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Monday, September 16, 2013

Recognize the Physical Signs of High Cholesterol

Determine levels of cholesterol in the blood is important as part of efforts to prevent heart and blood vessel disease. Examination can usually be done with a blood test in the laboratory. Simple examination can show the number of total cholesterol, whereas a more complex examination can show additional information such as the number of high-density lipoprotein ( HDL ), low density lipoprotein ( LDL ), and triglycerides.

Recognize the Physical Signs of High Cholesterol

Examination should be performed routinely cholesterol levels to continue to monitor the overall health. However, other than through a blood test, there are actually physical signs that can be observed to detect high levels of total cholesterol in the blood.

This is the Physical Signs of High Cholesterol

1. Dizziness back of the head

Headache in the back of the head caused by a blockage of blood vessels around the head. This occurs because of blockage of cholesterol plaques began forming in the blood vessels. If left unchecked, the blood vessels will rupture and cause a stroke.

2. Neck and shoulder aches

Stiffness in the neck and shoulders are the implications of irregular blood flow in the blood vessels in the area. Blood flow is not smooth also caused by vessel blockage from cholesterol.

3. Often stiff in the hands and feet

Blood vessels in the hands and feet can also be blocked due to cholesterol buildup. Stiffness in the hands and feet due to the buildup of cholesterol usually persistent though not perform activities that are too strenuous.

4. Frequent tingling in hands and feet

Almost the same as the stiffness, tingling an implication of blood flow is not smooth in certain body parts. Numbness associated with nerve that does not get the blood flow.

5. Left chest like a punctured

Left chest associated with blood -pumping organ is the heart. Blockage in the arteries around the heart can cause pain like being stabbed. Even the pain may spread to the area around the neck. Chest pain can also be signs of a heart attack.

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