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Friday, October 2, 2015

This She Practical Ways to Protect Eyes from the Dangers of Light Screen Gadgets

As people living in modern times, of course, we are very dependent on the use of the gadget. Every time each day, we always use the gadget. However, these habits of course have an effect that is harmful to us, especially for the health of your eyes.

But if we avoid the use of gadgets, of course, would not be possible. Therefore of course, we must find ways to protect our eyes from the dangers posed by the radiation beam gadgets that we use. As to whether the way? Here are some ways that you can do to protect the eyes from the dangers ray screen gadget :

1. Flashing and Change Position Visibility
When it has been the focus of doing something in front of the computer we often feel forgotten to blink. Though flashing is very important when you're wearing the gadget. If the eye is left open for a long time, it will feel dry and will certainly cause discomfort. In addition, change the position of visibility for some certain time frame so that the eye does not feel stiff.

2. Get Sun Exposure
Try to spend a few minutes of your time to gain exposure to direct sunlight. The goal is that in order to adjust your circadian rhythm and also to improve mood.

3. Set the Display Lighting
If you use the gadgets in the room or a place with abundant light, lighting tingkatkanlah screen your gadget. However, if the room is dim, lighting gadgets should be reduced.

4. Prevent Glare
Make sure you clean the screen gadget. Try when wearing the gadget, you do not feel glare. The trick can be circumvented by means of using the window blinds are appropriate when working with a computer in a bright room, or adjust the room lighting and the light from the monitor of your gadget.

5. Use Special Glasses
Now there are glasses designed specifically to overcome the glare and protect the eyes from excessive light exposure monitor.

6. Balance with Eating Well
Foods that contain vitamin C, vitamin A, and omega-3 is very good for maintaining eye health. So, you also have to balance it with healthy foods.

7. Position Monitor Arm Throughout Hand
When working with a computer or laptop, make sure the distance monitor is along the arm of your eyes.

8. Break Every 15-20 Minutes
Every 15-20 minutes, rest. You can use the time off to blink, resting with eyes closed, or the streets around the room.

9. Position the screen is 5 inches lower than Mata
When using a mobile phone or tablet for instance, position the screen 5 inches lower than your eyes. With so eyes will be opened a little more and not easily tired.

10. Reduce use of gadgets Shortly Before Bed
Of at least an hour before bedtime, remove yourself from any gadget. This can help you better control the use of gadgets every day.

Those are some practical ways to protect the eyes from the dangers ray screen your gadget. Hope it is useful!

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