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Monday, September 30, 2013

How Often You Should Creambath ?

Ladies , Creambath is one form of hair care routine done by women . However , many are confused too often creambath whether to make damaged hair or make hair healthy . Creambath not only be done at the salon . At home , you can do it yourself . Obviously the selection of cream used should be tailored to your hair type .

Creambath has benefits for hair moisturizing , smoothing . So the treatment is good for hair as long as used properly . If your hair loss, simply wrap your hair with a hot towel and do not need to be steaming . If you do creambath in the salon , which often makes the hair become dry is your hair from blowing process . Hairdryer heat rate used for memblow your hair , that's what makes hair grow dry . Preferably , do not need to be too dry and use a hair dryer too hot , just dry the hair that is not too wet . If viewed from the process , creambath very easy to do at home . And certainly healthier .

Perform creambath 1 week 2x to add nutrients your hair . Especially if you're using natural ingredients that you have created yourself such as for example from fruits , surely will give the maximum effect on your hair . Lah massage your scalp gently , and use materials that suit your hair type . Do not worry that it will damage your hair . If done correctly it will make your hair healthier again .

So , ready to try to make your hair more beautiful ? Good luck .

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