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Friday, May 10, 2013

Precisely Diet Makes Big Appetite Add

Often when we are in a weight loss program by limiting food intake, we just feel more excited at the sight of the foods that are not healthy. It turns out this phenomenon commonly experienced by those who are strictly limiting calories.

Research from the Oregon Research Institute (ORI) found that limiting the number of calories you eat will actually make increased appetite, especially for unhealthy foods. The longer you restrict eat, the more food you eat afterwards.

ORI senior researcher Dr. Eric Stice said, these results are unique because the first show calorie restriction has an impact on a particular area of ​​the brain that is more tempted to good food.

Stice and colleagues examined two groups of teenagers who go on a diet. The teens confessed to limit the amount of calories they consume.

The researchers used brain imaging paradigm to monitor the activity going on inside the brain. Thirty-four participants who were in the first group was shown some pictures of the food. The result there is a real surge in activity in their brains when shown pictures of food are good in comparison with the less tasty food.

Meanwhile, the second group consisted of 51 participants were given the same treatment. The difference is they are given the freedom to consume chocolate milkshake or a tasteless solution. Results after three to 22 hours later, those who drink milkshakes do not show a surge in over his brain when viewing pictures of food good.

"The implications of this study are very clear, that if people want to lose excess weight, would be more effective if they are still eating a healthy diet, low in fat and sugar.'s Not even not eat anything," said Stice.

Previous studies showed skipping meals and restricting calorie intake can adversely affect health. Restricting calories means limiting the nutrients your body needs to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Skipping meals can cause blood sugar levels drop severely, so that when the next meal, the blood sugar increase occurs with a sudden. It is a negative impact on health.


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