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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Choose Toys For Children Under Age Smart

Toys became one form of stimulation for children. Giving the right toy to help maximize stimulation for the child's intelligence. Unfortunately, not many parents are aware of how to choose the right toy for her baby.

According to pediatrician dr.Atilla Dewanti Sp.A (K), the selection of toys depends on the ability and needs of the child. At the seminar in Early Infant Stimulation to Develop Multiple Inteligences in Jakarta, Saturday (20/4), Atilla encourage parents to choose toys based on the age of the child.

At 0-3 months of age, parents are advised to choose toys that are colorful, bright, flat, and stimulates motor activity. This is because the eyes of children 0-3 months can not be seen clearly. Choice of bright colors will stimulate vision and toys to help him see more clearly.

Moving the age of 6 months, toys that can be bitten (teethers) may be an option. This toy to stimulate the growth of teeth. Parents can also choose toys with buttons that can be pressed or textured to stimulate motor skills. At this age, children begin to love baths, a parent can give a toy that can float to accompany the event.

"If the child is still small, eg 6 months, do not put toys in his bed. Son will be dizzy especially when the toy moves," said Atilla.

Entering the age of 6-9 months can be given toys that kids can roll, to stimulate motor skills. In the 9-12 age toys that stimulate interaction, eg hand puppets of choice. Through toys, children are invited to communicate which will stimulate the ability to speak and express themselves.

At 1 year of age can parents begin to choose outdoor toys, such as horse riding or mini pool. Toys that stimulate hand-eye coordination as a small organ or an alternative stacking tower.

Books and puzzle began to be introduced at the age of 2 years. This puzzle should not be more than 10-15 pieces. toys that stimulate the imagination and hand-eye coordination, eg fairy dolls, mini tractor, or bowling monsters could be given.

When a child enters the age of 3 years, crayons could be an option. doodles became mandatory activities that stimulate fine motor skills. "Toys should be age-appropriate. Yet more importantly make sure that parents are always there to play with her children near," said Atilla.

If his son is still small, eg 6 months, do not put toys on her bed. dizziness, especially if children will be moving toys


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