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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Naps make more brilliant brain child

It has long been regarded as napping is a good thing for the children, especially in children who do not attend school. Now the latest study reveals benefits of napping behind for the kids.

Naps make more brilliant brain child

Based on the test they do, the child who has been known to nap have a good memory than when they do not nap. The effect of nap even long enough until the next day. Research reveals that a nap can help boost a child's brain performance, especially in terms of memory.

"We found the first evidence that napping is important for the children were not attending school. Naps help them remember better what they learned on the playground," said researcher Rebecca Spencer of the University of Massachusetts, as reported by Live Science (23/​​09 ).

The research was conducted on 40 children from six playgroup in Massachusets. They were asked to perform tasks related to visual memory. The outcome of children who nap are known to answer the test with more accurate and correct than children who did not nap. Comparison of accuracy rate is 75 percent compared to 65 percent. This effect also makes them more accurate test work the next day.

Based on the above research, it seems that the decision of the mother to force her nap is the right decision for the sake of their children's intelligence. Is your child's regular nap every day?

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