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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Natural Ways to Banish Dandruff

Dandruff is a serious medical condition. White flakes scattered on the scalp an annoying thing. Imagine if you're in important meetings, you must be scratching their heads because of dandruff.

How can you enjoy dating and dinner in the back if you sprinkled flakes of dandruff? Or if you're having lunch with the boss and when you look bent white powder in your hair. It certainly did not want to overwrite your.

If you found a problem with dandruff, there's actually a naturally overcome. Dandruff can disappear from your life with some of the following ways:

1. Rub lemon juice into the scalp, rub it systematically. And make sure nothing is left there that has not been rubbed. Do setenga hour before shampooing. It is more efficiently done during free time at home.

2. Massage your hair with pure coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) and leave it for a while. Treatment with the head of the oil has antifungal properties. To improve the efficiency of this treatment, cover your head with a hot towel. The longer closed, then the treatment would be more effective.

3. Use fenugreek (methi) to clear dandruff. Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water and let stand overnight. Fenugreek seeds will be more gentle on the next day. The next day, crush and rub on your hair and let sit for 20 minutes and then rinsed.

4. Treatment with warm towels you can try. Soak a towel with warm water and then wring it out. Use the towel to cover your hair and leave on for ten minutes.

5. Use a solution of water and vinegar. Take a tablespoon of vinegar and mix with six tablespoons of water. Keep this mixture for one night. And when the morning when you want to wash, mix the vinegar mixed with a good herbal shampoo.

6. Drinking mineral water is sufficient. By drinking water that contains minerals, will help you overcome dandruff.

7. Massaging the head while shampooing. Massage your hair gently and thoroughly from the neck to the head. This could help to Increasing blood circulation and removes dandruff flakes that have accumulated on your scalp.

If you have a serious dandruff problem, you need patience in doing this way. There's no way the problem of dandruff disappear overnight. But efforts to combine shampoo with natural ingredients will further help eliminate dandruff you in the long run. However, if this problem persists and does not go away, you do not need to think long to consult a doctor.

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