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Monday, October 26, 2015

Rid of Anxiety Disorders Without to psychiatrist, could it be?

Headline above could certainly be answered by the majority of people who have problems of anxiety disorders but has not had the opportunity to come to a psychiatrist. Anxiety disorders can indeed be cured without having to shrink, of course, the severity of anxiety disorders is still mild to moderate.

When I'm training the treatment of psychiatric disorders organized by the Institute of Brain Medicine in the Philippines in 2012, Prof Brian E.Leonard as one of the speakers said that the symptoms of anxiety disorders in patients appear if the condition of brain adaptation to stress is already not reliable anymore.

Furthermore he said that the system imbalance in the brains of people who have anxiety disorders are far occurred before the anxiety symptoms appear. When starting a new weight imbalance which the symptoms appear, not at the beginning of events there.

It was certainly a thought to us that the condition of anxiety disorders must be prevented occurrence if we understand what is the source stressors trigger anxiety disorders.

In practice, patients who have symptoms of a panic attack the first time even say that these symptoms came away after something considered stressors passed. That is a lot of conditions when stressors or triggers of stress exists, the condition of the body actually not show symptoms of anxiety. It shows that the brain systems are adapting to the stressor.

Identify stressors

On several occasions to meet with patients who are already undergoing treatment and has lost nearly 90 percent of the symptoms, I always emphasize the need to begin to recognize the stressors that may not be realized by the patient.

Live in today it's not possible without the stress, but not all of the stress and go straight to a psychiatrist instead? This means that most of the stress is usually adapted by the patients themselves with the mechanisms of adaptation that patients usually do.

There are escaping from problems there is also facing the problem openly. Some are quick to learn and adapt to the problems encountered, there is also a need a long time to learn how to recognize a good tackle.

Do not forget to identify the stressor usually sometimes actually possible level of stress is small, but when he used to come then the condition can disrupt the balance of the durability of our stress. When resistance diminishing our stress and we have started to lose the ability to learn to deal with stress, then stress symptoms usually start to come. Accumulation of these symptoms can cause many problems one anxiety disorder that can arise.

Physical guard
Many people say "Mensana in Corporesano" which means that in a healthy body there is a strong spirit. This slogan is not fetched but true because in the body which maintained their health, of course, has implications for his mental condition. Examples of the most frequently overlooked is sleep problems. Many people who understand the importance of sleep but often ignore.

Sleep problems can become chronic or prolonged psychiatric disorders entrance experiencing one anxiety disorder. Go to bed at the appropriate time and the appropriate time to sleep. Bed before 12 o'clock at night with a minimum of 6.5 hours and a maximum of 9 hours is sufficient as a good starting tips to maintain healthy sleep.

Avoid drinking excess alcohol. Although the majority of the Indonesian population is Muslim but the problem of alcohol remains a problem, especially in the era of globalization in recent years. Modern lifestyles juxtaposed with liquor. Many people who start trying to drink liquor such as wine (wine) and beer.

Alcohol is a depressant or suppress the central nervous system. Regular and long usage will affect the mechanism of the system in the brain and cause mental problems.

Sport in many studies considered making changes not only on physical fitness but also mental health. Exercise undertaken happy to make an increase in endorphins, a happy hormone produced naturally by the body. High levels in the body make people have to be happy.

Positive thinking is not easy

Although many people say anxiety disorder patients need to think positive, was not easy to do. Positive thinking needs to be a good environment and consistent exercise. Someone who tries to think positively without the support of a good environment also will certainly be more difficult to do than the environment has been good.

Besides positive thinking is necessary also coupled with a positive attitude. Theory certainly better also if practiced well and often. Otherwise he will remain a theory in our brain.

Hopefully this article can help us to understand that trying to treat the problem of anxiety disorders can indeed be cultivated without going to a psychiatrist. If it is severe and could not control it's good people with anxiety disorders come to a psychiatrist for treatment.


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