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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Which is More Secure, Walking or Running?

Exercise walking is the cheapest and most easily done on all kinds of sports. In addition to walking, jogging also be another alternative for those who are reluctant to do strenuous exercise, so that both the exercise is still the main choice for many people.

Although impressed by the light and casual, walk turned out to be a healthy activity. By walking, you can prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the body by increasing the intake of oxygen and facilitates blood circulation.
Walking also strengthens bones and muscles, because the walking motion requires more than 600 muscles and 200 bones that work.
Not only that, the active walking and running also helps reduce fat deposits in the body and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases due to age.
But some experts said that walking is considered more secure compared with the run, especially for people who have certain health problems. Why is that? following reasons as quoted mothernature network.

Safe for Muscles
Either walking or running can provide long term benefits for health. But some experts think that walking safer for muscle tissue rather than run. Because, if carbohydrate intake is inadequate then the running time can mangakibatkan muscle catabolism or muscle wasting. Usually this occurs in long-distance running like a marathon.

Safe for Heart
People who have a weak heart condition is usually not recommended to do the running, because the track is too heavy for penedrita heart disease.
Some doctors still recommend this exercise but depending on the severity of heart disease. Walking is the safest exercise for heart patients, who have the same magnitude of benefits such as running, the blood circulation, lower cholesterol and prevent blood vessel blockage.

Safe for joints
Of course, walking is a sport that is more 'friendly' to the joints, because the more minimal impact on joints. Running can provide greater stress on the ankles, knees, hips and other joints when the foot strikes the ground. Of course this could be its own risks, especially for people who have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Tip Healthy Walking

Although impressed trivial, there are some important things you need to consider when walking, among them:

  • Wear shoes that fit. Have a flexible and robust bearings to support the balance of the body
  • Wear a brightly colored jacket or shirt so that other road users can see you
  • Look straight ahead rather than up or down
  • Neutral neck position, not looking down or looking up. Synchronize with eyes straight ahead so as not to experience neck pain.
  • Start walking with landing heel to the ground first
  • Shoulders relaxed and do not slouch. Bend your elbows form a 90 degree angle and swing to the center of the body during walking. This will involve more muscles and burn more calories
  • Try to keep the body aligned so stand back and buttocks muscles you are working optimally and produce burning more calories
  • Chest slightly raised position so that it can take a deep breath, expanding your stomach muscles and try to breathe in rhythm with steps
  • When taking the uphill lean slightly forward to reduce the load on the joints. Conversely, if it finds the track down, lean back
  • If you want to burn more fat, plus your footsteps pace for one minute. Then, go back to the normal pace for two minutes for recovery. Repeat as often as you can and for as long as you want. Variation interval and energy spent on this stage will dramatically increase the amount of fat burned.
  • Do not forget to bring mineral water to keep the body hydrated while walking

Although safer walking than running, but that does not mean running sports should not be done. Walking is a safe exercise option for those who have health problems or who are elderly and want to be physically active.
If you are not experiencing certain health problems, either walking or running can provide equal benefits for health. So, let's walk and run!


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