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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Signs Your Allergies In Cosmetics

Allergies in cosmetics that often people do not even know and are not aware of . Suddenly a severe skin condition and suffering from inflammation . Well , this may happen if you do not understand the condition of your skin .

Actual energy reactions can know early on. Even a few moments after applying cosmetic products that you wear . Does not deny that some well -known brands can make your allergies because there is one ingredient that your skin does not hold .

Generally , the signs if you are allergic to a product are :


The first signs usually appear when the skin is redness allergic to cosmetics . And do not even have to wait a long time , because this reaction can occur in a matter of minutes .

Swatch first product on your skin will feel a little itchy or hot , then mark it reinforced by redness of the skin . Well if it's like this you should know that there is content on the cosmetics that you are not fit . Discontinue use and do not be forwarded .


This reaction is generally indicated when applying cosmetics in the eyelid area . Whether it's eyeliner , eyeshadow , or mascara , which can cause the skin around the eyes puffy .

However , do not rule out the possibility that the swelling will appear elsewhere if you use a different product .

eye problem

This reaction is usually indicated if you do not fit on the eyeliner or mascara . You will feel the itching , redness , often in tears , and eyelids feel heavy . In some cases you also become sensitive to light so dizziness or headache will follow .

What to do if you have allergies so ?

The first , make sure you stop using the product and look at what materials are likely to cause allergies
Avoid buying products that do not Abal Abal clear sign of allergy abortion because it would be easily visible
Clean the skin first time will wear makeup
Always replace makeup tools every 3-6 months and wash every week to keep them clean
Do not rub , scratch , wear scrubs or scrub or mask is also experiencing an allergic skin

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