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Friday, November 8, 2013

5 Signs Your Attacking Cancer

Cancer is a scourge for many people in the world. How not such malignant disease has infected more than 12.7 million people around the world. The number is even predicted to increase to 21 million cases in 2030. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet, exercise regularly and stress free it is claimed can prevent you from the dangers of cancer, but the risk of still lurking.

5 Signs Your Attacking Cancer

To make others more aware of the dangers that lurk cancer, holistic medicine practitioners, David Brownstein, MD, presents a complete guide to preventing cancer as well as teaching readers to recognize the early symptoms of cancer five.

As reported by Newsmax Health, the early symptoms of cancer cells into the body is characterized by the following five symptoms, the hormonal imbalance, lack of iodine compounds in the body that affect the working of thyroid hormone, vitamin D deficiency, low levels of pH, and sugar content in the blood is high.

The reason ? Brownstein explained that cancer cells love sugar and acidic body condition. " Cancer cells grow faster in an acidic environment. In addition, cancer cells are also very fond of sugar. Glucose is the main focus for the cancer cells to divide rapidly, "said Brownstein.

Additionally Brownstein also add high levels of sugar in the direction to make the body become acidic. " Sugar is converted into acid, which means to make the body more acidic, " says Brownstein.

So how do I fix this so that the cancer is not easily approached ? Brownstein recommends to practice healthy eating.

" Logically, if we eat healthy food, then we balance the levels of vitamins and hormones in the body, which in turn strengthens the immune system, " Brownstein said, adding that prime the immune system to defend the body from cancer cells, as well as other diseases.

Lastly, Brownstein recommends to eat lots of organic foods that are free of hormones and antibiotics, in addition to increase intake of foods with omega - 3 and omega- 6 balance.

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