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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Five Health Benefits of Asparagus

Asparagus is one vegetable that is very healthy. Many essential nutrient content in it. In addition to delicious, asparagus also contains a series of vitamins are essential for the body to boost the immune system and fight disease.

Five Health Benefits of Asparagus
Usually asparagus cooked by boiling, made ​​soup, pan-fried or baked. While in Indonesia is less popular vegetables, but you can start to consume more often.

Here are some health benefits of asparagus for as quoted from Boldsky:

Regulate blood sugar

Asparagus is one of the most powerful foods to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. That's because asparagus is rich in vitamin B, which has an important role in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Boost the immune system

A number of studies show that green asparagus has more health benefits, compared with white asparagus. This is because green asparagus contain potassium and vitamin A were higher, so effective in boosting the immune system.

healthy skin

Because it is rich in vitamin A, asparagus able to maintain healthy skin. Vitamin A is also very effective to help repair skin cells damaged. The result is healthier skin, radiant and youthful.

Good for digestion

Asparagus is an excellent food for digestion because the content in it, which is rich in fiber and vitamin C. In addition, asparagus also contain a good amount of protein consumed by so many athletes.

Preventing colon cancer

Asparagus contains important substances known as inulin. These carbohydrates are not digested until it reaches the large intestine. When it reaches the colon, this substance helps remove toxins that settle in it. And it helps you avoid colon cancer.

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