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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Impact of Negative and Positive Eating Instant Noodles

Instant noodles in the claims by some as a dangerous kind of food because it contains a layer of wax on his noodles. This layer is hard to digest by the body and it took at least two days until the body can be removed dar.

 Therefore, those who claim it is appealed to the public to at least give a distance of 2 days after eating instant noodles to eat it again. They also say, the consumption of instant noodles in the long term can cause cancer due to pile wax in the digestive tract.

The things that should be considered in taking:

1. The use of wax as a coating noodle products that have been authorized by the FDA is the use of natural waxes made from food-grade vegetable (Jojoba oil, bayberry, castor, rice bran, soy wax), petroleum (paraffin, microcrystalline, petroleum jelly), beeswax (wax produced by bees), shellac-based wax (wax produced by a kind of insect Kierra Lacca) or resin (wax produced by certain plant species).
2. The candles above are widely used in the food industry, usually as a coating fruits to keep them fresh and nonperishable during transport through from the garden, a dining table buyers to the market. Moreover, most likely other types of food industries (including instant noodles here) using one of them to cover products that are not sticky when cooked.
3. To note here is the use of petroleum as a food coating. Petroleum is a complex mixture of substances hidocarbon in different density.
4. Hydrocarbon is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon. According to some studies I've read and other health information that I can, hydrocarbons can lead to cancer because it induces gene changes or mutations.

So far we do not know, if it was the food manufacturers are using wax as a coating product, what kind of wax to use, whether petroleum or other natural types. Therefore, you should be careful. Besides the use of candles, we must also consider the use of dyes in the instant noodle products. That we usually encounter is the use of artificial yellow color, tartrazine. Artificial coloring has some negative side effects on health associated with asthma. Maybe as consumers, we can choose food products that use natural dyes such as beta carotene (natural yellow dye).

In addition to coloring, we must also consider the use of MSG and sodium levels total in instant noodles are usually reached about one thousand milligrams. We all know that salt content is too high is not good for people with hypertension, heart and kidney.

Some positive things from him

Most instant noodle products have gone through the process of fortification (as has been discussed), which is the process of adding micronutrients to the product. These micronutrients such as iron, folic acid, niacin, vitamins and minerals such as calcium.

Has recently introduced a new type of instant noodles that can actually help people who are overweight or want to diet, lose weight. Instant noodles are noodles that using pectin as one of the base ingredients.
Pectin is a linear polysaccharide consisting primarily of galacturonic acid and its derivatives. When these substances are inside the hull and filled with liquid, it will expand and fill the stomach, and consistency make long in the digestive tract, thus slowing the onset of hunger.

According to the study, pectin fiber can reduce the absorption in the gastrointestinal tract resulting in lower blood cholesterol levels, improve intestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation and reduce the risk of gastric cancer. The results of the study with pectin for Instant Noodles Weight Reduction mentions that the efficacy of weight loss and the formation of body posture on the use of instant noodles with pectin better than instant noodles with a standard formula (without pectin).

From some of the reviews above can be concluded that the consumption of instant noodles is not completely harmless, even beneficial for not consumed in excessive amounts.


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