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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oily face When Wear Makeup? You Can Try It

If noted, the faces of the artist does everything have normal skin and not oily ya? Until dipulaskan makeup always look so beautiful?

Ah ... well not really. Most of the celebrities also have oily skin. Only, they know exactly how to deal with the oil on the face so that makeup so it is no longer sticky.

Let us emulate how celebrities cope with greasy face before you makeup

Wash your face with soap

Before daub of makeup, better wash your face with soap. The combination of soap and water will help lift the oil from the skin.

Use a scrub

If you have oily skin type is very severe, it is better to select a facial scrub only. Facial scrub will help you lift the oil from the pores, so that the face is more fresh and oil-free longer.

Compress with ice cubes

One effective way to overcome the oil on the face is to compress the face with an ice cube. Ice cubes made fresh face durable.

Do not use liquid foundation

If your skin tends to be oily, so avoid foundie textured liquid. Liquid form will make your face look more shiny.

Limit concealer

Similarly with concealer, better pulaskan in points really need it. The rest, leave covered with powder to make it more safe and natural.


Particularly oily skin, powder would be the best friend and can cover more skin to look fresh. Avoid choosing a powder compact even more durable, because the powder compact will make your face oily faster.

Always carry tissue oil

Oil absorbent wipes with you wherever you go. Paste and pat gently so that all the oil on the face can be lifted without making your makeup fade.

It is not difficult also applying makeup and make it durable even your face oily.


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