression on the face. Make sure the faces in dry conditions without sweat in order to prevent makeup smudged.

# Order Hair
So that you look more fresh, Ceramic by tying the hair into one neatly. In addition, this method also can reduce heartburn after a workout, right?

So, look untidy after workout ga ya era again. Instead there appear cool and fresh all the time. Try ya!


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