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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Benefits of Papaya Seeds for Digestive and Kidney

Papaya fruit contains the enzyme papain, and fiber that may help overcome the problem of stomach and digestive disorders such as constipation and effective way to prevent hemorrhoids. Research also proves that the content of papain in papaya fruit can kill parasites that interfere with digestion in the intestinal activity. In addition to the papaya fruit pulp, seeds apparently also nutritious for health.

Benefits of Papaya Seeds for Digestive and Kidney

Based on clinical trials, papaya seed oil can be processed and retrieved. In addition to oil, papaya seed also is known traditionally as worming, cold medicine, diarrhea, skin diseases, digestive disorders and even as a male contraceptive.

The content of this papaya seeds, based on research, it has a pharmacological effect on the human body. Therefore, discard seeds of papaya necessarily the same as throwing drugs that may be needed by your family.

The building blocks of papaya seeds
When parsed, the content of papaya seeds such as alkaloids, steroids, tannins, and essential oils. In detail, the content of the seeds in the form of some unsaturated fatty origin in high quantities. The acid is oleic acid and palmiat. In addition, papaya seeds are also known to contain phenolic groups senyaw akimia, terpenoids also saponins. These compounds are sitoksik, anti - androgen and estrogenic effect. Furthermore, papaya seeds also contain small amounts of carbohydrates, water, ash, protein, and fat. Meanwhile, the related benefits as penghitam hair, closely related to the content of glucoside compounds in the papaya seeds carcirindan itself.

Do not be consumed by pregnant women
Experts prohibits pregnant women to avoid eating papaya seeds sktrak or even in the form of juice though. It is related to the content of papaya seeds as a proteolytic enzyme papain, chymopapain A, B chymopapain and papaya peptidase in the seeds.

For young women who are pregnant, consumption of papaya seeds will cause a miscarriage and subsequent potentially complicate future pregnancies because this proteolytic compounds known to trigger drought in the womb. So beware !

Benefits of papaya seeds
Papaya seeds, beyond a doubt, is also useful, because it do not throw it away. Black beans with the cornea has essential nutrients with the following properties :

Antibacterial, effective against bacteria E. coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus infections.

Maintain kidney health.
Papaya seed extract can protect the kidneys of toxins that lead to kidney problems.

Kill parasites in the digestive tract.
Already some evidence that papaya seeds are able to eradicate the parasite in digestion. In a study of Nigerian children who suffer from parasites in the digestive tract, 76.6 percent declared free of parasites after seven days of eating papaya seeds.

Cleanse the liver of toxins.
In Chinese medicine, a teaspoon of papaya seeds can help detoxify the liver ( liver ). Therefore papaya seeds are often recommended naturopathic doctors for treatment of liver cirrhosis ( hardening of the liver ).

To enjoy the papaya seeds, seeds eaten immediately or dried and crushed. Or, mix 1/4 cup of papaya seeds with a tablespoon.

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