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Saturday, September 28, 2013

10 Benefits with Sports Breath Meditation

Various activities and other activities that must be passed every day would make you tired and stressed . To fix this , you need peace more . Meditation is a good way to get some peace in the soul . Just by sitting quietly and concentrating on breathing in and out

In addition to getting peace , meditation can also provide other benefits . Let's look together !

1 . Stimulate the growth of brain
Arrangements are made ​​with the breath meditation can increase brain size . According to the 2005 study at Harvard , focusing on breath meditation that has the capacity to increase the thickness of the cerebral cortex .

2 . Increase the heart rate variability
Variability ( in the time interval between heartbeats ) low heart rate associated with a high risk of heart attack . A study in 2012 proved , deep breathing exercises can improve heart denyur variability in healthy individuals .

3 . Lower stress levels
Meditation is especially useful in times of sadness , stress , and under pressure . Meditation allows you to release toxins and negative energy deposits in the body , such as fear , worry , and anxiety .
When shortness of breath , we tend to be more easily stressed . So sit down and catch my breath a minute or two can help the body to be more calm and relaxed .

4 . Relieve anxiety and negative emotions
When panic or worry , many of us breathe shallowly . This is a natural reaction of the body when under pressure . Focusing on breathing can relieve anxiety , depression , and other negative emotions . An Australian study found that deep breathing for 30 minutes before performing in public effectively reducing the " stage fright " .

5 . Relieve panic before exams
A 2007 study published in the journal Teaching and Learning in Medicine found that students who make arrangements before the exam breath tends to be calm and concentrate while undergoing tests than those who did not .

6 . Lowers blood pressure
Breathe slowly and deeply for a few minutes every day can also lower blood pressure . As expressed by Dr David Anderson of the National Institutes of Health . Even routine while in doing so, may continue to feel the impact . However , researchers have yet to determine the exact mechanism .

7 . Alter gene expression
A recent study found , arrangements were made ​​with breathing meditation relaxation response triggers that keep the body from stress . The response is actually created from the conversion of gene expression in the immune system .

8 . sense of peace
Meditation does not have to be a long process . You just have to close your eyes , be quiet , pay attention to the body , and focusing on your breath . Within a few minutes , you will feel much more relaxed .

9 . Clarity and focus
Over time , meditation helps you to concentrate better on each activity . You also will be able to see things more objectively and clearly .

10 . holistic health
Meditation is good for everyone both internally and externally . Many believe that meditation helps heal and relax the body organs . The benefits one looks at the more radiant looking skin .

Anyone can do it

You can meditate through directives given books , attend workshops , or buy a guided meditation CD . Meditation is an important tool to cope with stress and manage the responsibilities that come with each cycle of human life

Now that he benefits from meditation . Many right? With numerous benefits of meditation , do not you be tempted to do it ? Let's practice together !

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