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Saturday, September 21, 2013

7 Healthy Habits in Early Days Should You Apply

Adopting a healthy lifestyle in the morning can have a positive impact on the whole body . Healthy habits that you do every morning will indirectly provide positive energy for the body to carry out activities throughout the day . Breakfast in the morning is one of the healthy habits that you must apply . Instead , waking up late is unhealthy habits that you must leave immediately . So what are the healthy habits that should we pursue ? Here's his review ..

7 healthy habits in the morning
1 . Waking up early
Wake up earlier than the average person is a healthy habit that you should apply . With waking up early , you can have a lot of time for exercise or breakfast without haste . If you wake up 15 minutes before starting activity such as work, college or school , then you have lost a lot of positive benefits that you should be able to get.

2 . Drinking water
The average adult sleeping for 6 to 8 hours per night . During this period , the body is not getting fluid intake . Drinking water should be one of the main priorities should you do in the morning after waking . Drinking water is beneficial to get rid of toxins in the body .

3 . Drink warm lemon water and honey
Some people often feel discomfort in the abdomen in the morning . To overcome this , drink warm lemon water mixed with honey . Drinks can be a cure constipation and maintain the health of your colon .

4 . sport
Take advantage of the time in the morning for jogging , biking or other moderate exercise . Exercising in the morning will keep your body fit and helps increase concentration while working .

5 . bath
Shower in the morning shortly after waking is considered very effective to ward off drowsiness and keeps the body refreshed . It would be even better if you shower with cold water , because some studies have shown that a cold shower can wake up the nerves in the body and improving blood flow .

6 . drinking juice
Do not start the day with a caffeinated beverage such as tea or coffee . Caffeinated drinks does stimulate the brain , but no significant impact to your body . Instead , drink orange juice .

7 . Breakfast in the morning
Breakfast in the morning will make the body become more energetic and help improve your brain memory . The morning breakfast is needed to support your activities throughout the day . Therefore, you should never ever skip breakfast . However , it is recommended to choose healthy foods such as foods rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates .

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