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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

benefits of pomegranate

What is a pomegranate? This fruit is recently famous, maybe you've seen her on various renowned restaurant menu and juice. Not only tastes good, but the pomegranate fruit has many benefits for both your body.
Studies have shown that pomegranate fruit had higher levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredient that high, so they can help keep the heart healthy and withstand high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and most importantly, a heart attack.

A study also showed that those who consumed pomegranate juice can reduce clogged fat in the body, thus preventing diabetes.

Although pomegranate fruit seem to have many benefits, this fruit also contain high levels of sugar (no wonder it tastes good!), So if you eat too much, you may even accumulate fat in the body! Become obese because of eating is the last thing you want.

Therefore, eat this fruit only with moderation, even better if you consult your doctor first subscription or nutritionist. If you choose to drink pomegranate juice, look at the nutritional facts, do not get too much sugar!

In short: pomegranate fruit is good to eat, but maybe not every day, and be aware of the sugar content.

Source : sehatcantik

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