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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Child Brain Development specified By Love Mom

It is fitting parents wholeheartedly loves her baby . Affection of the parents not only make children grow into happy , but it can affect a child's brain , the larger brain size . A brain scan was done to children from three years to prove it .

Children get the love of his mother had significantly left brain size bigger and more ' clean' of black spots compared with children who do not get enough affection even ignored by his mother . This is also true with the right brain .

Neurological reveal if these results could be used as evidence that the treatment of children in the early years of life is critical . The scientists say that the difference in size of the left brain and right brain child depends on the mother's treatment of her.

Effect of maternal affection towards the child 's brain development
When viewed at a glance , the scanned image will show that the right brain is like exhausted children experience severe pain or accident , when in fact the child ' just ' do not get affection , neglect , and even abuse from his parents . In contrast , scanning images showing the child's brain growing bigger and better , indicating that the child is getting the love from his mother and raised in a loving environment .

Child whose brain shrinkage will have difficulty in mental development . Selan , he tends prone to health problems . According to Professor Allan Schore of UCLA , Los angeles , baby depends on the mother in the healthy brain development in the early age of the first two years of life in the world . He said that less than 80 percent of the brain cells to grow in the first two years of life . If at this time the brain does not develop properly , then it is very difficult to be addressed in the future . Ignoring the baby's development can lead to permanent brain damage , the result of brain development are not optimally.

This study does not stand alone . Another study by a team from Washington University School of Medicine , St. Louis , also shows the same thing . Children who get enough affection from their parents tend to have a larger hippocampus . The hippocampus is the core of the brain structures that are important for the process of remembering , learning , and respond to stress . These results indicate that the child is more intelligent .

Therefore , for the reader as well , if you want your child to grow flowers optimal , give him enough affection , create happiness for him as a baby so that they can grow into a smart and happy child . Hopefully this article useful ..

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